Starting The Week Off Right

No better way to start off the week than with a plate of pancakes.


Dairy-Free (ish) Protein Pancakes to be exact. I almost scrambled them in my pre-coffee Monday morning daze. But I managed to save them and ended up with crispy edges instead. Score!


Dipped in 1 tbsp cashew butter whisked with 3 tbsp sugar-free syrup.

Then for my mid-morning snack I had an amazing combo – rosemary biscuit + pear cardamom butter.


I whipped up a batch of these rosemary biscuits for the crew at the running store this weekend. The flavour paired amazingly with the spiced pear butter. I luuuuurve rosemary!!

Finally, I thought this was an odd thing to find at the grocery store last week:

IMG_5208 Frozen figs! I’ve seen fresh ones, but never packaged frozen ones. Seems like an odd fruit to freeze because of the mushy centre…no?


They aren’t the little figs either. In fact, quite ginormous.

I defrosted one in the microwave and chopped up the mushy fruit to add to a yogurt mess.


The usual – yogurt, protein powder, chia seeds, raw oats, cinnamon, almond butter and maple syrup. And of course – fig! The frozen kind was only $2.75 a bag and would probably be decent for cooking or baking with.


Simply Switch Check-In

It’s been a week since I talked about the switches I committed to, inspired by The Simply Bar. Time to re-visit them to stay on track!

1. Switch out sugary desserts with natural sweets.

I was thinking today about how much my sugar intake has decreased even in the first two weeks of this year. I can now go full days without any sort of chocolate, which was virtually unheard of just a few weeks ago. I still have a piece here and there, and I still have dessert when the occasion allows. But I don’t feel like I need something sweet after every single meal. And if I do want something, I grab a clementine or small handful of grapes instead.

2. Switch out 5 minutes of internet time for meditation time.

I am struggling the most with this one. I’ve probably only done this one-third of the days so far. It’s not so much giving up the internet time, but sitting and doing nothing for 5 minutes that feels difficult. It’s hard channelling energy inward when I’m so used to sending it outward!

3. Switch out one workout a week with yoga.

I was doing this until I fell onto my death bed with ebola or whatever illness it was that I had. Then I didn’t workout for 10 days. I’m currently working on group coupons for three different yoga studios in Toronto, and I’m reeeealy excited about all of them. So I don’t see this being all that challenging!

4. Switch out unreplied e-mails for replied ones!

This is taking a very conscious effort on my part. It’s like my inherent messy and lazy nature is seeping into how I manage my online inbox as well. Most days when I read an e-mail I have to talk myself into responding to it right away. But I am doing it. Except on weekends. My clients joke that I am unreachable on weekends because I just don’t have the attention span or time to sit down at the computer until Monday mornings.


Other switches include grabbing healthier snacks – check! Exploring my city more – got an itinerary planned for the week! Switching my morning munching with my morning vitamins – check! And switching out my afternoon coffee or tea with more water instead – check!

How about you guys? What are your Simply Switches this month and how are you doing with them?

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  1. That’s huge with the chocolate and sweets. Sounds like you’ve broken past the must have sweets hurdle! Wish I could say the same. I’m still right in the thick of my MUST HAVE CHOCOLATE phase!!

  2. you are rocking your switches! i remember when you wanted to do like 20 min of meditation regularly? something like that? and you didnt because it got all sorts of intense? maybe you just aren’t meant to meditate. i have never even tried it but after hearing you talk about it the first go round i just decided i have bad enough anxiety to not even try. ha! i am working so hard at those damn emails, too. it is tough to keep up on. frozen figs?! i still haven’t had one aside from at foodbuzz. those ones are mondo. i love you! happy birthday week!

  3. love the rosemary biscuit + pear cardamom butter. nice

    the switches…thanks for the progress report

    i am compulsive to a fault and OVERLY reply to emails…like ppl who i should probably hit delete, i dont. I reply. So that’s my goal…is to let some stuff….go. Can’t do it all. Should stop trying :)

  4. I am doing a switch-a-roo dance myself :o)
    I am switching one meal a week to a new recipe (clean meal) and so far I’m doing really good. I really need to push it up to 2 meals a week.
    I am switching 2 days a week of coming home and lounging on the couch to working out at the gym. I have made it 4 out of 6 weeks. I also would like to push this up to 3 days.
    I am switching diet drinks to water, water, water…still working on it :o)
    SUCH a good idea to “check-in” on goals to track progress!
    Love it! ~ Liz

  5. Those pancakes look delicious! Sounds like your switches are going well x x

  6. frozen figs?!? weird. i wonder how that would be in a smoothie!?

  7. Frozen figs are an interesting concept…my grocery store had figs exactly once in all the years I shopped there. Glad I bought some or else I’d never have got to try them fresh.

    I’ve been switching snacks to fruit and nuts and adding at least one veggie serving to lunch and dinner. It’s going well.

  8. My goal is too switch out sweets too. I wondered why I had gained so much weight last year and then realized it was because of all those sweets I ate after every meal. Keep up the awesome work Susan!

    Starting the week off with pancakes is always a great start of course. :)

  9. Wow, I wish I could find frozen figs around here. I can’t find them fresh OR frozen. I ate those fresh at my grandparents house when I was little, so there’s a lot of nostalgia associated with them. :)

  10. OMG OMG OMG frozen figs?!?! i need to move to canada! usually i freeze figs during the season but i forgot this year…

  11. I just picked up a box of dried figs for a dollar at Wal Greens and I was so excited! I love how they’re not toooo sweet:)

  12. you are doing so awesome with your switches! i like the 5 min of internet time with meditation time!! I def want to try to adapt this

    frozen figs–GENIOUS idea!!

  13. Frozen figs?! Sweet!!!! I may have to find those!!!! How were they in the yogurt?


  14. Pancakes look delicious!
    I’m sorry about that illness though, Susan – I bet that wasn’t easy :P
    But I’m pretty sure you’ll tick off all the items of that list in no time… I know you can do it, love :)

  15. I just wanted to tell you that I am absolutely in love with your dairy-free (ish) pancake recipe. It’s the only pancake recipe I use now!

  16. i always do number 1, go me

  17. is it bad that i can’t even remember what my switch was? seriously.

    i think it was to swap out computer time for meditation time, but yeah, clearly that hasn’t been at the top of the priority list…

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