Dreamy Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares

It doesn’t matter where I go, but any place I visit over the course of December has a tray of sweets waiting for me.

Squares and cookies that so-and-so’s neighbour or cousin sent over. Maybe it’s a catered Christmas party with a mountain of sugary goodies on display. If you’re going anywhere this month, chances are you’re showing up with a container full of sweet stuff in tow.

Christmas brings out the sugar fiend in all of us.


Usually I ignore these trays unless there is something I “omgneedtohave.” I’ve had a billion sugar cookies in my life. I know what a date square tastes like. I can pass up on these treats pretty easily. But there is one square I will always go for. One I will seek out. One that I can’t just have one of.

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares.

Long-time blog readers already know that I love marshmallows. Beyond the point that’s probably normal. Nothing, in my opinion, tastes better with marshmallows than peanut butter. Yes, fluffernutter trumps hot chocolate.

Despite my love for these fluffy treats, I have never actually attempted to make them. Rather, I would just anxiously scan dessert trays at parties hoping to see my favourite multi-coloured square.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I went looking for recipes and found this one only has four ingredients.



  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1 (300g) bag butterscotch chips
  • 1 (200g) bag mini marshmallows

I ended up choosing this recipe in particular, simply because it had more peanut butter than the others. You can never go wrong with extra peanut butter.


The first step is easy. Melt your peanut butter, butter and butterscotch chips together in a pot on low heat.


Slow and steady does it. The more you stir, the more it melts.


This is where your kitchen starts to smell like a buttery heaven.


Let that mix cool for a little bit so it doesn’t melt the marshmallows. I’m impatient and perhaps did not let it cool long enough (ahem, three minutes). You’ll later see why letting it thicken up is better.


Throw in your bag of multicoloured marshmallows. I know these are the fruity ones and seem like an odd choice compared to the regular white ones. But it’s not the same with the white ones. It just isn’t.


Try not to jump in there and bathe with the marshmallows. It’s tempting!


Once everything is coated and mixed, transfer it to a greased 11×13 baking dish and refrigerate.


One of the commenters on the recipe said she put them in the freezer right away, then let thaw slightly before cutting and taking them out of the dish. I tried this method, leaving it in the freezer for an hour, then on the counter for 5 minutes or so. They came right out of the dish with very few bits left behind!


You can see here where the warm mix sank to the bottom of the dish. I have a feeling if I let it thicken up, it would have coated the marshmallows more evenly.


The final product is nothing short of amazing. Rich, buttery peanut fudge with fluffy sweet marshmallows. I can’t believe how quick and easy they were to make. Clean-up was a cinch too!

Now, if only I can keep my grubby little hands off them. They’re all wrapped up and ready to give away in the name of the holiday spirit. I highly suggest you add these to your Christmas treat list. For girls like me, who will be scanning the treat trays at parties for them ;)

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  1. These look delicious & I love the simplicity of 4 ingredients.

  2. I actually have never had these. I feel the same way with a lot of christmas treats. But with homemade chocolate chip cookies, I always eat. And the ginger chocolate chip cookies I made earlier this week…so good. But regular gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, etc, get old to me.
    These bars look delicious tho! Homemade candy!

  3. Holy shiz. I must must must make these for Shane. They include each of his favorite ingredients ever. Except gravy. Heyyy, there’s an idea….
    I kid ;)

  4. “Long-time blog readers already know that I love marshmallows. “–yes I knew this. The min i read the title i though…oh, no, she’s didnt. Oh YES SHE DID! lol

    I love mmallows too. And am the only person i know on vacay who’s scouring local island groc stores trying diff brands of mmallows. Dutch, american, arubian, generic. I have made 2 pans of rice krispy bars in 4 days. Not kidding. I love mallows too!

  5. I think my boyfriend will love you for this recipe! I made peanut butter treats (also 4 ingredients) Saturday night and now there is one left (only b/c whoever finishes the plate has to clean it!)

  6. Oh my, they do look amazing! I haven’t had anything marshmallow-y for a while, but I was quite the peanut-butter rice crispy square fiend as a child, so I would probably devour these.

    Man, seeing all of these delicious sugary recipes is making it hard for me not to just cook up sweet treats every single day…haha. Resistance!

  7. This is making me wish I liked marshmallows!

  8. Evil. Very Evil. Somehow it was necessary for me to go and make these immediately. You know I had to add a bunch of crunchy brown rice cereal to it and it may have ruined it- I won’t know til it hardened. But I did get to taste about a good piece worth of ‘corners’ and ‘edges’ :-) I think the reason I HAD to make it is the simple 4 ingredients. That’s why I love my protein muffins. 4 ingredients is the bomb.

    • Ooooh, let me know how they turn out! They are version of this square with Rice Krispies, so I’m sure your puffed brown rice version is still amazing :)

  9. I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to marshmallows, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing that I’ve never come across these squares before! But they look soooo tempting…I might just have to go get myself a bag of marshmallows so I can make these!

