Toronto’s “Best”: Sushi Marché

Seeing as I’m a foodie living in a city with 10,000 restaurants, I try to make a point of eating at one new place every week. I budget for one restaurant outing a week, but depending on the calibre of the restaurant even that can get expensive!

I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by top-notch restaurants here in the East end of Toronto. Some of the city’s best are just a hop, skip and perhaps a roll away.

Including Sushi Marché.


Sushi Marche is a take-out sushi spot located on Queen St E. It consistently gets stellar revues across the board. The head chef having even worked under Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto.

You’d think I’d have been all over this place as soon as I landed here. I love sushi. But Sushi Marché is expensive. Especially for a take-out joint. Despite the rave revues and famous chef, I could just never bring myself to pay 30 bucks for a teeny serving of fish and rice, no matter how good. Y’all know I’m a cheapskate!


Thankfully, the whole online “group coupon” thing is big in Toronto right now. Everyday, I get a dozen e-mails to my inbox offering half price for haircuts, manicures, exercise classes and of course restaurants. So when $15 for $30 worth of Sushi Marché popped up, I jumped on the chance!

I waited until Sunday evening to order my sushi feast. After a long weekend of working at the running store and an empty fridge at home, it was the perfect opportunity. I had to call an hour ahead because it usually takes 40-60 minutes to prepare. You can tell they put special care and attention into their food!


I started with red tuna + salmon sashimi. I loooove sashimi for its rich taste and thick texture. But both kind fell a little flat to me. The tuna tasted bland.


Next up was the eel/avocado inside-out roll with eel, avocado, cucumber, fish roe and spicy sauce. I ordered this because I am always getting recommendations to try the eel. Unfortunately the pieces of eel were a little too small to get the full flavour.


Finally, the roll that gets the most rave reviews, kamikaze roll with tuna, tempura flakes, cucumber, fish roe and spicy sauce. Now this was amazing. The tempura flakes and spicy sauce had me salivating as I ate it. That is, until I got that inevitable citrus bite. Sushi Marché is known for using citrus in their rice, something that isn’t very traditional. I thought this meant “citrus scented.” Apparently it means “random hunks of citrus that make you pucker.” Totally ruined what could have been a stellar roll for me.

Verdict? Happy I finally got to try the famed Sushi Marché. Even happier I didn’t pay the full thirty bucks for this. Especially since I was still hungry enough to eat an apple after.

For me, sushi will always be something that is about the dining experience. Not about taking it home in a plastic bag to eat off my coffee table. The best sushi I’ve ever had was actually in Moncton, New Brunswick. Sharing a boat on my birthday with my mother as we bonded over magnificent food together.

I guess it’s not so much the chef, hype or jacked up prices. But rather the company you keep.

Mom, we are totally hitting up Pink Sushi again when I’m home :)


Question of the Day: What has been your biggest dining disappointment?

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  1. wow, that’s too bad – it all looks great, especially that tuna and salmon… bright and vibrant!

    I agree about sushi… I’ve done take out a lot, but it does lose something. I love sitting at the bar watching the chef prepare the sushi and cut fish.

    here’s to AWESOME sushi next time!!

  2. At least you didn’t pay the full amount! I’ve been to a couple of restaurants in New York that have received rave reviews and have just been… meh. It’s such a disappointment!

  3. Bummer it didn’t live up to its reputation! My two fav sushi rolls are eel and spicy tuna.

  4. You know what? I am never satisfied after eating sushi. I would have joined you for that apple. It’s not that I don’t like sushi, I just am never satisfied from it. My biggest dining disappointment was eating at a vegan restaurant in Dalls. It was cafe, and was suppose to be excellent. It was terrible. My boyfriend actually like it more than I did. What I ordered was not great, and I felt so let down!

  5. I love sushi, but you’re right, it never really fills you up. It’s because the fillings are always quite small so there’s not much protein, and I imagine the sweet rice in sushi is high GI. I always just get the rolls from my local sushi place, my favourite is deep fried squid, smoked salmon and avocado, and teryaki chicken.

    It’s a shame it didn’t live up to your expectations – lucky you didn’t pay full price!

  6. Hmm….I can’t think of any dining disappointments, maybe I block them out? I did get a green tea over the weekend that was nasty, but I think I’m just in “green tea” mode so it tasted too “earthy” for me.

    OH when I was little we went to I bit into an “onion ring” that was really calamari. That was not my best move.

  7. good thing they have those groupon type dealios now. :) makes it so you can try places you never thought to try.

  8. That’s too bad! I had a terrible experience once when I got tricked into ordering a crappy and expensive salad with my meal when the waiter made it seem like it was part of the meal. Also, the whole dinner turned out pretty disappointing.

    I’ve had a couple of minor sushi let-downs, but for the most part I’ve been lucky with sushi.

  9. Just like bad or good food, I agree that the company can make or break a dining out experience, too :) I went through a “sushi phase” a couple years ago, but now it’s just kind of “meh” to me (being vegetarian probably contributes to this:) )

  10. I totally agree- sushi is so much more fun when you dine out! I actually went to a sushi restaurant this past weekend that is pricier but decided to go because I had 1/2 off- it was alright, but I’m glad I didn’t pay full price! Sometimes the little mom and pop sushi places are the best!

  11. You take gorgeous pictures because my mouth is watering at the sight of that sushi! I love sushi and it’s big here in the NW. A lot of the places are really expensive–sometimes worth it, sometimes not.

  12. All that sushi looks really good. I wish we had as many restaurants here as you!

  13. That’s too bad about the sushi. Sometimes when somethings so hyped up it can easily be a let down.

  14. Christina (aka Mom)

    The Pink Sushi is closed for renovations but will be open for the Christmas rush – there is new competition now on Main St. – so they need to step it up a notch – I think you are home long enough at Christmas to try out both places…

  15. mmm…i love sushi and always find sub-par sushi so diappointing.

    one of my biggest dining disappointments was Absinthe in Ottawa. I had heard great things, it had potential, but it wasn’t what I hoped it would be…

  16. i’ve had bland boring sushi, i’d never go back.

  17. i went to a really nice restaurant once (read: espensive) and it was just horrible. and there is nothing i hate more than spending money on BAD food!!!

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