Rain Check

Alright friends. After a week to outdo all weeks, I am taking my rain check.


The doctor said no more surgery is required this week. (!!!) I’m staying in Ottawa until I meet with my surgeon again next Friday. I got my heavy plaster cast replaced with a much lighter fibreglass splint, and a new fancy sling. It’s amazing.

I shuffled my way along the melting “Carnage Canal” for close to an hour today. Something that would have just a week ago rejuvenated me left me feeling wiped. But the warm spring-like air was definitely healing. As I feel more and more like myself, I feel like I should be doing more. But my sister reminded me I’m not even a week out of surgery yet. Recovery is a slow and steady incline and not an exponential shot upwards.

Tonight it’s just me, Sex and the City, and the latest issue of Toronto Life. Even if I’m not in the big city, I still love living vicariously through it. I hope you all have a great weekend. And for the love of God…. BE SAFE <3


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  1. Congrats Susan on no more surgery!!! I’ve been thinking about you all day…this is wonderful news!!!!! :)

  2. Glad there’s no more surgery!

    I think it is very common as people start to feel even just a little better after surgery to want to jump back in with “guns blazing” but your sister is right and I love the wording “exponential shot upward”!
    You’ve just undergone a LOT of trauma. Resting is your best friend. The more you rest, the more you’ll heal and the less you rest, the more likely you are to have a setback.
    Sooo- which season of Sex in the City? :)

  3. Yay to no more surgery!! Enjoy some rest and you’ll be back into it before you know it!

  4. Funny how here we don’t touch our issues of Toronto Life, but you’re in Ottawa reading it :-)

    • I spent 30 minutes in the magazine store trying to find something that interested me and Toronto Life was the one I walked out with! It garnered a lot of eye rolls from sister & co :P

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