I started blogging two years ago for many reasons. I wanted to share recipes, workouts, help girls out there just like me. At the time I was a journalism student, cranking out hundreds, no thousands, of words a day. All of it interesting content, but nothing I was really passionate about. None of it in my own voice.

I’ve been keeping journals since I learned how to write. Putting words to paper, or I suppose nowadays to screen, has always been second nature to me. I can hardly string two words together using my mouth, but my fingers apparently have a lot more to say ;)

Today marks my 500th post on The Great Balancing Act. I can’t believe I have cranked out that many. My blog is no longer just a way to channel my need to write, or a platform for me to blab about what truly interests me. It’s turned into a way for me to stay in touch and connect with those I know, and those I have yet to meet.

I’ve grown a lot in 500 posts. Aside from the life changes I’ve undergone, I’ve done a lot of growing and changing inside as well. With that, my blog has changed. Always being moulded to the life it reflects – my own.

I wrote a year in review post here, in case you’d like to know more about the sort of things I’ve gone through since starting this blog.

I went through all 500 posts and picked those I am most proud of. Ones I put some real thought into. Some tackled hard topics, all are examples of how I’ve continued to grow as a blogger. Feel free to peruse through, I hate for these to get lost in a sea of hundreds of posts!


You Made It! The first post on The Great Balancing Act from July 14, 2009.

Living with Anxiety I open up about my social anxiety disorder

Going With The Flow – Exercise Edition A post about being too strict with exercise

Going With The Flow – Food Edition A post about being too strict with your diet

Ups and Downs What weight loss maintenance means to me

Overcoming Gym Fears How I learned to love the gym despite my social anxiety

Learning To Love Exercise For those of you who hate working out

L-I-V-I-N How I got my life back

Going Zen My story of giving up numbers and doing what feels best

Foods That Make You Trigger An honest post about my own trigger foods

Writing Tips For Bloggers A must-read featuring all my best writing tips.

Ready, Set, Blog! My blog, in a nutshell.


A few of my favourites on fitness:

Reebok EasyTone The Easy Way Out?

Ripped Arms: A How-To Guide

Tips For Working Out In The Morning

Beat The New Year’s Crowd

5 Most Common Weight Lifting Mistakes


A couple posts that sum up the majority of the food featured on this blog:

Waffle Wednesday: An Ode To Waffles

An Ode To Oatmeal


And my two favourite foodie posts:

Finding My Roots: A Taste of Scotland

The Best Pancake I’ve Ever Had


Last but not least, my favourite post to date:

10 Ways To Live The Life You Always Wanted


So here’s to another 500 posts! I’ve already got my blogging game face on…

And my little blogging helper…


Thankyouthankyouthankyou for tuning in regularly and for the constant feedback and encouragement. This is definitely the most rewarding project I’ve ever been involved in. I hardly make any money off this blog, but that’s not the point. I would do it everyday regardless of money or readers, but the support I’ve received is unreal. I promise to make the next 500 my best ones yet!! ;)


Question of the Day: What have been some of your favourite posts on The Great Balancing Act? I’m curious!

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  1. Congrats on this huge milestone. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon your blog. Your email today provided me with a lot of guidance and I sincerely appreciate it.

    My favorite posts are, of course, of your workouts because they always get my mind racing about my next workout.

  2. congrats on 500, susan!!!!!!!

    some of those posts, i recognize just from the title/date but havent clicked thru to all of them.

    i feel like youve grown so much in the 18 mos ive been reading you..it’s been an amazing ride. And i am just riding your life’s train, you’re living it. Love that you are unafraid to LIVE your life!!


  3. Congratulations on this huge milestone girl! I think its great that you listed your favorite posts. It reminds me of when I read them the first time!

