The Food I Brought Home

Happy Monday! Or, I hope it was a happy one for you :) I didn’t mention this on the blog last week, but after returning from California, I was bed ridden for two days with a fever. I had to cancel all my clients on Thursday and call in sick to the running store. The last thing I wanted to do was sit in a nutrition course aaaallll weekend as I felt like junk. But today I woke up feeling mysteriously better! And I worked out for the first time in five days. Good times. Depending on your perspective.

In all of my San Francisco recaps, I spoke a lot about the food I ate in San Francisco. But I have yet to talk about the food I brought back from San Fran!

Remember this photo of me elated inside of a Trader Joe’s?

Well here are the goods:



Almond Butter with Roasted Flaxseeds (crunchy & salted) + Sunflower Seed Butter (aka sunflower seed crack)

I’ve been eating these by using one of my favourite ways to eat nut butter… on oatmeal!


Cathy was gracious enough to send me to California with samples of Simply Bars. Including their new protein oatmeal. Instant oatmeal with a light strawberry flavouring, bulked up with their signature protein-packed puffed soy.


First I ate it hot. With yogurt stirred in and topped with TJ’s almond butter and maple syrup.


I must say, I do not like this almond butter as much as Naturally More. It can do better.

Next up is the sunflower seed butter.


I ate this with the Simply Bar raw oatmeal, stirred in with cold yogurt, cinnamon and grapes.


My heart will always belong to TJs sunflower seed butter. So smooth and creamy, with the perfect amount of salt and sweet to cut off the bitter edge of sunflower seeds. Yumm-o.

Next up, I got some 21 Seasoning Salute per the recommendations of Janetha and Danica.


I roasted a chicken last week, seasoned with this stuff, as well as sprinkling it on the roast veggies.


A picture of how I utilized some of the leftovers – in a pita of course!

For fun, I added another TJs goody to the sandwich.



I love this salsa! Because of my pineapple allergy, I can’t eat a lot of fruit salsas. But this stuff is pineapple-free. I’ve been eating it with carrots too, and the sweet undertones of the salsa pair perfectly with the sweet raw carrots.

I of course had to pick up a couple of my favourite bars ever.


Yup, Clif Mojo in Peanut Butter Pretzel is my favourite tasting bar ever!


I used to be addicted to those “Sweet n’ Salty” bars. Well this is like those, but a million times better. Real hunks of pretzel, peanut butter chips and peanut chunks to make the flavour pop. The texture is the perfect mix of crispy and chewy. I’m glad I only bought two of these, as I’m pretty sure I could find an excuse to eat one with every meal :P

Speaking of which…


Don’t buy these.

Peanut butter filled pretzels are no good.


And by “no good” I mean “so delicious” that you won’t be able to stop eating them until the bag is gone. Ohmy. You’ve been warned.

I didn’t leave San Francisco with just Trader Joe’s goodies! My bloggie friends hooked me up too!


At Friday night’s welcoming reception, we all participated in a foodie gift exchange. I totally copped out by giving away a jar of maple butter. I immediately felt bad once I was paired up with a local San Franciscan who hooked me up.

Peet’s Coffee holiday blend because Peet’s started in San Fran.

Then a cone and filters to make my coffee with!


Easiest process of making coffee yet. All you gotta do is heat water until just boiling. Add your coffee to the paper filter, and pour the water over top to let it drain through.



Voila. Delicious coffee almost instantly. Apparently this is the best way to have it. I can’t judge yet because the Peet’s coffee is so much better than the cheap stuff I usually buy!


My roommies in San Fran were also quite generous. Janetha brought us all homemade trail mix including her mom’s homemade dried apples. Also included almonds, cranberries, rolled dates and dark chocolate chips.


I gobbled this up. Such a good mix and flavour combo! Props to Momma B for her dehydrating skillz ;)

We also got some reeeeally good dried fruit in our swag bags.


I didn’t quite get why everyone was raving about the Frog Hollow pears that were available all weekend. But these dried peaches are top notch. A million times better than any ole’ dried apricot.

Of course, I returned back to Canada with pounds of Ghirardelli chocolate.


I’m a pretty faithful Lindt or Ritter Sport girl, but this Luxe Milk Almond may convert me.


I have half a square left. I think I have to eat it after looking at this picture.

Danica hooked me up with a plethora of Annie’s goodies. I haven’t come close to eating my way through them yet, but I am really enjoying them! We don’t get a lot of Annie’s products here.


I’m a candy fiend, so these Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks are perfectly portioned to nip that sweet tooth, without all the crummy ingredients of the other stuff.

Was most excited to try the Annie’s Shells.


Their take on Kraft Dinner. Which Kraft just calls “Macaroni & Cheese” in the States. Weird. Anyways, while I’m not a huge pasta fan, I grew up eating Kraft Dinner and will always have a soft spot for this comfort food!


I cooked it using almond milk. Plumped it up with a couple cans of tuna and frozen veggies. As well as a small handful of shredded mozzarella for added cheesiness.


LOVED. Plain and simple. The end.


