Warming Up With Southern Food in the Wintertime

Winterlicious. Get it? Winter + Delicious.

When the temperature drops into the negative twenties, it takes a lot to get me out of the house.

But Toronto’s “Winterlicious” was an event worthy of such a trip. Delicious food is really the only thing that will get me out of the house in the wintertime.

Winterlicious is just like any other restaurant week. For a limited time, certain restaurants will offer prix fixe menus. An appetizer, main and dessert for a flat rate. It’s supposed to be a steal and allows us common folk to experience some of the city’s finest.


Of course, y’all know I never take the classy route. Southern Accent sounded like just the kind of warmth I was looking for. 

Okayokay, and when roommie Megan, Callie and Kristin and I heard they were offering turducken on the menu, we knew this would be our Winterlicious pick.


Please excuse my colourful photos, for this was a colourful joint ;)

For $25, we got an appetizer, main and dessert. Pretty good price for all three. However, I will say that I almost always just order a main when eating out. So spending over $20 on a restaurant is a rare occasion for me. And this was one of the cheaper Winterlicious options!

The appetizers:


I never cook scallops at home, so this choice was easy.


They were of the small variety, which was kind of a bummer. But the whole dish itself was delightful. Surprisingly spicy with a savoury crunch of pumpkin seeds. The scallops, thank god, were not overcooked and flaked off my fork. And even though I don’t like pasta, I lovelovelove the texture of orzo.


Chased down with some bread and hummus! The hummus was a nice touch, and full of garlic deliciousness.

The mains:


Obviously, I went with the turducken, which is a de-boned chicken, stuffed into a de-boned duck, stuffed into a de-boned turkey. It was purely for novelty’s sake. The rest of the main options were very tempting!


My roommie immediately exclaimed “reminds me of Christmas!” And I would definitely agree. The duck was the fattier of the poultry, and it was hard to distinguish the three different stuffings. The gravy was “meh” and I didn’t like the too-tart cranberry sauce. The mashed potatoes reminded me of the microwave kind. But I’m admittedly a “smashed” over “whipped” potato kind of gal.


This was the first time I ever had oyster or cornbread stuffing. The cornbread variety was awesome. I need to make this!

Aaaaand dessert:


Once again, I went with the dish I’ve never tried before.


Pavlova! This was a completely new dessert to me. A softer meringue bottom (ie pure sugar and egg whites) topped with whipped cream. It was nice and light after a heavy meal and didn’t put me over the edge like most desserts do.


Megan and Kristin! Meg ordered the same things as me, Kristin got the jambalaya and it was gooooood. Another thing I must make soon!


Callie n’ me. Callie ordered bread pudding for dessert and each bite was like taking a shot of bourbon. My kind of dessert ;)

After our three courses, we all agreed a little walking was needed. Namely, to this eyesore around the corner.


That would be Honest Ed’s department store. It exists only in Toronto and is probably the most ridiculous place in the city. It’s been on my “to-visit” list since the day I arrived.


How about a room of Blair Witch Projects on VHS?


Ranging in price from $0.99-$14.99.


Or giant random statues.


All handmade signs.


And of course, the famous Elvis busts. I was thisclose to buying one. I thought it would be the perfect way to commemorate my days lived in Toronto. But then the idea of spending $30 on a creepy spray-painted Elvis bust got the better of me.

Eventually my tummy started to hurt from too much laughing and delicious Southern food. It was time to say goodbye.


On two different trains going in opposite directions.


Neither of which, ironically, were going South ;)


(with some pics borrowed from Kristin and Callie)


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  1. Ha. I seriously wish i lived closer to you guys. You always look like you are having so much fun!

    Bread pudding is my absolute favorite dessert!

  2. Just wanted to say hi hon and you have been on my mind and in my prayers all day. Seriously your last post made me cry and question sooo many things in life..and put things in perspective. I am so sorry you are going thru this hard time, but your strength is amazing :)

  3. This was such a fun night- delicious food and lovely company!

    P.S. Why am I so short?? ;)

    Hope you’re doing well and recovery nicely <3

  4. Hope you are doing well today and not in too much pain!

    Looks like this was a fun night! I love all the GF options!

  5. I love that you got the Turducken!! I’ve never had pavlova either but is on my list of “to try” desserts. Hope you’re doing better today on the road to recovery!!

  6. One time I cooked scallops. It was a disaster. Never again.

  7. Yum, turducken is one of those things that’s on my must-try list! I like how many options the restaurant gave you- at Chicago restaurant week you’re generally only given 3! Hope you’re doing well today- I’m thinking about you! :)

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