A Nutritional Sunday

Hiya! How was everyone’s weekend? Well for once, I was not working this weekend. No, I was not out painting the town red either. Rather, I was sitting in a classroom 9 hours a day for my Nutrition & Wellness course.

I’m doing it through CanFitPro, the same Canadian national certifying body as my personal training certification. With personal training, all I can do is give nutrition advice based on Canada’s Food Guide. With this certification, I’m allowed to give nutrition and lifestyle counselling, including individualized diet plans and recommendations. Plus, it gives me a little more authority on the subject!

I’ve always been a food and nutrition enthusiast, so I knew a lot going in. But there were a lot of things I learned this weekend in my course. Here are just a few of them :)


1. Protein not only helps in the growth and repair of tissues, but also regulates hormones. Protein is especially important for women in menopause and can help out with hot flashes.


2. Digestion of carbohydrates begins immediately in the mouth when our saliva hits it. Protein and fat don’t get digested until they hit the stomach.


3. Excess sugar gets a lot of blame in the recent increase in Type 2 Diabetes. But artificial sugars are just as much to blame! A study found that Diet Coke (not regular coke!) was a commonality in children who developed Diabetes after birth. What happens is when the sweet liquid hits your tongue, your brain sends a message to send out insulin to regulate sugar levels in your blood. Except there is no sugar in your blood! Thus your body’s ability to use insulin gets all screwed up. Enough to scare someone out of not only Diet Coke, but many sugar-free sweeteners!


4. A lot of people will skip carbs, or a morning snack, before working out so their body has no glucose to burn. The theory is, that instead of burning glucose (your body’s preferred energy source) it will instead burn up fat stores for energy. But burning fat without the presence of glucose also produces a waste product known as ketones.

Ketones are toxic. They alter the pH of blood and can result in coma or death. This is called ketosis and usually identified by an odour to the urine or breath similar to a combination of nail polish remover and ripe pineapple.


5. Trans fats come from a process called hydrogenation. It’s when hydrogen molecules are added to oils so they remain solid at room temperature. Margarine is the perfect example of this. But many foods have a “partially hydrogenated ____ oil” in them. Read labels carefully, especially on popcorn, nut butters (even almond and soy butter!) crackers and chips.

Vegetable shortening is another hydrogenated oil and found in many packaged baked goods and even homemade pie crusts!

Remember that the recommended trans fat limit per day is only 2g. My personal recommendation is none. And packaging laws are such that companies can claim 0g trans fat when there is under 0.5g. A small presence of trans fat can be okay, assuming you’re only having one serving and not eating other trans fats throughout your day!


**Bonus Lesson**

I apparently have a balanced, aka “neutral” body pH! Most people are typically acidic. High body acidity has been linked to many diseases and is the basis of a lot of nutritional theories. I have no idea how this happened as I eat dairy, animals and drink beer. Perhaps I really am just BalanceSusan :)


This is the first post in a new weekly series on nutrition and healthy eating. Sundays are now the day to take a look at what we’re eating and try to make good choices for the upcoming week!

Question of the Day: Any name ideas for this new series? “Nutrition Sundays” sounds l-a-m-e. Mystery prize for the person who comes up with the winning title!

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  1. how about susan’s smart sunday series? or just smart sunday series? i like alliterations ;)

    also, FYI, since the FDA allows no trans fats labels to be under 0.5 g – thats still like 30 kcals of trans fat which is all you need to completely eff up your system. no joke, i actually think i read that anything over 20 kcals (which is like NOTHING!) can do damage. so yeah, best to read labels and ditch anything at all that says anything with the words hydrogenated. icky stuff.

    • Agreed! I don’t touch anything with the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” in it. It’s one of my few strict food rules that I RARELY make exceptions for. It’s unnatural.

  2. Sustenance Sundays? I mean, if you are going for the alliteration. Sunday Snack Attack? Sunday Slop? Sunday Servings? The Sunday Spread?

    That’s all I got.

  3. How about “Nutrition Know How” or “Know Your Nutrition”? No matter what you call it, I am looking forward to reading the posts.

  4. Everything I immediately thought of was too lame even to type.

  5. Aww. I was going to suggest Nutrition Know-How. Looks like Jan beat me to it!

  6. I didn’t know that most of us are acidic. I wonder what I am! You should call it Super Susan Sunday, because you will be showing off all of your knowledge. Yea…that’s pretty lame, too.

  7. How about Health Science Sunday?

    I totally avoid artificial sweeteners and have for a few years now. I actually also avoid stevia as well. Not so much for the noncalorie thing, but just that it is slightly bitter to me (although no where near as bitter as Splenda). I just eat the real stuff.

    I drink either flavored (nonsweetened) seltzer water, plain water, or iced tea – which eliminated 95% of all artificial sweeteners from my life. I find I have to be careful with protein bars and protein supplements to avoid those.

  8. Good Eating Sundays?

    And thanks for sharing info from your class. Very helpful.

  9. This may be a tad cheesy but I adore cheese so I’ll add it anyways: Nu-week, Nutrition (since Sunday is the beginning of a new week).