I do believe that is enough food for one evening. If you don’t mind, there’s a half square of Ghirardelli in the fridge calling my name ;)


Question of the Day: What is your most favourite recent food buy? Pretty sure all of mine are displayed here :)

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  1. Love, love, love TJ’s peach salsa.

    My favorite food buy of late is probably pomegranate Chobani! So delish!

  2. Love to go to TJ’s to stock up on goodies. They have such great products. And, how cool is that cone and filter set for your mug? Want one. :)

  3. I forgot I had that chocolate bar in my bag! I’m digging in now :)

  4. Ah! I need to get one of those filters for my travels!

  5. I love Annie’s mac n cheese pastas!

  6. Oh, I love TJ’s. They’re building one right down the road from my office and I can’t WAIT.

    Last time I was there, I got a bunch of stuff and brought it home. I love their individual servings of cashew/almond/cranberry trail mix. I bought their spicy black bean dip, too, plus cheapie wine and that flax/almond butter (and the PB version) too. Mmm.

    (goes to kitchen for snack)

  7. Marshall ate my whole candy bar in one sitting. Oh well, I guess it is for the better? I forgot about the protein oatmeal! I need to go dig it out of my pile of food. I threw it all in a basket. I am so lazy. Yeah for the seasoning.. so good! I miss you. I am glad you feel better!

  8. I am heading to Seattle this week and I’ve already mapped out how far TJs is from my hotel (10 minutes!!!) and plan to use my big suitcase to cart my loot home. I’m totally adding that 21 Seasoning Salute to my list…next to the four bags of PB crack pretzles I’m already planning on. I’ve been fortunate enough to have two bags of those baggies given to me by awesome friends in the past. I’m intrigued by the Sunflower Butter now too!!

  9. “I didn’t mention this on the blog last week, but after returning from California, I was bed ridden for two days with a fever”–
    Omg so sorry. I was sick before I got there. Bronchitis. You are the 1st person Ive even told. I was on antibiotics and feeling like death. Still kind of do, 2 weeks later but that’s another story.

    Sunflower Seed butter. That is my FAVE NUT BUTTER of all time. Period. Espi for the price. It just cannot be beat imo.

    That salsa. I hate garlic, onions and salt and for me, it’s also one of my fave salsas ever.

    Those pretzles, have never bought b/c of the gluten content…which is probably a bless in disguise :)

  10. Im doing a post soon on trader joes since there is one like on every block in LA! You bought very wisely my friend!

  11. Hee hee I was waiting for this post!!! I was wondering what you’re gonna get this time at TJs. Too bad you can’t bring back the Greek yogurts or sausages or cheese.

    I’m sorry you were sick for awhile! Rest up plenty, and glad you’re better now!

  12. Oh my, everything in this post looks utterly delicious! peanut butter filled pretzels, oh my god! and your oatmeal looks pretty amazing too!

  13. I think my favourite food buy lately has been the Liberte greek yogurt- but only because I haven’t been to the states lately to stock up on those Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels. I love those things!! (they sell a not even remotely as delicious version of those at some Canadian Costco stores…but they’re a little disappointing)

  14. omg. amazing food. i love tj’s and miss it sooo!

    and yes, pb pretzels… ridiculously addicting. as is sunflower butter.

    I think the SF butter is probably my favorite recent food buy!!


  15. youve done a better job of testing out the latest TJs essentials than i!! and i have TJs all around me!! foodie fail :( im really in love with their peanut flour right now.

  16. I really want that coffee cone! I love how easy it is to use, but Amazon only sells an 8 pack. And I don’t need 8 of them. Just one! Also, I adore peanutbutter filled pretzels, too. They are too delicious and addicting.

  17. My newest favorite food buy was probably Trader Joe’s peanut flour. I’ve been mixing it into my greek yogurt with a bit of strawberry jelly. Such a good breakfast! :)

    Also I’ve bought a bunch of tea from Teavana so I’m making tea about 100 times a day!

  18. Glad you’re feeling better, Susan! Sickies are going around!

  19. Mmm, I love this dish with cut up grapes! They are my #1 fave fruit, but I never think to use them in any other way than popping them into my mouth. Your mac&cheese dish also looks yummy.You got some good loot!

  20. Love Trader Joe’s! You bought a bunch of the stuff I usually get there, too. ;)

  21. That peach salsa is my NUMBER ONE favorite TJ’s product. I have found no other salsa that is as deliciously addictive and useful! I love it on chicken :)

    I don’t know who took the photo of you, me, and Janetha, but I’d love to steal it and post it on my bloggie when I finally update. I love it! I’ll credit you of course…would that be ok?

  22. One of my favorite TJ’s purchases lately are their Thai Lime+Chili Cashews. Addictive. They have the best flavored nuts/nut mixes ever. Not to rub salt in your no-TJ’s-in-Canada wound. :) Annie’s shells are the BEST. I haven’t had them in a really long time, but they still taste as good as they did when I was a kid!

  23. I’ve been addicted to anything sesame crack-wise lately as well. Heaven in a bowl? Hot oats made with almond milk, pumpkin and either SunButter or tahini. I swoon.

  24. I think I would crazy in grocery shops if I ever get the chance to shop in US again :D

  25. So glad you are digging the Annie’s – I wish I brought you more now :)

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