Butter Bread

It was a loaf that started with such good intentions.


Rather than spend my money on store-bought bread this week, I decided to make my own Irish Brown Bread following this recipe.

I searched the city of Toronto for buttermilk and could not find any. So I substituted with plain yogurt.


What is up with no buttermilk Toronto?? I went to all of three stores and could not find any. My mom says you can make it by adding vinegar to regular milk. But that’s, um, gross.

For some reason, the recipe’s instructions of 2oz butter registered in my brain as 1/2 cup butter.

That’s a lot of butter. And it showed.


I had to bake it for nearly twice as long so the inside would cook resulting in a rock hard crust. It also didn’t rise.


My soda bread turned into a butter bread. This is what I classify as a #bakingfail.

I’m not the kind of person to just throw out a loaf of bread though. In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m cheap. Plus, the point of this bread was to save money!

Looking past the difficult texture, the taste  of the bread didn’t turn out so bad. I mean, it is 50% butter after all. I tried to redeem it in the form of french toast.


Three small slices soaked in egg whites and cinnamon. Eaten with sugar-free syrup.


Not bad. But still crunchy. This bread can do better.

I took the remaining half loaf and broke it into pieces in a bowl. I then added 1 cup soy milk and let it soak until the bread absorbed all the liquid (about an hour).


Once the bread was good and mushy, I tossed in 150g cubed ham and placed the mix into a greased square baking pan.


Poured 2 cups eggs whites over top and sprinkled with 30g old cheddar cheese.


After almost two hours of baking in a 350F oven, my Butter Bread Breakfast Casserole was complete.


My baking fail turned into a baking #win!


Now I’m left with four servings of a grab n’ go breakfast for the rest of the week. Not just that, but the taste and texture is now divine! I highly suggest you try your hand at making an eggy bread breakfast casserole. I do not however recommend doubling the butter in any recipe, no matter how good that may sound :\




In other news, I’m part of a pin-up calendar!!

This is a project that has been in the works since last winter when Deb’s father passed away. Her dad, Marty, was a fan of her food and fitness blogging friends and always joked about how we’d make for good subjects in a calendar. Well, when he fell seriously ill with lymphoma, the joke turned into a reality. You can read Deb’s post here to learn all about it.

We are selling a small number of the calendars with all proceeds going to help cancer research. Please see Deb’s post for more details, or drop her an email at LASmoothieGirl @ gmail.com. I got my copy of the calendar today and am really pleased with how it turned out. It’s such a fun way for this blogging community to come together and show support.

Here’s the full listing of girls featured:

Remember this photo? Well here is your explanation. I got January because it’s my birthday month. I picked the 80s as my retro theme as it’s the decade I was born in! Plus, Jane Fonda is one of my idols ;)


Question of the Day: Any recent kitchen failures to share? I can’t be the only one!

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  1. I’ve only found buttermilk in the pint size in Toronto, at the grocery store. And also we don’t have light, what’s up with that?! You look lovely in the picture!

  2. Vinegar + regular milk really works! I’ve used it in tons of recipes and it’s just fine. You can also do lemon juice + regular milk, too.

  3. First off- I can’t thank you enough for blogging about the calendar and for your enthusiasm. And for being the hottie Miss January. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Second. I think I would have been in love with your #baking failure because I LOVE hard crunchy crusts. But I would also love your #baking win because I’m an equal opportunity bread consumer.

    And yukky as it is, I believe that mom is right about the vinegar (but I think it needs time to ferment, no?)

  4. You girls look HAWT! That calendar is awesome, and it is such a wonderful idea.

    Baking fails happen at least once a week in the LHP kitchen. You are not alone.

  5. Kudos to you for turning a fail into a success! I love those “coming from behind” stories haha. I am a firm believer that you can add eggs to anything and create a win.

    You calendar picture is adorable!

  6. You can also put some lemon juice in regular milk..let it sit for 5 minutes or so. Voila – buttermilk :)

  7. I love the pic in the calendar! I just found out about it through Abby’s blog. I think this is an awesome idea. You get to be art of something so incredble!
    Kitchen disaster? I made a batch of brownies a few weeks ago and forgot to put in sugar. Yup. I forgot the sugar.

    • Haaahahaha. Brownies without the sugar is a good one. You just reminded me of the time when I was grocery shopping for nachos ingredients, only to return and realize I forgot the chips and cheese :P

  8. aw what a sweet sweet thing to do.

  9. You look AWESOME in your calendar pic! Have seen it now on J’s blog and Deb’s and I could/should make my rounds to everyone who’s in it to tell you that you all look great!

    I love Jane F. There’s a song by mickey avalon called Jane Fonda and every time i see or hear the name, that song pops into my head. go to itunes or google it. love that track

    Again..the calendar. Congrats, you look amazing!

