Things I Learned in the First Month of 2011

I suck at setting long-term fitness goals, and that’s okay. I’m a lot more successful when making simple short-term healthy switches.

I’m not invincible. After spending two weeks this month being seriously sick, I learned that I have to be more careful with my health. Being “healthy” and actually being healthy are two different things.

Poutine pizza is alright. But poutine pizza with donair sauce could be fantastic. Maritimers? You with me?

Sometimes I feel pressure to fit into a certain “blog category.” Is it a fitness blog? Is it a food blog? Is it a lifestyle blog? Daily journal? Photography? Wordy? Who gives a crap. It’s my blog and all it is, is a reflection of me and my intentions.

There was a point when I had a serious chocolate tooth. These days, I seem to have an insatiable butter tooth.


I know 25 is still young. But why does it feel so old?


Because I go to shows featuring a band that was popular 10 years ago. And I now wake up after a punk show feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck. I don’t recover from cheap beer and loud guitars as well as I used to…

I have A LOT I still need to see, eat and experience in this city. Time is running out!!

Mini pies are the new macarons. Which are the new cupcakes. Nice try whoopie pies.


I can not workout for 10 days and not gain weight. Instead, I can gain weight by eating copious amounts of birthday pie.

Personal training is what I want to do. In some sense anyways. I get a complete high off teaching people and motivating them. When I first started, I was warned by a past PT that it was addicting. I can now see why.

Bonjour Bonjour Brioche on Queen E. has the best French toast I’ve ever tasted. French toast made with leftover pastries – such as this flaky chocolate swirl bread.


Meeting other bloggers is always an amazing and fun experience.

But meeting Twitter friends is pretty cool too!


Taking a break from high intensity exercise this month was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my body in a long time. Especially after 5 months of hitting the weights and intervals hard.

I miss my hometown like WOAH.


And I miss being around my family.

Yoga. Is. Bliss. Even in the moments when I’m cursing the instructor for making me vinyasa for the 50th time. I want everyone to be able to experience happiness in movement, and that’s why I’m supporting Power of Movement in this upcoming month. Click here to read my post about why I’m participating in the world’s largest yoga fundraiser, and click here to donate $5 to a very worthy cause.


Starting February off right with a VLOG tomorrow and the Simply Bar giveaway winner! See ya then!

Question of the Day: What did you learn in January?

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  1. Haha! I used to stay out late any night of the week at a club dancing, drinking, until 3am then get 4 hours of sleep and go into work. Holy crap….well that was in my 20’s. If I did that now I’d be a mess!

  2. I definitely learned that I need to listen to my body–this hip injury has made sure that I will never forget that lesson!

  3. Thanks for including me! I think we both learned a lot this month but I’m happy to see it go!

    • One reason why I like doing these posts is it’s a great way to wrap up the month, but it also helps me move onward to the next one! Hope you’re doing okay <3

  4. Oh I feel so old too and I’m only 25! Maybe we are just old souls in young bodies?

  5. My friend Alexis (the one who came for brunch with us) has told me about this east coast donair sauce obsession! Hilarious.


  6. I think this is one of my favorite post of yours! mind you, I say that like every post, lol!
    Amen to everything you said.
    What did I learn? I learned that patience and time is the best medicine (mostly in regards to my dad’s brain hemorrhage he got in late November), I that award shows are all about secretly hoping that beautiful people look terrible, and that charlie sheen really has hit rock bottom with nothing but money, fame, and pussy.

    PS, I loved you last vlog so I’m stoked for the new one. dont worry, you wont make a fool out of yourself. Thats my job.

  7. so mnay things,:-)
    and i grateful i started after all 30 is not late

  8. I learned that making a move to WordPress was so worth it. But so much headache GETTING there :)

    love all your pics, recaps, and thoughts on the month!

  9. You learned a lot this month! I have a few things I could add myself, but I’ll limit it to saying that I re-learned that the things that stress me out only stress me out because I let them; I can actually enjoy travel and change if I look at it as an opportunity instead of an obligation; and that Daniel Tosh is destined to be my future boy toy (he needs to learn that now.)
    Plus, I got to see you every morning on my Blogger calendar! Now it’s on to Ms. February…I hear she’s kind of weird. ;)

  10. I learned that sticking to our goal of eating dinner in 5 nights a week takes a fair amount of thought and organization ahead of time, and a bit of discipline as well…a few things I resist and just am not all that good at. But guess what? I have been succeeding, and it really has been against the odds! (Of course, pulling out nice, shiny, new cookbooks and targeting new recipes has helped the process. World Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay being my current fav.)

  11. I learned so much so far this year!

    I learned that…
    …putting yourself out there on the internet means you are going to be criticized and you need to deal with it;
    …setting a budget, though incredibly annoying, can do a world of good;
    …bootcamp is fantastic.
    …so is meditation.
    …eating more plants makes me feel alive.


  12. I learned that yoga does me rrrreally good as well, in fact, I’m doing more tonight! I also learned a lot from the new bloggies I met at the meetup, and that getting into the habit of meditating is not as easy as I thought!

  13. I remember feeling old at 25. It doesn’t get any better at 33! Especially when you are seeing bands that were popular 20 years ago! lmao! I’m convincing myself that the problem isn’t my age, it’s that talent is no longer appreciated in the music industry. You sometimes have to go back 10+ years to find good music!

    I learned in January that my immune system just sucks and I probably can’t push myself as hard as most people. Also that P90x isn’t nearly as intimidating as people make it sound.

    • I TOTALLY get what you mean about your immune system. People don’t understand why I’m so rigid about my sleep schedule, but 1-2 crappy night’s sleep for me can equal a cold or fever. It sucks!

  14. Wow Susan!Looks like I’ve missed a lot in your life! I can’t wait to read your post about forgoing high-intensity workouts. I have been advised to do the same, but….I can’t even imagine! Anyway, I’ve missed you and I’m looking forward to catching up. Started a NEW blog, so perhaps I’ll be a little more active in comments again. Love ya! xoxo,
    Emily (the former Experimentarian)

  15. blogs don’t need to fit into any genre!

    I am a butter tooth as well. And a chocolate tooth. Damn it.

  16. I’m like you – I wonder where my blog fits in sometimes. It doesn’t seem like I really fully fit into any niche anymore, but I kind of like that.

  17. It was great to meet you too! In January, I learned that I need to find balance. Oh, and being 25 sounds pretty fabulous to me :)

  18. You’re worried b/c you like band that were popular 10 yrs ago? I just saw Styx. I also saw them in junior high school. That would be a 30 year span. And I recognized Micky Thomas from Starship (and embarrassed myself by chatting with him)…also from 30 yrs ago.

    In January, I learned that I really do much better when I keep track of my diet- Daily Plate is my new BFF again. I learned that no distance is too great to travel to get my kitty healthy again. That I really need to see more foreign films. That I got lucky to stumble upon a very rewarding job volunteering with special needs kids during PE. January was a good month :-)

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