Daily Archives: January 3, 2011

Hello Goodbye

Said goodbye to my hometown today. A snowy, slightly delayed goodbye.


The other night I came home and found Archie sleeping in my suitcase. I think he was either 1) trying to prevent me from leaving. Or 2) asking me to take him back to Toronto with me.


But I had to say goodbye to him.


And his cute little flowered hankerchief.


Bye to my mom’s antique furniture and big white kitchen.


Bye to the friends and family my small city holds.


And bye to the fresh air that fills my lungs. To big open spaces.


As much as I want to stay in Moncton foreverandever, I still have some unfinished business in Toronto.

Clients to train, yoga classes to attend, restaurants to try and friends to see. My 2011 calendar is quickly filling up as I become more and more excited for what the future has in store.

But still. I hate goodbyes.