Five Things You Should Probably Know – Round 2

1. I’m sick.


Technically, I’ve been feeling under the weather since I landed back in Toronto. You know, headache, achey muscles. But last night I developed this gnarly chest cough. And today, I started burning up and getting lightheaded. Like all things in life, I am blaming this on Toronto’s public transportation system. However, I suspect the three-day bender I went on in New Brunswick may be the true culprit. Thus, I spent all day in bed.


2. There’s a giant candy bowl in my living room.


I can thank my roommates for this one. Just as I come back to TO thinking “time to get back on the straight and narrow,” I’m met with this. A worthy opponent filled with Lindor Truffles and Icy Chocolate Squares. Touché.  


3. There’s a new workout plan on the block.

Back in the day, I used to share my daily workouts on the blog. But then I got lazy about typing them up. Plus, I didn’t like the idea of people comparing themselves with me. With that said, I do understand that people are curious about what sort of things I do in the gym! In September, I started a new plan consisting of my first ever split. It looked something like this:

Monday: Back/Biceps + 30 min elliptical
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Chest/Triceps + 30 min running
Thursday: Legs + 15 min spin bike + 15 min stair climber
Friday: Shoulders/Abs + 30 min elliptical
Saturday: 5-7 mile run
Sunday: Yoga

I really enjoyed weight lifting so many days a week, and the DOMS was great to boot. But it’s important to change it up and try out new things. In lieu of my Simply Switches, here’s what my new sked looks like:

2 days 45 min full-body weightlifting
2 days 60 min cardio
2 days 60-90 min yoga
1 day rest

As you can see, it’s a lot less intense. On purpose. One reason why has to do with my appetite. It’s been out of control since I started lifting all the time and despite the tough workouts, I was still taking in more calories than I was burning off. I know from past experience that my hunger levels drop significantly when I’m less active. So maybe I won’t always feel like I’m ready to eat my arm off!


4. I suck at crossword puzzles.

No, really. I’ve been doing the one in the newspaper every. single. day. for two months now and I have yet to fully complete one. It is so frustrating, yet I’m so stubbornly addicted.


5. I’m the last person to read this book.


And I read it in three days. I loved it that much. I’m not sure what it says about me, but all of my most recent favourite books have been depressing ones about people dying. Ah well, at least my favourite show is still The Real World.

If you’re one of five people in the world who haven’t read this book yet speak up! I’ll send it to the first person who comments saying they want it :)


Question of the Day: What’s one thing in your life we should probably know? As my gal Holly says, sharing is caring!

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  1. Apparently I am the last person on earth who has not read that book!! I will take it.

  2. You should probably know that if you use a bag of frozen green beans as an ice pack for an entire marathon training cycle, they will not make a delicious dinner side item. Sigh.

    Feel better, love!

  3. You are NOT the last one to read that book…on my list of to do things. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Help me eat this junk food! The faster we finish this bowl of candy, the faster this can be a strictly healthy food household. That’s how it works, right?

  5. I haven’t read it but I’ve seen the movie. Does that count?

    • Definitely read the book! I know people always say the book is better, but the movie was WAY different. Like, the last half was a completely different storyline.

  6. I loved that book too! I cried so much after finishing it. If you loved that book, you might like another one of her books. “The Pact” was depressing but pretty good!

    Sorry you’re sick! Feel better! Lots of rest and water. :)

  7. greensandjeans

    Oh Jodi… Her books just suck you in! I liked her newest one a lot!

  8. That book is on my list for this year.

  9. Finally getting a chance to delurk!!

    I have the book…it’s sitting on my bedside table…waiting to be read! I never get a chance to start (or finish) the books I really want to read!

    I hope you feel better…and I’m sure the bowl o’ sweetness will help with that one! ;)

  10. I haven’t read a fiction book in MONTHS! Dang school! Can’t wait to get back on the non-psychology journal bandwagon!

    You should know that I played jazz trombone for 11 years! I miss it!

  11. You aren’t the last ! I haven’t read it either…but honestly, I don’t have a desire to. Odd?

  12. So amusing! I’ve not read it yet either. Looks like there might be more than five people who haven’t!

  13. Add another person who hasn’t read it. It’s on my list but the list just keeps growing!

  14. i havent read that book either!

    i like it when people DONT post their numbers/values. no one is the same weight, height, or has the same goals, needs, etc. numbers are pointless. it’s like posting how much money someone makes..for me, it’s fine to know but i dont have to know and will live without knowing type thing…the comparing thing is reduced without numerical values…sorry to ramble. post what you wanna post, that’s what i say girlie!

    and feel better soon!!!!!! and enjoy some candy :)

  15. As you know, I am sick too, so feel ya- feel better!!

    I love that you are reading My Sister’s Keeper (and thinking of me). We really do drink a lot of Dunkin Donuts. And I love Jodi Picoult. :)

    One thing you should know… right now I am drinking tea with a rubber ducky steeper in it. Coolest thing ever, thanks to Nick’s dad who apparently thinks I am five. He is accurate in that thought.


  16. Does it count if I watched the movie and then stood in Wal-Mart and read the end of the book to see how they compared? ;P

  17. Sorry to hear you’re still feeling ill Susan! I haven’t read My Sister’s Keeper yet either so you’re definitely not alone. I have also been incorporating some less-intense fitness in my regime and this weekend plan to do at least 1 hot yoga class to destressssss after a very busy week! Have a great Friday!

  18. I am sick too with swimmers ear. Ah it’s awful. I hope you feel better soon. :) I love spending days just laying in bed. How relaxing.

  19. i’m not good at xword puzzles either. they put me to sleep, which is weird b/c they’re supposed to be stimulating!

    feel better.

  20. geez i have even read that book and i NEVER read books. you are behind.

    kidding :)

    i hope you are feeling better!

    i love it when you share your workouts on the blog. i steal your routines and then i get great DOMS. so feel free to post away.


  21. Haven’t read the book or watched the movie.

  22. I have seen the movie but haven’t read the book yet either. I know only one person can read it at a time so I was thinking we could set up a tradeout. What do you think ?

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