Things I Learned: November Edition

A simple cone filter really does make the best coffee. Better than a French press!


I need not be afraid of butter. It makes everything taste uh-mazing.


Well, almost amazing. I also need to double and triple-check recipes. Adding twice the amount of butter to a bread recipe will leave you with a flat, dense, and crusty loaf.


But there are always ways to redeem myself and turn a #bakingfail into a #bakingwin :)


Ham & cheese can make anything taste good!


Fish tacos, where have you been all my life??

Jack Russell Terriers may be small, but I think they can out-run me.


Blog friends are the bestest.


I agree with Janetha, we all need to move to an island together.

Do not drink a giant mug of coffee before a yoga class. And if you do, make sure you have access to a washroom close to the studio.


Working at a running store has become a great way to unload unwanted sweets from my kitchen. Give a group of hungry runners 20 chocolate chip cookie dough balls, and they will have them demolished in less than two hours.

You can never have too many running shoes.

Especially when a pair of Saucony Progrid Ride 2 & Brooks Ghost 2 shoes only cost you $25 each. Did I mention I love my job?


Turkey + cranberry + stuffing makes for an awesome sandwich filling…


…but only when using real leftovers. Sliced turkey, mayonnaise and stuffing that isn’t my mom’s just doesn’t have the same flavour.


Working 7 hours on your feet and walking a mile to work still doesn’t equal 10,000 steps.


But little things, like walking to the grocery store and getting off the bus a stop early surprisingly add up!!


Yoga, in my humble opinion, is one of the best ways to experience a new city. Better than a tour bus, and more relaxing too.


Chinese food really is better on the West Coast.

Six months is too long to go without travelling home. I miss my hometown, no matter how small, ugly or boring it may be.

Toronto really does stink. I still haven’t adjusted to the air quality here and find running in the pollution much harder than expected. I miss the fresh air!

And I miss the snow. I wake up every morning hoping to see a white winterland outside. I had no idea I was so attached to the stuff!


Finally, I learned that while I may not have left my heart in San Francisco, I definitely left it on the West Coast. This East Coast gal still has some exploring to do.

Question of the Day: What did you learn in November?

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  1. This November I learned that I love a live yoga class. I learned that food bloggers are amazing. And I learend that I apparently am brave enough to finally go to clinary school!

  2. Christina @ Food.Fitness.Fun.

    I wholeheartedly agree about making coffee with a cone filter, it’s the bestestest!

  3. I learned some bittersweet things. I learned to be careful who you trust and who you let into your heart, but that it’s worth it to try…since you never know what’s going to end up being fabulous and wonderful :)

    love your yoga revelation and chinese on the west coast and also that you have west coast exploring to do!

  4. Fresh coffee first thing in the post – yes please!

    I learned that I think I got my running mojo back after 8 months.

  5. I’m kinda jealous of your November! especially the cheap shoes, I have giant feet so my shoes get more and more expensive every time.
    I learned that Bootcamp is awesome, macarons aren’t that hard to make, and that I need to play things a little closer to the vest.

  6. you’ve had an AWESOME november

  7. yes, yes, and yes to everything you learned!
    This past week with my dad being in the hospital, learned life is short and precious so we should never take it for granted.
    On a lighter note, I learned that the North-South Korea fight is really getting in the way of all that important British wedding news.

  8. I don’t remember if you have ever visited the western coast of Canada but you should think about it. I love this area. The Pacific Northwest and southern B.C. area is amazing. Victoria is so beautiful, I definitely need to explore Vancouver Island more. Once you go west you never go back;)
    I work as a server in a restaurant and easily walk 7 miles in a single shift. I wore a pedometer for awhile and was stunned at how far I walk in a day. Avg. 7-8 miles at work and if I hiked before work an additional 5-6 miles. If I go to gym instead its another 7-8 miles.

    • I’ve only made it as far west as the Rockies in Alberta!! BC is at the top of my list for places to go to next. I really wish I had more time when I was in Alberta, I wanted to just keep going till I hit the ocean ;)

  9. In November I learned…

    I can do anything I put my mind to (5 miles on Thanksgiving? No problem!)

    I am more in tune with my body than ever (not overstuffing myself on Thanksgiving? Amazing.)

    Holiday stuff in stores early not only annoys me a bit… but also makes me really excited!

    I get by with a little help from my friends :D


  10. Oh my, I recognize that Chinese bean curd ball thing from when I lived in Toronto and my friend and I ventured to Chinatown. Definitely not a fan lol! I always love these posts of yours, and I’m so envious of your Running Room job! Things I learned in November:
    – It’s best to get on things (like FIS practical exams) early, and not leave them to within 18 days before being due. Having said that, mine is booked for Monday and it IS going to be finished after that!
    – Even after having worked full time for 2 months, it still takes time to get used to a schedule of sitting at a desk all day. It may not be for me, but I’m coping.
    – How thankful I really am for the privileges I’ve been given (thanks to all the US bloggers talking about Thanksgiving!)
    – Rainy days require extra effort to get up and get going with a happy attitude (and I’m trying SO hard, but would really love it if the sun would get up with me one of these days!)
    ..and some more, but I could go on and on! Have a great day Susan! :)

    • I’m not cut out for a desk job either! Actually, it’s more the hours that get to me. I feel 8-5 Mon-Fri is WAY more draining than shift work. I like having the flexibility, even if it means working weekends!

  11. Funny, I added your post to my reader yesterday, and the first post to pop up has something I’ve been eyeballing in it! How do those little single-serve filters work?! Do you used a normal grind like for a coffee pot? Does the water have to be a specific temp? :) Can you tell I love coffee? I have three different makers on my counters at home. A girl’s gotta have options.

  12. Toronto doesn’t stink! :(

    It’s the best city! Go Leafs go haha.

  13. Totally agree with you on the coffee! Also, that Jack Russell picture should be framed.

  14. I learned that no matter how hard I try I cannot dodge strep throat. I’m a magnet for it.

    I learned that mixing apple cider, orange juice, and lemonade makes a great little sick day cocktail…especially with a shot of Captain.

    That eggnog works in everything! Ice cream, hot cereal, cake, coffee…just everything.

  15. After my breakdown on Monday, I have learned that I can’t change the past. I can’t predict the future. I can only take this one day at a time.

    OOO that sandwich = YUMMM!!!!


  16. Loved this post, Susan!
    What I’ve learned in November…
    I learned so much I don’t even know where to start!
    But one thing I do know now is that food should be fun. No one should stress over food. It should be simple, enjoyable and delicious :D

  17. I’m pretty sure you still have some East Coast exploring to do. Namely the Philadelphia area…

  18. Ok, first of all: that bao looks AMAZING!! Second, I’m jealous of your discount on running shoes! I paid about $90 for my Saucony Pro Grids. Totally jealous. :)

  19. Great post! I learnt I can give up peanut butter for a month and not go crazy! x x

  20. Christina (aka Mom)

    New York is yours and mine to do.

  21. foodie island. lets do it.

  22. better than french press. that is a BOLD statement! let’s find that island. soon, please. i miss you. and i definitely am attached to snow!

  23. amen to foodie island. love you susan!!!!

  24. Love this. Surprised about the pedometer and the on-the-feet-all-day-at-the-job revelation, but happy about the shopping/walking part. Didn’t know that Toronto has POLLUTION! I thought that we were the only ones allowed to have that. ;-) Love that photo of you laughing.

    I learned that I mustn’t take my health for granted and that it sucks not being able to take off your own boots or carry your own luggage. And that I didn’t die by not exercising one iota for a week+.

    Glad you’re enjoying your job(s)- I understand the home-sickness though.


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