A Much Needed Pick-Me-Up

On Friday, I Tweeted this:

image After three days spent in bed, 10 days of a straight fever and the remnants of a sore throat and sinus infection, I was feeling pretty lousy.

Thankfully, my sister knows there are two ways to make me happy.



And chocolate.


Our original plan was to meet-up in the East End for coffee before my shift at the running store this morning. But getting around the city on a Sunday morning is slooooow. So I ended up going to her. She was conveniently located at Le Gourmand at Queen & Spadina.


I’d already eaten breakfast by this point because not eating the second I roll out of bed is not an option. Oh, hell, I also already had one coffee. You know, coffee to get me out of the house for coffee.


Apparently Le Gourmand is known for their big and thick cookies, but Sara and I had other plans.


Sara insists these are the best croissants in Toronto. I can’t back this statement up a they’re the only croissants I’ve had in Toronto.


I knew I was in for a good time when I saw how much was flaking off the outside. The first sign of a good croissant is an incredibly flaky outer shell.


The second sign? A spacious, soft and buttery inside. You should never feel the need to add butter to a croissant, for there should be enough baked into the pastry already. This one gets two BIG thumbs up from me!!

Of course, one always needs chocolate for good measure.


Not sure what these were called, but they were comparable to a lava cake. Outer chocolate cake shell with a soft, fudgy and creamy centre.


Very rich, but the cocoa used to make this was SO good. Definitely not cheap. And delicious with the day’s second coffee ;)


After almost two weeks of being the sickest I’ve been in years, I’m happy to report I’ve now come through the other side. I may workout for the first time in 10 days tomorrow. I may do laundry. I will definitely get my drivers licence renewed. Big things. And I thank my sis for this butter and chocolate pick-me-up I so greatly needed <3


Question of the Day: What’s the best thing you ate this weekend? I love hearing the answer to this one!

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  1. That would have to be prime sirloin AND tenderloin with a baked sweet potato. ohhh soooo gooooood!!!

  2. Christina @ Food.Fitness.Fun.

    Le Gourmand is one of my fave places in Toronto :) If you’re there again their latte’s are awesome, they know how to do latte foam, lol!

  3. Salmon in a honey mustard sauce and a sweet potato!

  4. Haha I do the coffee-at-home-before-going-for-coffee thing too – never really thought about it before; I guess it’s kind of a strange habit!

    Mmm croissants…I haven’t had a good, plain croissant for quite some time! I think the best thing I ate this weekend was a spoonful of my roommates’ lemon parmesan risotto with mushrooms – very rich and flavourful.

  5. “comparable to a lava cake. Outer chocolate cake shell with a soft, fudgy and creamy centre.”–

    i want those!!

    and i am glad you’re feeling better…sounds like you’ve been thru the wringer!
    hugs! :)

  6. drool.

    i ate a box of cereal.

  7. Hmm…I’m gonna say the crockpot chicken tortilla soup we had for dinner. I love that meal ;)

  8. Thai Peanut Tofu Wrap from an all-organic cafe!

  9. Vegan chocolate apple cake! Yum :)

  10. Well…sorta doing the Weight Watchers thing to the best thing I ate? Popcorn. Oh and wine. Not together, although that would have been nice.

  11. oh it looks so lovely, just what you need to recover from an illness! i haven’t had a cold/flu this winter yet, but i bet i’ve spoken too soon!

  12. Dani @ Body By Nature

    I live a stone’s throw away from Le Gourmond, they have the most amazing chocolate chip cookies that are the size of your head! Hope you’re feeling better!

    I went to Cruda Cafe in St. Lawerence Market and had their flourless sundried tomato wrap, it was amazing!!

  13. Wow, what a delicious Sunday brunch! I love croissants from Brick Street Bakery, but have not tried le Gourmand… sounds amazing!

    Best thing I ate all weekend?? We had some awesome sushi on Saturday night! :)


  14. I had a pretty phenomenal salmon BLT this weekend!

  15. It’s a tie! Friday night I had some amazing sushi. Saturday night I had a wonderful steak from the beef we bought from a local farm. It may have been the best steak I’ve ever had and I cooked it myself on my cast iron grill pan! I may never buy beef at the grocery store again!

  16. I baked cookies this weekend! I haven’t done it in sooooo long and they were delicious!!!

  17. wow those little lava cakes look DELICIOUS!!

  18. Both look mouth wateringly good! x x

  19. I had an amazing dinner at wegmans hot bar! yum- not that exciting but pretty eventful for a college girl:)

  20. does your sister need more friends, because she can take me on a pick me up for butter anytime!

  21. I need to go here… and eat some butter and chocolate!

  22. honey, i am SO glad you are feeling better! i cannot even imagine being out of commission for that long. but i am with you, no matter how sick i am, coffee WILL get me out of bed :)

  23. p.s. how did you get that cute twitter screenshot on there?

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