Burning Up

I had a lovely restaurant post planned for tonight. But I’ve been in bed all day with a fiery fever. Instead of writing something wonderful, I really just wish I had a cute male nurse to apply this:

Is it feed a fever starve a cold? I learned in my nutrition course that your basal metabolic rate goes up when your body is fighting a fever. Good thing too, because all I want are lotsandlots of these:


Except, the kind with white bread and processed cheese. I tried to eat cottage cheese for dinner. Let me just say that did not go over well.

I’ve watched four movies today:
1. Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I wanted to love this because it’s set in Toronto. But dude from Arrested Development is just really irritating.
2. Catfish. Awesome documentary about this guy and a family he meets on Facebook. I had no idea what to expect going in and was pleasantly (if not creepily) surprised.
3. UP. I hear this is really good, but truth of the matter is I just don’t like computer animation. I turned it off because the kid’s high pitched voice was making my headache worse.
4. Whip It. Totally recommend. Love all the actors in this movie and it’s got a great soundtrack to boot.

Not sure if it’s the fever, but I’ve also made the executive decision to go back to my blonde roots.


But not the mullet.

Here’s hoping my next post makes a little more sense. If you know any cute male nurses, please send them my way.


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  1. AH that sandwich is calling my name!


  2. Christina aka Mom

    I want to take care of you when you are sick and when I look at that picture of you when you were little I am amazed I did not suck your face off you were so cute…

  3. I hope you feel better soon!
    Lots of movies and grilled cheese are imperative for recovering! ;)

  4. Feel better!
    I cant believe you blogged…or that you made a perfect! grilled cheese sandwich!

    Got my 50mm 1.8 lens. So far…I am…confused with it :) But I am learning. haha!

  5. Screw the cold compress. I want the hot male nurse to make me that freaking sandwich.
    Hope you feel better! I think it’s feed a fever, drown a cold with Vodka, by the way.

  6. Oh no! Sick again?? Feel better! At least by the 22nd & 23rd :D


  7. Feel better soon!

  8. After you’re done with the cute male nurses you manage to find, feel free to send them my way…even though I no longer have a cold ;)

    You’re an adorable child! Hehehe. And nothing beats standard white bread and processed cheese sandwiches. Childhood food memories at their finest.

  9. I am so hurt that you insulted Michael Cera in such a way, but I’ll let it slide since you are obviously feverish and I haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim so I suppose it’s possible that he could be irritating in that movie…;p Seriously though I hope you feel better soon.

    You are right in that Whip It is an awesome movie.

    Going back blonde sounds fun. I’d love to be blonde but it takes hundreds of dollars, double processing, and within less than two weeks regrowth I look like a total skank. Of course this didn’t stop me from trying it several times in my teens and twenties. lol

  10. That sandwich looks extremely delicious. What kind of cheese(?) is that orange thing (lol)?

    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Feel better! And I can’t wait to see you as a blonde!

  12. Bummer, I’m sorry you’re feeling sick! I feel you on the grilled cheese- it’s so comforting. With tomato soup! But only the canned kind. :) Why is it that we crave food like that when we’re sick I wonder…And ps, you were such a cute little girl!!

  13. Hope you feel better soon lovely lady x x

  14. ohmygoodnesswouldyoupleasegetbettersoon?!?! im sad for you.

  15. Geez, I feel so awful for you with the sickies and the eyeball ache (per Twitter)…yes, def. need to send a hot male nurse your way.

    ARE YOU REALLY GOING BLONDE!?! Wow! I bet you’d look great although you look amazing with your current color- it’s so rich. Loved the mullet. You rocked it.

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