  10. OMG the break looks like a croissant! I love the idea of butterbread with egg and cheese, that is just my style of eats…
    Side note tonight I made soup with leeks, carrots, potatoes, navy beans. Between that and potroast I rival you for cooking this week :) Will let you know how it all tastes…

    • You’re on a roll!! And I’m very proud that you conquered such a meat-y dish. I’ve been stockpiling recipes I want to make when we’re all home for the holidays. Save your appetite, we’re going to eat like queens ;)

  11. Haha, I always make my own buttermilk! Your momma is a smart lady. I do 1 part vinegar and 15 parts milk. (In other words, a tablespoon of vinegar into a measuring cup and then fill the cup up with milk to make all 16 tablespoons.) You can also use lemon juice if that grosses you out less. I just said way too much about that topic. Moving on!

    TWO HOURS? Wow, were you not starving by the time it was done? And I love the looks of that Bfast casserole. GENIUS, Susan. I love breakfast casseroles but usually only eat them during the holidays. Weird.

    YA for the calendar! I LOVE IT.

  12. Oh and I forgot to say, you totally meant to put all that butter in the bread. You were remembering Tartine ;)

  13. Your picture came out great. So adorable. Love it!!! :-)

  14. Your bread looks good no matter what :) and yep, you’re not alone. I failed a pizza dough last week.. that was a bummer!

  15. Love the calendar!
    And that breakfast casserole turned out so good, I love meals like that!


    How awesome is that! :-)

  17. That’s odd you can’t find buttermilk. And yea, I wouldn’t have done the vinegar trick either. Ew.

    Love that shot of you. And the whole meaning to the calendar.

  18. I had an irish soda bread fail this past weekend! Ha ha ha You can get buttermilk at the grocery stores around here but I got mine at The Big Carrot specifically, you must have just been in the wrong stores!

    Also, you can put lemon juice instead of vinegar to make buttermilk as well, I’ve done it before and it works just fine!

    I think my fail was a mix of old baking soda and old flour…definitely want to try again!

    • All my other soda breads have been major successes and it is SO good when it works out. Definitely worth trying again. Would you believe I haven’t been to the Big Carrot yet!? I searched Metro, Loblaws and Seven Eleven, apparently all the wrong places.

  19. I’m in the process of perfecting my rolls for thanksgiving and let me just say my last attempt did not leave them perfect. I think mistakes make us become better and more aware for the next time around.

  20. Clever way to use up the bread! And thrifty :)
    Woo hoo pin up girl Susan!! ;) I remember when you posted that picture a while back. what a great idea and cause, though.

  21. First off……you picture is one of my favorites! seriously, its so awesome! It gonna hang on my fridge!
    when i was in baking class in culinary school, we had to make angle food cake, i read the measurements wrong and it looked like a shriveled golden tire. I got a C+ on it, because the chef felt bad for me.

  22. You look so gorgeous in that calender.. love the pose too!

  23. When I was young my cousin and I made something for her father and put 1/4 cup of salt instead of a 1/4 tsp! Sad thing is he actually ate some of it before we realized what happened and was too nice to tell us! lol

    Love the calendar pic!

  24. omg I just saw that calender on Janetas blog and OBSESSED! it came out amazing and you look fierce :) rocking that 80’s costume girl! looks so good!!!

    oh well, remeber when I used 1 cup of salt instead of 1 cup of sugar in the cookies for my moms bday…yeah that was a fun baking experience!

    but hey you used it to make something that looks utterly delicious!!!

  25. The numberof kitchen fails I have is scary! At least you turned yours around! It looks delish!!!

    and I LOVE the calender photo!

  26. susannnnn you look so rockin’ in that calendar! i absolutely LOVE that idea, and think deb is just the best. love, love, love.

    i am sad to hear you did NOT love the TJ’s roasted almond butter, but c’est la vie, i hope the peach salsa made up for it. also, that butter bread casserole is pretty amazing looking and reminds me that i need to make bread pudding sometime soon. it is one of my faves.

    glad you are feeling better – also, i hope to see more posts like nutritional sunday. it was really informative. me liked :)

    love ya,

  27. that calender is awesome!! what a great idea!

    i’m so glad to have found another Canadian blogger! I’m from Alberta but we moved to Australia a few years ago. it’s nice to hear stories from back home! we’re going back for our annual visit in december, can’t wait!

  28. you look HOT lady!
    bread + eggs + baked = heaven.
    i recently made something that was supposed to be bread but it turned into wonderful scones instead:


  29. Oops, I commented on the fish tacos post regarding my joy for this breakfast casserole & the calendar. I recently failed a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread, it looked so ugly. Tasted fine, but it looked like a burnt maggot.

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