  10. How did you find out you were a “neutral” body pH?

  11. That’s awesome your pH levels are good! I wonder what mine are…
    I love learning about nutrition :) It really does help to have the nutrition cert so you can go that much further with your clients. I love helping mine create eating plans!!

  12. Great tidbits. As far as names, I’ll splurg you:
    “Susan’s Super Sunday”
    “Know what I Know”
    “The Learning Nut (rition(ist))”
    “Susan’s Simply Nutrition Sunday”
    “Desperately seeking Nutrition Tips from Susan” or just “Desperately Seeking Nutrition”–obviusly a take from a certain Hollywood movie.
    Have I made you sick or fall out of your chair laughing at my dumbness yet???

  13. how did you figure out about your PH in your body? sounds interesting!

  14. Ooooh very informative post! I like!

    Question: Did you find out WHY some people are more acidic? Is it something specific in one’s lifestyle or just a lifestyle overall that makes them more acidic?

    • Food is mostly blamed for the body’s pH levels. Most people eat acidic foods (meat, dairy, carbs, certain fruits + veggies) and that’s how the body’s pH is affected. Many vegans eat alkalizing food with the purpose of neutralizing the body’s pH. I have a feeling that lifestyle, especially stress levels, affect a person’s pH as well though. Stress and sleep deprivation hormones have got to screw with your levels. Brendan Brazier addressed this a lot in his book The Thrive Diet. Definitely recommended. Great question – it should be the topic of a future Sunday post!

  15. “Protein is especially important for women in menopause and can help out with hot flashes.”–
    Yes and when you’re pregnant and puking your guts out and spotting and having all kinds of really awful symptoms (pray to god your pregnancy in the future if that’s ever in the cards for you is easier than mine!) but protein will help your hormones then too.

    And being neutral…most raw vegans spend a lifetime and tons of stress about alkanizing foods….seems all they have to do is eat meat, dairy, and wash it down with a lil beer and life will be just fine. I love you!!! :)

    • I know, right!?? I think it has to do with the fact that I’m an overall low-stress person. (besides occasional bouts of anxiety) Stress MUST affect pH levels too.

  16. super interesting tidbits! thanks so much for sharing. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the course, and can’t wait to hear more!!

  17. #4 just blew me away! I love learning from you, keep it up :) Hope the nasty sickness is 100% gone. Can’t believe it’s been a week since we were hanging. Love you! Oh and I checked rates. We are golden.

  18. I did a long distance learning course in Nutrition and now have a diploma in it. I absolutely loved my course and whizzed threw it. It really helps when working with clients. Your gonna love this good luck with all the learning x x

  19. Great post – I would love to do a course on nutrition some time I find it so interesting!

  20. I’ve got nothing on a title, but I’m really excited to read everything you have to share!!!


  21. YAY! I’m glad you had such a good time at the course. I loved it as well, and never really knew anything about the holistic/alternative therapies part so that was a lot of learning for me too. I can’t wait to write a whole bunch of nutrition posts now, and I’m pumped for your Sunday series (or whatever it’s called!) :)

  22. yes yes yes! love this! i can’t wait to take a course similar to this! :)

  23. Funday Sunday? I realize that it has nothing to do with food whatsoever, but it’s an ongoing joke with my family. I suppose it could be Food-day Sunday, but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite right…

    What about Sunday Nutrients? Or something to do with how lots of families get together on Sundays for a big meal? Now I’m just rambling and not coming up with names. I’ll stop now. :)

  24. Susan, I can’t wait to read more from your Sunday series. I’ve come up with some possible names…its been a slow day at work :)

    Susan’s Balanced Nutrition
    Susan’s Balanced Sunday
    Steps Toward Balanced
    Steps Forward
    Food Revisited

  25. Saavy Sustenance Sunday? I’m a sucker for alliteration, what can I say?

    How did they determine that you’re pH neutral? Blood test?

  26. I like this series very much, and how about calling it “Food for Thought”?

  27. I had all these cool ideas for the name but after reading the comments, I think they are better!
    but I learned a lot and think this is great! When your body is acidic, does that mean you need to steer clear of acidic foods? I have no clue what I am, I feel like I might be acidic simply because I’m snarky ;)

  28. I have a couple of similar suggestions:
    What Are You Eating?
    Know What You Eat
    Know Before You Eat
    Know Your Nutrition

  29. This was really interesting to read – I actually learned something!

    There are some great suggestions for names in the comments already, so I’ll save you my corny ideas. ;)

  30. Nourishing guidance (Sunday?)
    Wholesome guidance (Sunday?)
    Observation Sunday
    Sunday’s nutrition brief
    Sunday Balance (a play on BalanceSusan!) :) my personal fav

  31. Not sure about titles, but I LOVE this new series! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us! I’m excited to learn more! ;)

  32. I know this comment is rather delayed but what about “Nutritionism Sundays”? I like using non words!

  33. Egads on the diet coke. No wonder I’m such a train wreck :-) I better just eat the real thing and avoid all problems.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us- saves us all of that scientific literature to sift through :-)

  34. Sunday dinner Every day

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