  10. Son of a nutcracker! you’re killing me here!!!!!
    I’ve never heard of these delicious little goodies before, now I want to make them!


  11. YUM! I used to eat these ALL THE TIME!!! But I guess it’s a good thing that most aren’t made with vegan marshmallows, gives me an excuse to stay away but oh man are they ever goooooood!

  12. YUM. I am waiting until Friday to start my treat-baking… I know I’m headed for sugar-coma land ;)


  13. oooooooh mg these look amazing! the coloured mini marshmallows remind me of being a kid. i don’t think i’ve ever tried these squares with pb but they sound delicious!

  14. I have never even heard of those before. I don’t think I could pass those up either!

  15. Gosh those look so sweet! I have to say i’m not a big marshmallow fan, but I know others around me would love these little squares.

  16. I make these a lot because they are easy and they are gluten free if you buy the right brand of butterscotch chips. They are soooo tasty!

  17. Wow! Those look so good! I guess I’m in luck, I have all the ingredients on hand… ;)

  18. They look like a devilishly good sweet treat! I’m interviewing a guy on friday, quite a famous english fitness guy and would love some tips form ya x x

  19. OH god this looks amazing. And you had to show it when I just HAPPEN to have marshmellows, which I never do. :p hmmmm. I know what I’ll be making later this week.

  20. Uh wow! I love marshmellows too. AND pb. you can’t go wrong with this recipe, I have a feeling.

  21. i dont even love marshmallows but these look so damn good.

  22. holy, holy YUM!!!!!! These look so good. I LOVE peanut butter and marshmellows together too. So good!

  23. oh. my. gooooooooood. wow. these are definitely making me drool.

  24. These are my favorite Christmas treat!! I literally could eat the whole pan! :)

  25. okaaay you guys…have to say i musta burned out on butterscotch chips bcz i bought a bag and they’ve just been sitting in freezer. but oh yeah it’s looking like they’re finally gonna be used. what a heavenly sounding combo! i have not a single dought in making this right now. ttys

  26. I’ve never seen or heard about these before and I’m in my fifties. It’s kinda funny as I read this I am snacking on individually dipped milk chocolate covered mini-marshmallows! They were in the baking aisle at my local Target and the package holds two servings. Curious, if you eat 24 marshmallows it is 130 cal. If you eat the whole pkg it is 300 cal! Sounds more like 2.5 servings per bag.

  27. Mmmm! Such a delicious treat. So hard to have just one. I’ve had these at a few parties. Thanks for posting the recipe :)

  28. Oh my goodness.. Saw this from the seven links post and I can’t believe I missed this. Fluffernutters are my favorite thing in this universe and this recipe gets rid of the unnecessary stuff like bread.

  29. Does anyone know if these squares can be made without the butterscotch chips … I got home with the marshmallows and only have chocolate chips ….

  30. Mmmmm… this has been one of my Mom’s stapless every year. I’ve eaten SO MANY of these frozen because I just couldn’t wait until they came out of the freezer.

  31. I have been craving these all day…. So i went to the store, got my marshmellows, and I’m sure there will be none left by the time my hubby comes home!

  32. these are frigging awsome i just die for these mareshamllow squares

  33. wanna another twist on these delicious squares….add a handful or two of flaked coconut!! sooo good! :)

  34. I just made your version with the extra peanut butter and I followed your instuctions (THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HINTS!) they turned out amazing. I have made these many times but never have they ever turned out so well!

  35. I went and bought the ingredients right after reading this,,,, I had a little tiny inchxinch square yesterday and all that did was tease me,,,, lol

  36. Hi there, I realize I am super late to this post, but does anyone have any ideas on what I can substitute out, in place of the marshmallows? (That’s like swearing to you, I know, I apologize).

    Being vegetarian, I go to great lengths to avoid gelatin, which is in marshmallows.

    Just wondering what else I might be able to use that will still allow the butterscotch mixture to set, but without being just a solid mass of butterscotch!! Thanks!

  37. confetti squares is what they are called around here.
    we like to make them as there is no baking required

  38. I just made this using Vegan marshmallows I ordered from the States. It turned out amazing. My husband says they taste just like the real deal. Really good and simple to make.

  39. oh my these are amazing i’ve never had anything better.

  40. I made these, SOO delicous !! thanks for sharing the recipe !

  41. Thanks. I made this tonight and some other day im going to try it with Reese’s chocolate chips instead of butterscotch :)

  42. Have made these 5 times now, always come back to your website to use your recipe. Haven’t found a more simple, more delicious recipe out there! Thank you!!

  43. Got tired of paying $3.50 a square at Second Cup, so went looking for the recipe. Tried yours, and they turned out great. Best dessert I’ve ever had and they are soooo easy to make!!

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