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I started blogging two years ago for many reasons. I wanted to share recipes, workouts, help girls out there just like me. At the time I was a journalism student, cranking out hundreds, no thousands, of words a day. All of it interesting content, but nothing I was really passionate about. None of it in my own voice.

I’ve been keeping journals since I learned how to write. Putting words to paper, or I suppose nowadays to screen, has always been second nature to me. I can hardly string two words together using my mouth, but my fingers apparently have a lot more to say ;)

Today marks my 500th post on The Great Balancing Act. I can’t believe I have cranked out that many. My blog is no longer just a way to channel my need to write, or a platform for me to blab about what truly interests me. It’s turned into a way for me to stay in touch and connect with those I know, and those I have yet to meet.

I’ve grown a lot in 500 posts. Aside from the life changes I’ve undergone, I’ve done a lot of growing and changing inside as well. With that, my blog has changed. Always being moulded to the life it reflects – my own.

I wrote a year in review post here, in case you’d like to know more about the sort of things I’ve gone through since starting this blog.

I went through all 500 posts and picked those I am most proud of. Ones I put some real thought into. Some tackled hard topics, all are examples of how I’ve continued to grow as a blogger. Feel free to peruse through, I hate for these to get lost in a sea of hundreds of posts!


You Made It! The first post on The Great Balancing Act from July 14, 2009.

Living with Anxiety I open up about my social anxiety disorder

Going With The Flow – Exercise Edition A post about being too strict with exercise

Going With The Flow – Food Edition A post about being too strict with your diet

Ups and Downs What weight loss maintenance means to me

Overcoming Gym Fears How I learned to love the gym despite my social anxiety

Learning To Love Exercise For those of you who hate working out

L-I-V-I-N How I got my life back

Going Zen My story of giving up numbers and doing what feels best

Foods That Make You Trigger An honest post about my own trigger foods

Writing Tips For Bloggers A must-read featuring all my best writing tips.

Ready, Set, Blog! My blog, in a nutshell.


A few of my favourites on fitness:

Reebok EasyTone The Easy Way Out?

Ripped Arms: A How-To Guide

Tips For Working Out In The Morning

Beat The New Year’s Crowd

5 Most Common Weight Lifting Mistakes


A couple posts that sum up the majority of the food featured on this blog:

Waffle Wednesday: An Ode To Waffles

An Ode To Oatmeal


And my two favourite foodie posts:

Finding My Roots: A Taste of Scotland

The Best Pancake I’ve Ever Had


Last but not least, my favourite post to date:

10 Ways To Live The Life You Always Wanted


So here’s to another 500 posts! I’ve already got my blogging game face on…

And my little blogging helper…


Thankyouthankyouthankyou for tuning in regularly and for the constant feedback and encouragement. This is definitely the most rewarding project I’ve ever been involved in. I hardly make any money off this blog, but that’s not the point. I would do it everyday regardless of money or readers, but the support I’ve received is unreal. I promise to make the next 500 my best ones yet!! ;)


Question of the Day: What have been some of your favourite posts on The Great Balancing Act? I’m curious!