Daily Archives: February 22, 2011

A Toast to Toast Restaurant

While going on and on about my love of good food the other day, I mentioned eating a 900 calorie sandwich. Or, thereabouts anyways ;)

It then occurred to me that the photographic evidence of this sandwich was still hiding on my camera’s memory card. It appears I am consuming fantastic food so quickly in Toronto, I can’t even keep up with it.

As I’ve mentioned several times, my Toronto neighbourhood is what I deem “Land of the Brunch.” Leslieville is chock full of 30-something 9-to-5ers with money to spare on a late Sunday morning. I’ve been slowly whittling down my list of brunch places to try. With three places left, my friends and I decided we’d finally give Toast Restaurant a try.

I’ve passed this place at least twice a day since moving to Toronto. From the outside, it looks like a super small place with nothing but this quaint toast and wine glass sign overhead. I’ll admit, I ignored it. And I’ll tell you right now, wrongfully so.

Like most brunch spots, Toast is indeed super small inside. I’m starting to believe this is just so they can boast of line-ups out the front door. The decor inside was eclectic and cozy. The perfect atmosphere to chat with my hungover friends and sip on the holy juice.

Sweet, sweet coffee. Breakfast/brunch is the only time I’ll ever order a beverage with a meal. One needs caffeine to stomach the first meal of the day. Especially when your meal is a 900 calorie sandwich.

Yes my friends. That would be a Monte Cristo: Shaved black forest ham and Swiss cheese on challah dipped in egg batter and lightly fried Served with potato hash and house salad.

I have never had a Monte Cristo before and knew it had to happen as soon as I looked at the menu. Calories be damned. French-toasting a sandwich is just too awesome ignore. Yes, awe inspiring. Fluffy egg bread, heaps of melty cheese and layer after layer of fine quality ham. I loved every bite. Especially the bites that I loaded with greasy shaved hashbrowns on the fork too.

Not to be outdone, my roommie Megan ordered the Cranberry Cream Cheese French Toast.

Slices of challah stuffed with cranberry and cream cheese with fresh fruit and pure maple syrup with a choice of bacon, farmer’s sausage, peameal bacon or potato hash. I had a bite and it was dreamy. Challah bread is made for french toast. And there was a lot of it on this plate!

While the two girls at the table polished off their monster-sized brunches, we realized the boy at the table probably ordered the healthiest dish of us three.

Scrambled Eggs.

Scrambled eggs with a choice of smoked bacon, farmer’s sausage or peameal bacon served with a side house salad, potato hash and toast. From the looks of it, Toast even gets this simple dish right.

I can’t believe it took me so long to try this cute little restaurant out. Just another example of why you should never judge a restaurant from its exterior! Only two more brunch places left in Leslieville. Although, I think I’ll leave the 900 calorie sandwiches to Toast ;)