Feline Frenzy

As you all know, I’m a dog person. Well, for the most part. I’m that annoying person who loudly goes “awwww” every time I see a dog on the street. But just because I constantly plaster my blog posts with cute pictures of dogs, doesn’t mean I don’t love their feline counterparts.


I don’t warm up to cats as quickly as I do dogs. That’s because they require a little more coaxing. Unlike dogs, cats don’t immediately demand your love and attention. But once they get used to the idea of you, they can be sooooo sweet.


Few things are cuter than a kitty pawing at your belly while purring loudly.


And few things are funnier than a cat going nuts and jumping all over the place.

I got to hang out with the above Lennox and Simon while visiting with my bestest friend Meghan.


Meghan and I were roommies in university and have been friends for almost 20 years now.

She’s studying science-y things in Halifax now. And apparently knows one of my blog readers! Hi Abby!!


Don’t Meghan and I look like we’re related? We’re totally sisters from different mister (and mother, I suppose. But her mom is still my Second Mom).

After catching up with Meghan and the kitties, I swung over to my dad’s abode to hang out with him and the step-family.


And look at what was there!! A baby Siamese my step-sis got for Christmas. SO CUTE.


She slept for a long time, and then starting trying to climb up everyone once she awoke. I want. She’s just small enough to fit into a purse ;)

In other news, the final sister has arrived! I’m the baby of the family with two older sisters. The three of us are usually only together at Christmas.


My sister Sara and I had just returned from a hot yoga class, hence the sweaty look. Tonight was Moksha style and it was just what the doctor ordered!

Alright, that’s all I got. Consider my kitty quota met ;)


Question of the Day: Would you classify yourself as a dog or a cat person?

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  1. I am definitely a cat person and always have been. I have two wonderful cats who are my babies. My parents now have a dog, and I just can’t warm up to him. Dogs are okay, but I really love kitties!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I was always a dog person until I got a kitty of my own. Now I’m a cat person too! :)

  3. grew up a cat person, changed into a dog person, and now am a mother: meaning, i dont have time for pets anymore. I have a pet called Scott and one called skylar and another pet named blog and one called job. I wish I had more time to give to real pets but i dont right now in life. I love both cats and dogs (small) and one day we’ll have pets again :)

  4. I’m definitely a dog person — they’re just so much more straight-forward, you know? PS Averie your comment is hilarious.

  5. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Kitties! I love, love kitties :D

    We had both growing up, but kitties just are my favorite. All of my cats have been super lovey dovey, so maybe that makes a difference. There is nothing like have a warm kitty snuggled in your lap on a cold night.

  6. I’m obviously a dog person but I do like lap cats and purrs.

  7. I’m such a dog AND cat person :) And those little kitties are adorable!!

  8. I was always a dog person growing up, but now that we have two cats, I think I’m a cat person. They’re much more self-sufficient and require a lot less work! Not that I don’t love our dog, but he’s much needier.

  9. Hopeless dog person here!

  10. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually had time to click out of Reader into your blog and I must say–I love the new layout! Looking great!

    few things…

    I’ve never seen a siamese kitten. So cute. Although, I have a hard time with siamese. I’m always reminded of the evil siamese’s in lady and the tramp and I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten over that.

    I’m both! Im just an animal lover period.

  11. I adore cats.
    I put up with dogs…especially poorly trained dogs (erm, the IL’s spoiled rotten Lab).

    Most animals completely fascinate me.

    Those are some adorable photos! :)

  12. i’m really allergic to cats, have been since i was a wee one. so definitely a dog person!

  13. I’m not against cats, love other peoples cats. but honestly, I am a real dog person.

  14. I’m totally a dog person but this post makes me want a cat so badly. Well, that the fact that it’s easier to find a place to live that accepts cats. :)

  15. I am most definitely a dog person, but… I’m an animal person, so I like kitties too… I have my Basil Pup, and I’ve only had one cat before, and he was a sweetie!

  16. Im a ‘certain’ dog person. As in, the itty bitty little yappy ones old ladies usually have piss me off. I call them “step-on’s” because I can and sorta want to step on them. Cats usually hate me more than I hate them. If they were only a little more friendly. They usually look my up and down and I can’t help but feel slightly judged by them.

  17. Both the hus and I thought of ourselves as dog people, even though he had never had either and I grew up with cats. Then we got a kitten… we still want a dog, but well, lets just say we don’t call ourselves “dog people” anymore :D

  18. I like dogs and cats but probably am more of a cat person. My husband is the dog person. However we both dislike poorly trained yappy dogs.

    My cat is more dog like. Always wanting attention. Trust me if you should show up at my house to visit she will greet you at the door and demand to be petted just like a dog!

  19. This just made me so happy! I’ve never commented before, but I knew I had to on this post! When I found out that Meghan knows the person who writes the first blog I’ve ever read, I was pretty excited :) Thanks for the shoutout!!

  20. I had a cat that I loved but he died years ago so I am now definitely a dog person and really want one of my own x x

  21. I’m a cat person (I think you have to have a cat at some point in your life before you can ever be one- you just have to know how monogamous cats are!) but I like dogs, too. I hate when people claim to be animal lovers in one breath and then start ranting about cats (or dogs!) in the next.

  22. love this post! when i was a kid, i was TOTALLY a cat person. like, crazy style. i only had stuffed cats and NO dolls. and i had cat everything.. sheets, posters, clothes, books. now i am more of a dog person, but you knew that.

  23. I love all animals! I have had dogs, cats and bunnies and rode horses when I was younger. Each animal has their own personality and character and I have loved all of them.
    Deep down though I am a cat person if I had to pick between cats and dogs, they are so much more selective about who they love deeply and when you are that cat’s person it makes you feel so special.
    Bunnies and horses are incredible as well.

  24. I have always been a dog person and have two pups of my own who I absolutely adore. They are my absolute world. That said, I don’t *hate* cats, I just respond much better to a dog’s unconditional love.

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