Eating To Heal

I have to say, as an active person, being sidelined with an injury blows. But there is a silver lining here. I hope because I am a healthy active person, my body will be able to recover better.

If you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, I had an accident on Friday and needed reconstructive surgery on my elbow. Detailed recaps here and here.

There are two things I am worried about right now:
1) That one of the screws in my arm is coming loose and I’ll need more surgery to fix it. I’ll find out Friday for this one.
2) The piece of bone the screws are in was completely shattered. If this bone doesn’t heal properly, it will have to be replaced with a piece of prosthetic. More surgery. Only time will tell on this one.

So basically, I want to do anything I can to avoid more surgery. I want to make sure healthy cartilage is growing and the shattered pieces are healing. I want to take care of my joints to decrease the high risk of arthritis I now have.

There are a lot of ways to do this. My mind of course goes to one thing: FOOD.

Thus I present you…

Foods For Healthy Joints

This isn’t just for the injured. Being physically active is hard on your joints. Not being active is hard on them. Being human is hard on them!

My focus is on things that will help build healthy cartilage. That’s the flexible connective tissue in many areas of our bodies, including in joints.


Whole eggs contain Vitamin A which help form and maintain tissue. They also have Vitamin D which helps with calcium absorption.


I only really like yogurt, cottage cheese and regular cheese, so that’s what I’ll be sticking to. For the calcium – duh!


The average sized orange has more than the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C. Most used for fighting off colds, Vitamin C is also essential for repairing cartilage. It’s also used in forming tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. Because it’s a water-soluble vitamin, you need to replace it every single day. Other foods high in Vitamin C include strawberries, cantaloupe, potatoes and leafy green vegetables.


High in magnesium and calcium. Foods high in magnesium stimulate the production of calcitonin, which increases calcium in the bones.

Tuna + Salmon


Check out this tuna, hummus and havarti pita I assembled today ALL BY MYSELF. I was quite proud of my one-handed masterpiece :) These fish are high in essential fatty acids, which lubricate the joints. Will definitely be key once I start my physiotherapy.



Okay so, this isn’t really for joint health. But protein, B vitamins and iron keep me energetic and in good spirits. I like to think this helps my body heal. My sister’s delicious homemade chili made with local organic beef has been perfect.


Water also helps lubricate the joints. I’m also paying close to my hydration levels seeing as I’m taking a lot of medications. I don’t want any kidney or liver damage!!

Last but not least, I would like to have a moment of silence for my budding biceps. Brah.


Seeing as I won’t be able to do weighted movement with my elbow for several months, bicep and tricep exercises are a long way off. The only joint required in those moves is the elbow. Goodbye arm definition… I hope we someday get to meet again…

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  1. Susan I love this post and I love that you’re doing whatever it takes to health as optimally as possible.

    I cannot believe you are doing these posts one handed, either. AND to top it off, probably exhausted tired from everything you’re going thru.

    Here’s to joint health and your health!

    • Averie, it took me one hour to do this post. Average time it takes me to write a post two-handed – one hour! Ha! I really don’t find it that cumbersome. Plus, blogging is one of the few things keeping me entertained :)

  2. I’m going to look into eating more of these foods for my stupid tendon! haha.

    Your guns are looking good, but remember that even though you are inevitably going to lose them for a while, you know how to get them back! And you know it’s possible!

    *hang in there*

  3. Don’t forget coconut oil! Now is the time to eat lots of protein and coconut oil. See if you can get Artisana to sponsor your healing :D

    The best thing about the muscle atrophy you will get is how you will totally notice when you build them back up again.

  4. It’s so great to see you taking such a pro-active attitude towards your injury. I’ve sustained much more minor injuries in the past with much less optimism. Keeping my fingers crossed Friday is a good day for you and congrats on the pita assembly :)

  5. A one-handed wrap, all by yourself! Awesome.

    Sending healing vibes your way sweetie!!


  6. I am going to send this post to my husband to read. It’s been about 6 months since his elbow surgery (and it wasn’t nearly as intense as yours ) but I think his joints could use it!

    I think the fact that you are able to type one-handed is seriously impressive and makes you my hero. Healthy cartilage thoughts! I really do think that being in good shape will help you heal so much!

  7. You will get your biceps back! I understand your frustration though. I’ve been sidelined several times after surgeries and injuries…it can be frustrating but keep a positive attitude!

  8. Thank gawd it was your left arm, eh? (That eh was for you!!) Can you imagine one handed blogging with the wrong hand?!

    I actually really appreciate this list. I’m convinced that a lot of my recurring hip pain is actually joint and/or cartilage related… and eating more boiled eggs is fine with me!

  9. This is a great way to get the healing on track! Good luck with it, we know you’ll be eating well :D


  10. Dani @ Body By Nature

    Aw thinking of you girl, hope you are on your way to a speedy recovery!

  11. Great food list! Especially the eggs! I’ve been on a huge egg kick lately.

  12. I’m sure you are caring for yourself so well and I really hope it pays off. You’ve been in my prayers. :)

  13. I think it’s amazing that you’re still blogging right now…let alone about a topic of instruction :)!!
    I’m praying that it will be good news on Friday, Susan. Keep your head up (and might I suggest One Tree Hill if you like Dawson’s Creek? There’s like a bagillion seasons, so you won’t run out of TV anytime soon :) )

    • I’ve been meaning to get into One Tree Hill for a long time! I have feeling I’d like it too :)

      Honestly, blogging is one of the few things keeping me sane right now. It’s nice to have a project that keeps my thoughts occupied on other things.

  14. hi Susan,
    I only recently discovered your blog but I am a huge fan! I’m truly sorry for the trauma you are going through. as a health enthusiast myself that had major back problems the past 2 years that required two operations, I truly know what you are going through. you’re in my thoughts and prayers and I’m sending positive vibes your way for a speedy recovery.
    if there is anything I’ve learned from my experience with physical suffering it’s that what doesn’t kill us truly makes us stronger! I firmly believe everything in life happens for a reason (even if the don’t find of the reason for years to come) and “bad” things that happen to us are really teachers in disguise.

    again, I’m truly sorry for your injury and wish you much health and happiness! stay strong, I can tell you have a great attitude and know you’ll come out of this a wiser person. namaste. = )

  15. You’re so proactive with this list! Another great thing to include in your diet is turmeric. It’s a very powerful anti-inflammatory and overall wonder spice and is great for your joints!

    • Yesyes! I meant to include that on this list! Doctor said to stay away from anti inflammatory things though, as the inflammation will help in my particular situation. So I’ve actually been trying to avoid things like turmeric and cherries.

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