  4. Awesomeness! I loved all the recaps…and especially the part about 500 more. :)

  5. Happy 500!

    I love a lot of your posts, it’s hard to pick just one. Of course, there is always your first triathlon recap! :D

  6. Susan I am so proud! You picked out a few of my fave posts for yours. When I saw you were making a list, I thought immediately of the post where you discussed your social anxiety. It may sound kind of creepy but I felt very close to you after that post – it made me realize that you were a real person, not just some website I followed. It is hard to explain but it was such an open and honest post. I’m so excited for how far you’ve come – both with the blog and with your life. You are really taking life “by its horns” and doing what makes you happy. I say it all teh time, but its an inspiration. I can’t wait to read 500 more posts =)

    Nicole G
    P.S. It seems so fitting that on the day of your 500th post, I enjoyed Waffle Wednesday!

  7. i love this post, you’ve shared sooooo much with us!

  8. I loved your triathlon recap because I’d followed your training for so long!

    Also, your breakfast cookie video. Love.

  9. congrats, my friend!! I love the last two photos – you are very pretty and your “blog help” pup is Just Too Cute.

    I love your fitness posts… going now to revisit this list ! :D

  10. CONGRATS! That is such an achievement. And yes yes yes you have grown leaps and bounds. Yet, I’ve always seen you as a highly intelligent and intuitive person in so many ways. I am so curious to go back and read many of those posts- I don’t recognize some of them- probably they were posted when I was on a trip or just ridiculously behind on my reading. This happens all the time with so many blogs- so I’m glad that you highlighted them!

    I love the photos- you look so intense yet pretty and your furry friend is beyond adorable.

    You have so many good posts and honestly the ones I really wanted to read, I STILL have not- from when you went to Banff. I was there in the winter and wanted to see what you did in the summer. I did appreciate your Zen post and admire you for your willingness to let go.

    Thanks for the past 500 and cheers to the next!

  11. the post i thought of and have been searching for and can’t find it…you probably wrote it in the late summer or early fall…and it was about photography and what did and didnt make the final cut into the blog, and why.

    now that i have a new cam on order, i am paying much closer attn to anything and everything photography! if you know the post, will you post the link?

  12. Happy 500!
    Its been so nice reading your blog and then getting to meet you! You are wise beyond your years my friend. I wont be surprised if someone approaches you for a book deal.
    Although I love your ode to waffles, I loved Livin. Truly, I wish I could take some life lessons from you.

  13. Congratulations Susan! I have been reading since your training for the triathlon. I don’t know how I found your blog but it was the first food/ exercise one I had ever read. My fav. are your travel blogs.
    Cheers to your next 500!

  14. To be honest I have just loved following the way you have made your dreams come true it has been an inspiration to me as I have been on the same path. Its crazy you and me have been on a similar path but on different sides of the planet x x

  15. Congrats on your 500th post! Here’s to the next 500 and having fun with them. Happy Holidays!

  16. Congrats on 500! I found you a few months ago and have been following ever since. Love your honesty and all the great information you provide.

  17. Congrats on 500 Susan!!! I adore your blog and can’t wait to see what else you’ve got in 2011!! :)

  18. Congrats on your 500th post! :)

  19. Congratulations! I’ve been keeping up with you since the NROL4W forum on Livestrong! It’s way too hard to pick a favorite post, your writing is always great! However any that feature pics of a certain poodle seem to top the list!

  20. Congratulations on your 500th post! You are a great writer and I always enjoy reading your blog. I think my favorite posts are probably the ones where you open up about anxiety. I also love the ones about your life changes – I have always been really bad at taking risks, so I find those inspiring. But actually, you obviously write in your own voice, and that’s why I enjoy your blog.

  21. Congrats on 500 posts!!!


  22. How awesome!! I love your blog, Susan. Love how real you are, your writing, content – and how much we have in common!! :)

  23. I love your blog Susan, I may have missed the first 40 posts perhaps, but I’ve read all the rest. Good for you, your blog is inspiring, real and fun. I’m sure your life is a bit different because of it. I hope I can read you for 500 posts more!

  24. happy 500 my dear friend :)

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