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First and foremost thank you to everyone out there who took the time to comment, e-mail, Facebook and message birthday wishes to me. I definitely felt very loved yesterday and lucky to have so many wonderful people around who care! Even though I’m a quarter century now, I like to think that I haven’t peaked just yet ;)

Not only did I get to celebrate with my Maritime friends here in Toronto, but with my local blogger friends too!


Okay, so not all of my local blog friends were able to make it (I’m looking at you Angela, Miranda and Sarah) but I did get to meet some new faces!

I have to admit, that when I heard Morgan was planning a big TO meet-up, I asked her to push it to this past weekend to give us an excuse to celebrate. Morgan happened to choose Commensal, a vegetarian buffet. They also give you a free lunch or dinner on your birthday. Morgan hooked me up and I didn’t have to pay for my meal – score!!


Commensal is actually a chain, I’ve been to their Quebec City location before. That was back when I was a vegetarian living in a small city. Going to a restaurant where I could eat everything was a big deal. Not to mention, seeing all the unique ways they assembled meat-free food.

These days, my meat-eating self is not the biggest fan of pay-by-weight places. I find they’re overpriced and your food is always cold by the time you sit down. But I still managed to scrap up some good stuff ;)


Let’s see if I can remember it all… My favourite item was by far the apple and beet salad. Lightly dressed and refreshing. Above is also the oriental seitan. Sweet, the way I like it, and the seitan was a nice change from the usual tofu.


I have no idea what that pastry roll is. Tasted like an herbed bread thing in the centre.


The bottom slice with the squigly lines is smoked tofu. I was the most disappointed by this. Flavourless and wrapping it up caused a weird texture. On top of that is veggie pate. I ate this on top of a slice of pita bread. I stocked up on this because I love veggie pate and never make it at home. But, it wasn’t as good as my mom’s ;)


To the left is some curried tofu with couscous. Again, just alright. The tofu was bland. Like they didn’t marinate it or anything. To the right is the seitan bourguignon. I honestly don’t remember what this tasted like. So I guess that says something. Finally, there was also some deeeelicious roasted sweet potato and steamed kale to round it out.

Really though, it’s not like I was paying much attention to the food. I had people to talk to!!



Me and Callie, reunited!! We bonded over 16 hours in the car together when we drove to Chicago for the Healthy Living Summit. She’s back in the Tee Dot!! Yayyy!! Don’t we look like we could be sisters?


Then there’s my CanFitPro study buddy, Angela. We did our Nutrition & Wellness courses at the same time. She’s a spin instructor and I’m counting on her helping me out with group instructor training ;)


More lovely faces!! A lot of good running conversations happening here.


My table! (that’s my clean plate in the front)


I was pretty excited to finally meet Nancy. We’ve been following each other’s blogs since I started my triathlon training blog two years ago. She’s an East Coaster like me (Newfoundland!) and I knew we were long-lost friends. Except she’s got better style and make-up know-how than me. And a cuter East Coast accent ;)

Somehow I missed capturing close-ups of Morgan from Life After Bagels and Meghan from Making Love in the Kitchen. But they were there too! Thank you again to Morgan for organizing the meet-up between school assignments. And for being all around awesome.

I feel so lucky that I’m in a centre with so many amazing bloggers around to socialize with. You know, people I can talk WordPress with (Kristin!) and gush about cupcakes with. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of my favourite bloggers over this past year, and I naively think I’ll get to meet everyone I’ve connected with through my blog someday. Yes, even you Australians. For the longest time I thought I was painfully awkward when meeting new people. Turns out I was just meeting the wrong people. Because I stayed chatting with these lovely women for three hours in the restaurant :)


Question of the Day: What blogger are you dying to have lunch with? I’m still waiting for the day I can go to Scotland and eat haggis with Ellie!

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  1. Awe I’m glad you could have such a wonderful birthday. It looks like so much fun. Callie was actually the first blog I started reading on the regular.

  2. well you got my side profile, see my arm, I’ve got my hands on my hips probably acting all bossy or something hahaha :)

  3. Sounds like you had just the perfect birthday! You look absolutely beaming :)


  4. With all honest, I’d love to have lunch with you susan! Its really cool to go to blogger meetups, but I think ive written about this, the big ones are a bit too much for me. They are fine and all, but I like the smaller groups. Im dying to take you to lunch. I cant offer hagis because I think the models in LA would have a heart attack at the thought of it, but there are plenty of damn good tacos and burgers around here!

  5. what an amazing lineup of bloggers (many of whom are new to me!) Wow, how awesome!!!

    i would be dying to have a mellow meetup with YOU! not a 1000 person meetup like FB :)

    question…i have a new spiffy WP blog..but picture uploading. Med is too small, large is too large. And settings, what do you use? do you pre-set the pixel size to a certain number? b/c your pics are the perfect size!

    and also can you insert more than 1 at a time into a post? i must be missing something. it seems so…painfully one at a time :)

  6. Such a fun meet-up! I can’t wait for Winterlicious, I’m emailing you about it today :D


  7. Holy bloggers! I apparently live in the land that bloggers forgot, so there are negative three people I could meet up with without a hefty drive/flight.

    However, I would love to meet up with a handful of you guys and shoot the crap, so to speak. While I’m with Eden (and she’s one of my future dates) on the big group thing, I think at this point I would take what I could get. It looks so fun!

    P.S. Did you get a hair cut or new bangs? Super cute, at any rate!

  8. I LOVE your hair!! you straigtened it or something but it looks awesome!!!! :)

  9. I’m so glad we got to see each other again!! I will most definitely help you out with your FIS too.. anything you need just let me know. :D

  10. I’d love to have lunch with you and/or Lori from Finding Radiance! I read quite a few blogs regularly but you guys seem the most down to earth and fun!

  11. So much fun! Glad you had such an awesome day- I had no idea so many bloggers were local to you! Yay :D

    And YES to the haggis date! Hope the package arrives soon so you can cyber-celebrate a wee bit of Scotland in time for Burns night with me :D

  12. It was so wonderful to meet you! I am so looking forward to the next time :)

  13. I was so disappointed that I had to miss this meet-up! Glad you had a great time, and a fun birthday!!

  14. What a great day!!! Happy belated birthday my friend! I hope our paths get to cross sometime this year!

  15. What an amazing blogger meetup!! So many great ladies :)

  16. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, Susan!!! Welcome to the quarter century club ;) (though I’ll be moving on to 26 in a couple months…) What a fun meetup! How special :D

  17. We need to do more Toronto blogger meet-ups, so sad I missed another!!

  18. So many bloggers all together – what a blast!

  19. Dani @ Body By Nature

    So happy to finally meet you, I love putting a face to a blog :)

  20. Wow that’s a huge meetup! Dang! And is it me, or are all of those bloggers really beautifuL?

    I love lvoe love seitan and order it every chance I get <3 If you ever come visit, there's a wonderful place called Native Foods that we MUSt go to!

  21. sounds like an awesome get-together! wish i lived closer so i could partake in the festivities – i would love to get to know more fellow bloggers in person : )

    gonna spend some time to check out the blogs you listed above. i always enjoy checking out new sites! thanks for sharing!

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