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Fitness Friday: Lung Busting Full Body Workout

Happy Fitness Friday!! Instead of nagging you about form this week, I’m instead sharing a new workout. It’s “intermediate” and one I’ve used for torture in the gym. I do not put down weight recommendations as it’s different for everyone. I will however tell you what range of reps you should be aiming for, that will give you a good idea of what weight is appropriate for you. If anything, just make sure you’re working yourself hard, but not doing anything that could hurt you. Kapeesh? ;)

 Lung Busting Full Body Workout

Warm-up: 5-10 minutes walking/jogging on the treadmill. Enough to get your body temperature raised.

Alternating Sets #1: Complete 3 times through

Burpees 10-15 reps Cardio
Walking lunge with alternating dumbbell shoulder press  20-24 reps Quads, glutes, hips, shoulders
Ab roll-up holding on to a medicine ball 10-20 reps Abs, chest, upper back

*If you can’t do push-ups in the burpees, just come down to a plank then jump up
**For the walking lunges, press the dumbbell up with the opposite arm of whatever leg is forward. Then switch arms as you lunge forward with the other leg

Cardio sprints on the treadmill:

Time MPH Incline Difficulty
0:00-0:30 5.5 1 Easy
0:30-1:00 6.5 1 Moderate
1:00-1:30 7.5 1 Hard
1:30-2:00 5.5 1 Easy
2:00-2:30 6.5 1 Moderate
2:30-3:00 7.5 1 Hard
3:00-3:30 5.5 1 Easy
3:30-4:00 6.5 1 Moderate
4:00-4:30 7.5 1 Hard
4:30-5:00 5.5 1 Easy

*Depending on your skill level, you’ll need to increase or decrease the suggested speeds. Just make sure the difficulty level is on par with what’s written here. The “easy” part is your recovery and should feel like a slow jog. The “hard” part should leave you unable to formulate words.

Alternating Sets #2: Complete 3 times through

Traveling push ups 10-20 reps Chest, front of shoulder, triceps
Inchworm 15-20 reps Hamstrings, abs
Lunge jumps 20 reps Quads, glutes, cardio

Cardio Sprints on the treadmill:
Same as above

Alternating Sets #3: Complete 3 times through

Inverted row  12 reps Back, biceps
Split squat with overhead tricep extension 12 reps each side Quads, glutes, hips, triceps
Wall squat with hammer curl  12 reps Biceps, quads, glutes

*If you let your elbows float away from your torso during the hammer curls, I will personally come to your gym and yell at you.

Cardio Sprints on the treadmill:
Same as above

And try not to hate me too much for making you do this. Have fun!! :)