Five Things You Should Probably Know

1. There be a dog in this house. 


His name is Murphy. Not Murphy Brown. He belongs to my roommate’s sister and we get to doggy-sit while she’s away! I LOVE dogs and can’t wait until I settle down and get one of my own someday. Until then, feel free to drop yours off at my place for a week. I’ll get him/her started on a jogging program stat.



2. Speaking of roommates, living with fellow foodies is awesome.


Megan made homemade toasted coconut marshmallows and I get to reap the benefits. She used this recipe and said it was incredibly easy (and cheap!). Don’t let the use of a candy thermometer scare you. Y’all know I have an unreasonable obsession with marshmallows and these turned out amazing!


3. Adding fruit to a savoury sandwich is a great way to get a gourmet meal at home.


I set out to make a grilled ham and cheese sandwich when the idea of adding sliced apple popped into my head. It made what would have otherwise been a boring sandwich a million times better! I also love doing this with pears, dried fruit and preserves.


4. I haven’t bought shampoo in over five months.


Seeing as I work at a gym 5 days a week, I just wait until I workout and shower using the shampoo and conditioner provided there. I stockpile samples to keep in the house in case of emergencies. My hair isn’t that affected whether I’m using a fancy or cheap shampoo. I’ve had to cut costs in all areas of my life since moving to Toronto and taking on wage jobs. This is just one of my sneaky ways of doing it!


5. I know I have yammered on about eye masks before, but it’s time to give them the credit they deserve.


I bought this three dollar travel mask at a drugstore when I moved into my current place. I’ve got skylights in my ceiling and the eye mask was cheaper than curtains.

Simply put it has changed. my. life. I used to sleep horribly back in the day. Up at 6am every day no matter what time I went to bed. I slept lightly, waking several times throughout the night. I would often wake up feeling still tired and frustrated. Turns out, I’m a lot more affected by even the slightest light than I thought I was. My alarm clock, the moonlight, and the sun rising in the morning.


I sleep like a rock now. A solid eight hours without a twitch throughout the night. I often wear my hair in a ponytail and wrap the headband around it so it doesn’t fall off in the night, but you could also bobby pin it. I don’t care if it makes me look like a princess, at least I’m a well rested princess ;)

Thanks to Janetha for taking this ridiculous picture of me.


Question of the Day: What is one thing that’s on your mind you want others to know? As Holly says, sharing is caring!

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  1. I have a slight obsession with foot massages. I give myself one most nights. I need to get myself an eye mask. I am not the greatest of sleeper, and I need to fix that problem.

  2. How about a nosy beagle for a week or two?

    Hmmm…I’ve recently learned that going off birth control=mad breakouts. I feel like a teenager again, and NOT in a good way.

  3. I always try to sleep with a mask on. One problem though—I never wake up with the mask on!

    • Try bobby pinning in the back to your hair! For me I neeeed to still have it on when the sun shines through the windows first thing, so I go to all measures to secure it to my head :P

  4. those marshmallow things…omg they look amazing! i have been making batch after batch of rice krispy treats lately. with choco frosting. all homemade vegan and gf of course!

    the fact that you dont buy shamp/cond…let’s just say i have made up for your lack of spending. I do plenty in that dept! :)

  5. I always shower at the gym too! But i buy a special keratin shampoo that keep my hair all shiny.

    Hmm….I think I’m a little addicted to restorative yoga. After my restorative yoga teacher training workshop this weekend, all I want to do is bliss out in supported child’s pose

  6. Settle down, as in find a permanent home, or get a hubby and kids? ;-)

    I want those fluffy marshmallow goodness. in between graham crackers. And chocolate. :-)

  7. love this! and cute pup pics :)
    i really, really want a bulldog.

    hmm… on my mind? omgthanksgivingistomorrow and i have two hours to make a tray of baklava before we leave…


  8. Fun post :) I’m living with my bf but I love making him foodie things to eat and wait him to give me a review :D

  9. I like fruit in my sandwiches too! I like apple slices with turkey, but no cheese, which is usually how they come in restaurants. I can’t understand why waiters always act like it’s a huge inconvenience to remove the cheese. It’s not like it comes attached to the bread – it’s one less thing to add!

  10. You are kind of convincing me to start using the eye mask that I have from that one time my flight got upgraded to business class when Northwest stranded me for 24 hours in a roach-infested motel in Philadelphia.

    Anyway, I still have the eye mask, and it might be time to start using it.

    Because it’s so hard to get up every morning, I am willing to try almost anything. And this is a pretty easy fix. Hope it works!

  11. One of my favorite sandwiches has apple in it also. I make a brie and carmelized paninni that is to die for!
    On my mind: Thanksgiving and how gathering around the dinner table is a great way to connect with family. I just wished my family wasn’t spread out so far.

  12. I MUST wear my eye mask to sleep. I’ve been doing it for about 9 years now…I started because I worked at a job where the hours were 1-10pm and then I’d stay up late and sleep in late…the sunlight would wake me. The eye masks work sooo well!

    Another confession: I only shampoo my hair 2x a week (after swimming in the pool) all the other days I just use conditioner.

  13. Christina (aka Mom)

    I started using ear plugs 4 years ago and they have changed my life. You can buy ones that the sound of a smoke alarm can be heard – they just dull noise. I sleep so much better now.

  14. YES the eye mask ROCKS! my mom got one free when she flew international and brought it home and I LOVE it!!!! I dont use it every night btu when i need a REALLY good long sleep its on!!

  15. wow my hair being curly totally takes TLC… and kill me now I want those marshmellows!

  16. I need to get an eye mask. I am somewhat sleep deprived.

    Love the puppy picture!

    Fruit in sammies rocks! It’s now time for turkey cranberry sandwiches now. Thanksgiving leftover time in the US LOL!

  17. We need some kind of dog time share… I’m not home enough to have one but I wannnnnt one so badly!

  18. I live with a fellow foodie too and it is AWESOME.

  19. aaaah look at that jack russell terrorist! mine is short haired and black/white but i love those little beasts….

  20. haha…i *love* that last pic :)

    one thing you should know: after two weeks of not working out, my relationship from the gym starts tomorrow. and i am nervous. REALLY nervous.

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