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I sincerely apologize if you’ve been following me on Twitter and subject to my drunk tweets over the last three nights. You see, it’s not just a rumour. Maritimers really do drink more than upper Canadians. And being home just brings out the best in me ;)

On top of all the beer, rye and tequila, I’ve been eating some very blog-worthy meals these past few days.

It started on Thursday with a family get-together at the new Cafe Archbald in Dieppe. I’ve blogged about this place a few times as it’s one of my favourites in the city. They specialize in crepes and I was excited to check out the new location!


I knew what I wanted as soon a I opened the menu and saw the specials. Cheeseburger Crepe? Yesplease!


It started with a small Waldorf Salad. I’ve never had one of these before and it was amazing! Almost more like a slaw with the bits of apple, raisins, celery and mayonnaise dressing. I definitely want to make this at home.

The crepe was filled with ground beef, pickles, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sweet marinara rose sauce & cheddar.


Omg. SO good. It’s no secret that I am a burger fiend. Eating all the ingredients wrapped inside a soft crepe was divine.

My family made fun of both my sister and I for ordering the least classy crepe we could find. My other sister from Quebec kept saying how weird it was to see beef coming out of the crepe.

But things went even more downhill later in the evening,

noname (3)
That my friends, is a cell phone picture of the poutine pizza Sara and I split at 1am. It’s from a little punk rock pizza place called Cut Throat Pizza on Main St.

For those of you who don’t know – poutine is a Canadian specialty of fries + gravy + cheese. This particular one was baked into pizza dough. A culinary adventure we could not pass up. The gravy and cheese combo on the pizza was superb. But the fries made it a little too carby for me. Needed some beef!


Then came New Year’s Eve and the feast to rival all feasts. Greater than our Christmas dinner, my family went all out for this one. 


We started with my mom’s seafood chowder. It featured salmon, haddock and simulated crab. I’m making her write down the recipe for me to recreate because it was probably the best chowder I’ve ever had.


Then came the main meal. There’s really no rhyme or reason to the dishes we chose. It’s just a combination of foods we were all craving!


Mom pan-fried smelts topped with a homemade tartar sauce.


Jane and Renaud cooked mussels in a white wine sauce.


Mark’s famous oven roasted potatoes.


My personal favourite – bison sliders. Topped goat cheese, and my homemade pesto mayo and curry mayo. Unpictured is the giant Greek salad we also had.


My family is into the silly crowns.


Sisters! We all look vaguely alike, but I think there may have been a mailman involved.


There was a Beatles sing-along.


My family knows all the words to every Beatles song ever written.


Once the clock struck midnight, Jane, Renaud and I went oot and aboot to start 2011 off right.


Photo courtesy Rob Arsenault.

I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t get out of bed until 1:30pm on New Year’s Day. Crazy!! A day in my peejays watching Man v. Food followed, with some celebrating at the New Year’s Levee in my hometown of Riverview after.

It’s been a wonderful 17 days back in the Maritimes and a holiday I’ll never forget. Tomorrow I fly back to Toronto to start my 2011 adventure. This year will take me many places, but it’s good to know I’ll always have a home to come back to :)


Question of the Day: Tell me about your New Years! Did you stay in? Go out? Wear sequins? Or yoga pants to a bar like I did?


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  1. Oh my god, poutine pizza sounds so good! For New Years I went to a fancy party and kept it classy by drinking a bottle of champagne to myself ;) I’m glad you had a great time at home, and I’ll see you back in Toronto!

  2. greensandjeans

    Poutine pizza sounds ammmmazing! I wore sequined hot pants on New Years, so basically, it was a good night…

  3. So fun! Looks like yours was a food- and fun-filled New Year’s – love it! :D Great food creations. We had a low-key New Year’s Eve as we were traveling back 10 hrs with my fam from OR to CA…my husband and I watched a movie, had a glass of wine with dinner and the fam, and were in bed by 11 (yes, I’m only 25). ;) hehe Love the start to a new year though – let’s make it a good one!

  4. It looks like you’ve really had an amazing time with family and friends!
    Oh, and don’t feel bad – I actually woke up by 3pm on January 1st.
    Happy 2011, Susan!

  5. Ahh, fun! I went out – was going to rock the sequins, but I ended up in a borderline skankalicious leopard print top. Gotta let loose here and there ;)

  6. i worked so i was out when the revelry was going on…but not partaking in it.

    i wish i understood twitter better so i could set it up to follow the ppls’ tweets i really want to (like yours!) rather than my other 2000 followers and ppl i follow, not that i dont love them and all :)

  7. your weekend looks awesome

  8. I am quite the fan of burgers, too. Huge fan of burgers, so that crepe would have been amazing. I had no idea you were so musical? Looks like everyone had such a fun time!

  9. have you ever played beatles rock band?! so much fun. i love singing with my family.

  10. We had a kinda low key gathering at mates place. But we had a keg with some home brew beer, were in bed about 2am. Woke around 9ish, cleaned up, washed up and was having bacon and eggs in the backyard by 11 in 30-35 deg heat. Then we spent the rest of the day indoors with the air con cranking, playing wii bowling and snowboarding :)

    Best bit was just spending nearly 30 hours hanging out with my 4 closest mates :)

  11. Poutine pizza? Amazing!!

    I actually had a good NYE for once – drink sat the Pour Boy, house party with old high school friends and dancing to rockabilly at the Silver Dollar Room! So fun.

  12. I wore yoga pants to a slumber party at a friend’s house! Happy New Year!

  13. Hehe I quite enjoyed your tweets this weekend!! Looks like a fabulous time (even if it was followed by a headache!) :)

  14. Would it be weird if I said I stayed in but still wore sequins? Shiny things distract me but make me happy.

    Anyway, I kind of want to follow you on Twitter now just so I can read your drunken tweets. (However, I don’t tweet, so your secret’s safe with me.) The best times are those you might not fully remember with people you’ll never forget;) Happy New Year!

  15. I love waldorf salad, there are so many variations, but it’s all delicious! Poutine pizza looks crazy delicious, I think I need to cross the border into Canada soon (I’m only 30 minutes from the border.) Happy 2011 Susan!


  16. Wow, and I thought poutine on its OWN was intense!! I went out, wore a black dress, pretty standard. I’ll have to wear yoga pants next year ;)

  17. Sounds like such a fun New Year’s! I had a pretty crazy night at my friend’s house… I wish I could have slept in until 1:30! bahaha. But I hosted a family cocktail party the next day. It was nice, though I was quite hungover ;)

    I’m back in the t-dot now too! We need to organize a big new years blog meetup :)


  18. poutine pizza?!?!?!?!?!

  19. LOVE that last photo of you.

    We were in Iceland. Parked on a peninsula in outer Reykjavik, watching an hour of solid fireworks. I wore a few head ornaments to commemorate the night (like sequins for the forehead).


  20. LOVE that last photo of you.

    We were in Iceland. Parked on a peninsula in outer Reykjavik, watching an hour of solid fireworks. I wore a few head ornaments to commemorate the night (like sequins for the forehead).

    And I’m super bummed that I missed your drunken tweets. I don’t check Twitter when I’m out of town.


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