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Bonjour Bonjour Brioche!

Hello and hope everyone had happy weekends! I’m still on the mend from the flu, but I did manage to get some delicious food down this weekend ;)

Seeing as we’re on the other side of winter now – the new year side – I’m realizing my time in Toronto is only getting smaller and smaller. So many places to see and experience in such a short period of time! Suddenly, the need to visit certain restaurants has reached an emergency status.

Sunday morning started like any other – in my favourite way with free yoga. At Lululemon. A relaxing and stretchy Hatha class with my big sis who is visiting from Ottawa this week.

The only thing better than free yoga on a Sunday is brunch on a Sunday. Sister Sara, Roommie Megan and I decided on a place that’s been on our radar for quite a while – Bonjour Brioche.


Because who doesn’t love crusty white bread?


Like any brunch place in the Riverside/Leslieville area, it’s tiny and bustling with people on the weekends.


They also sell loaves of bread and pastries at the counter. It almost reminded me of my beloved Tartine in San Francisco. Almost.


And Bill Cosby was here! (I know, what?)

I skipped coffee before yoga (learned that one the hard way) which meant I had to go until noon without coffee. By that point I was looking for an IV hook-up.


But three cups of coffee in an IKEA mug worked just fine.

The menu looked spectacular and they had some great specials on. I knew I wanted to get something with brioche because it’s the restaurant’s namesake. Thankfully, Sister Sara was up for splitting two dishes with me.


First up, we ordered the Croque Madam: toasted brioche layered with ham & gruyere and topped with a fried egg.


With the Baked French Toast.


Roommie Megan ordered the Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs: with chives, rosti potato, creamed horseradish and caviar. This dish definitely won for best presentation and apparently did not skimp out on the salmon.


The croque madam was indeed very good. I’m not a huge fan of sunny side up eggs because slimy egg whites creep me out. But the bread was great and there was lots of ham.

Really though, we need to talk about the french toast.


Because it was the best I ever had. Damn! The waitress said they use day-old pastries to make the French toast. Our plate was made with some kind of flaky chocolate swirl bread. But we saw a few different varieties floating around the restaurant. It was more like bread pudding. I would have never guessed a flaky bread would take on an egg soak so well. Every now and then I’d get a bite of creamy chocolate filling. Topped with maple syrup, the whole thing was perfection.


Another Leslieville brunch success! Megan and I have a checklist going to visit every spot in the ‘hood before we move away.

It doesn’t end there though. Ohno. For we spotted this place just down the street…


The Canadian Pie Company. Eerily similar to a pie joint you may remember from Pushing Daisies

If I had to choose between cake or pie, I’d choose pie.


Even better, they had savoury pie. The Scotsman in me likes that.


We were lured in by the promise of a free custard tart with the purchase of coffee.


I skipped the deal, seeing as I had dessert for brunch.


But that didn’t stop me from taking a bite.


A buttery, flakey…


…sweet, creamy…


…bite of heaven.


Sister Sara said that if the tart was that good, imagine how good the pies are. I think I know where I’ll be getting my birthday cake birthday pie this year ;)


Two more places to check off the list, and both get very big enthusiastic checks! I’ve got more restaurants to talk about. I have a feeling it may turn into restaurant week here on the blog. Hell, it may turn into restaurant month ;) It’s all for the greater good of culinary adventure, I swear.


Question of the Day: What is your favourite kind of pie? Sweet or savoury! I lovelovelove chocolate pie and leftover apple pie with cheddar for breakfast. For savoury I love mom’s meat pie and a traditional chicken pot pie.