Fitness Friday – An Introductory to Foam Rolling

Happy Fitness Friday!!

I would like to have a word with whomever chooses the screenshots at YouTube. I don’t think any form of automation can choose this degree unflattering shots with such precise consistency.

Today, we’re talking foam rolling. Yay for embarrassing yourself on the internet!! ;)

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Also, I’m still taking name suggestions for my new Sunday series on nutrition. Click here to submit your ideas, I’ll be choosing a winner on Sunday!

As Madeline would say, make it a great weekend!

Edit: I forgot to leave the link for more foam rolling moves! Clickyclicky.

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  1. Great video! I need to get a foam roller, asap!

  2. Awesome video. Thanks for the info on foam rollers. I am going to look into picking one up.

  3. Yay! I loved this. I’ve only used the foam roller a handful of times – mainly because EVERYTHING was painful, and I just couldn’t handle doing it anymore, lol :(

  4. I’m asking santa for a foam roller this year!

  5. Great video! LOVE me some foam rolling. I actually have one of the long ones….it’s nice to use for your back. You can lay on it lengthwise and roll side to side on it and it covers the whole length of your back.
    Confession: I giggled every time you said “about” in your Canadian accent! LOVE IT! :)

  6. I’m completely immature because I also giggled whenever you said “about”.

    I rarely note but I love your blog because you always have such informative topics! This is a great video and thank you so much for sharing. I had seen foam rollers all over the blog world but I didn’t know much about it. Thanks for explaining the basics.

  7. I so needed this…and i need to start foam, at least i have a clue where and how to do it! Thanks as always for the practical tips and posts, Susan! :)

  8. I love foam rollers, so good after a killer spin session! x x

  9. I don’t really get on foam rollers that much but I loooooooooove the IT band move. Hurts so good!!

  10. Great video, Susan! You look and sound great; loved hearing the “abouts” as well. ;) I have seen this on so many blogs but didn’t consider it until now. Love your informative posts!

  11. Love this! Thanks so much for making it- definitely bookmarking :D

  12. Great video! I miss you. We must hang out again in the future! I want a foam roller now.

  13. Sus love the video…very helpful! I have a long roller two, mostly because I couldn’t find a short one when I made my purchase. But it’s been useful for two things: rolling my shoulders back and butt, and also for lying along to open up your chest (i.e. hard to describe but there is a picture if you scroll down on this page ) – one of my favourite ways to relax!

  14. Awe, you are the cutest susan! great tips, I always felt silly using the foam roller so it’s good to know i was doing it (mostly) right…haha.

  15. hahaha… i loved all the “aboot”s
    canadian giveaway in t minus 2 hours btw.

  16. I loved the aboots as well :) I miss you! I loved the video!!!

    I got my foam roller at Target.

  17. I know what I want Santa to give me for Christmas too – and I mean Santa Susan…I don’t understand what your readers are saying about about – I taught you how to speak and you say the word just like I do – perfect!

  18. Another super informative vid chocked full of ‘aboots’ for our pleasure! (why is it so cute!?)

    I use the foam rolling torture device in my IT band whenever my knee hurts. For some reason, it’s all connected for my particular issue. Fortunately, I haven’t had trouble for a while.

    And you look really great and slim. Even eating croissants!

    • You probably know this, but the IT band runs from your hips to your knees. Pain slightly on the outside of your knee is usually an ITB issue, so foam rolling would definitely help!

  19. I have no idea what people are hearing. But I have never heard a Canadian say “Abooot” I sure don’t hear Susan saying it that way. I even went back and listened two more times.

  20. Thanks do much for this! Now I wont look like an idiot trying to figure out how to use those rollers at the gym. All my yoga instructors told me it would help my practice too!

  21. my legs totally hurt in the morning after a night’s rest, and i could never understand WHY. i just need to roll out or something. :) your video was helpful even for the non-running types like myself!

  22. Great video! I’ve never tried foam rolling, but you’ve convinced me that it would be a good idea, even though I’m not a serious runner or anything.

    You should do more video posts :) It’s nice to hear another Canadian voice, hehe.

  23. Ah, my computer wouldn’t let me watch the 2nd half. Not sure what was up with that!

    Where is your Canadian accent????

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