Daily Archives: January 18, 2011

What’s In A Blog

Things this blog is not:


I know I have a lot of readers who are the above things. A lot of the food I feature on here falls under that category. But on the whole, my body loves wheat and meat, and so does my blog :)

A workout diary.

I used to take the time to type out the specifics of all my workouts. I know a lot of people really liked this because they could steal them. But I hated the monotony of typing them up every day. I also really don’t like the idea of others out there comparing themselves to me and what I do in the gym. Just because I like doing an hour on the treadmill doesn’t mean you have to.

A blog about blogging.

I really want to write about things that appeal to everyone and not just those who are in the blogging bubble. While the interaction from this blog is for the most part with other bloggers, I recognize that the majority of my readers are regular folk who are not slaves to wordpress.

Everything I do at all hours of the day.

My blog is not a reflection of what I do every single day. 90% of my life does not get blogged about. Sometimes I make really good meals and don’t blog about them. Sometimes I go out to eat and don’t feel like bringing my camera. Sometimes I lay in bed all day watching Dexter. Sometimes, I get really drunk and have to maintain what little dignity I have left and not display it all over the internet.

A vlog.

I get a lot of requests for video posts. Mostly for exercise demonstrations. I know I write a lot about fitness, but I am a writer. Not a fitness model. I like doing vlogs from time to time, but for the most part they are not my forte. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m really awkward in real life. I much rather stick to what I’m good at :)

A place for free stuff.

I don’t do a lot of giveaways. This is so when I do one, it actually means something. It’s rare I host a company-sponsored giveaway unless it’s a product I really love. Most of the giveaways are bought with my own money, and shipped using my own funds.


Straight up – I’m broke. Like, more broke than I was in university. I can barely afford groceries let alone things like walnut oil or coconut flour. I used to be a slave to trying out new ingredients, but I’ve since realized that the best food is sometimes made with old-school, simple and cheap ingredients.

Things this blog is:

Recipes. Of all kinds.

Sometimes I make them up. For the most part, they’re recipes I’ve stumbled upon elsewhere that I want to share. Sometimes they’re healthy, other times they’re just a fun treat. Cooking is my hobby and I have no limits to it.


One of my favourite things to do is read restaurant reviews online. The best ones are those that are written in a way even those halfway around the world will still enjoy. I know a lot of you will never get to visit the restaurants I experience in Toronto, but that doesn’t mean reading about them can’t still be fun :)


From the beginning, I wanted to teach people something. I love doing this with my Fitness Friday posts. But hell, even just sharing a new way of eating marshmallow fluff is good enough.


Because time spent away from work and family should be spent valuably. And I hope reading this blog is worth that time spent.

Always changing. Just like me.

Sometimes I’m really wordy and I want to type up a nice story. Other days I just want to ramble. Some days I have 50 pictures I want to show you. This blog is never the same thing two days in a row, and I do that on purpose.

I recently just passed my two-year blogging anniversary. That’s two years of writing a blog post every single day. It got me thinking about what my blog has become and where I’d like it to go. I honestly can’t tell you what the future has in store for my little piece of the internet. But this is where it is today.

I’ve never been one of those people who hopes to turn my blog into a full-time job. It has always been a labour of love. I would still blog my heart out if no one read. I would (and almost do) write it for free. However, my one wish for my blog as it I enter my third year doing it, is that I start to make back some of the time I put into it. Call me crazy, but I think I could make it really nice if I could quit a part-time job and put those hours into The Great Balancing Act.

Thanks for being a huge part my favourite part of every day! xoxo