A Food Lover’s Paradise

I think I have finally digested enough to start talking about the food of the Foodbuzz Festival. I mean, that’s what it’s kind of all about, right?

I have done a fair bit of travelling to well known foodie destinations. But I think this one gets the cake (pun intended) as far as food consumption goes. And mygod. It was gooood. Here’s just a taste of it! (last pun, promise)


Friday night’s Welcome Reception was held at the Herbst Pavillion at the Fort Mason Center.


Beautiful views outside, but some nice foodie views inside too ;)


Mission Mini cupcakes were all over the place as they were filming something for the Food Network.


Free beer. Yesplease.



Perfectly seasoned paella with octopus.


One of my favourite things from Friday night. Not surprisingly, all made of pork.


The apparently famous Spencer’s French Food Truck.



But a little too greasy for my tastes.


Some people weren’t into the esgargot, but I thought it tasted like mussels!


More free beer.


Paired nicely with ice cream.


Danica insisted we try the curry wraps. By this point I was bursting and could only muster a couple bites of Janetha’s.

Tooootally worth the tummy expansion that followed. Super spicy and in a soft wrap!

Amazingly, I woke up hungry on Saturday. After a short run along the waterfront, a visit to Tartine, and a couple breakout sessions, it was time to get our eat on again.


This time at the Metreon, next to a park with flute players and elderly folk doing Tai Chi. I loved it.


I’d say the Tasting Pavillion on Saturday afternoon was my favourite Foodbuzz event of the weekend.


It was relaxed with ample time to eat and socialize. There was so much food. Not itty bitty samples of things either. We were allowed to help ourselves to as much as we wanted!


I tried in vain to get a little bit of everything. But my belly just could not handle it. Which is saying a lot.


Highlight here was mushroom soup.


Trying my first ever red velvet cupcake.


S’MORES. Made with Ghirardelli.


Annie the Baker’s little drop of heaven cookies. Just like cookie dough.


Waiting in line for 40 minutes for a famous Border Grill fish taco.




Salmon with corn salsa that I will be replicating at home. SO good.


Halibut with cucumber salsa. I also hope to make this soon!

Another first for me – my first ever fish taco! I feel as if I’ve really lived now…

IMG_3482 IMG_3483

And would you believe, just hours later I sat down to a four-course meal?

I think it’s time to dig out the stretchy pants.


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  1. Fish tacos and red velvet cake…you need to come see me in San Diego…on my block, in walking distance, there are world class of both :)

    “Annie the Baker’s little drop of heaven cookies. Just like cookie dough.”–I want one…so badly, right NOW!!!


  2. I’ll take a serving of paella, one s’more, and a half dozen red velvet cupcakes to go, please. ;)

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my, that’s a lot of food to look at first thing in the morning but it all looks so so good! Glad you had a great time, and hopefully we’ll BOTH be there next year! :)

  4. Oh wow. It all looks so delicious! You brought me back a fish taco, right? ;)

    Stretchy pants= SO worth it.


  5. I want more of those little cookies! They were amazing. Unfortunately, I only tried the peanut butter. Oh well, I guess I can only be inspired to mae my own little delights! Hope you had safe travels!

  6. I LOVE red velvet cake. Everything looks so yummy! It would be a tough place to be gluten free. :)

  7. Red velvet cupcake-swoon.

    I’m beginning to think that you have the metabolism of a racehorse. Just sayin ;-)

  8. Yum! It’s more fun to read your blog when I know what everything tasted like ;)

  9. Awesome Susan! I see a lot of bloggers attended! It looks like a lot of AMAZING food- food overload haha

  10. I missed both the cookies and the mushroom soup which everyone is swooning over. I think I had hit the wall after the fish tacos and was simply too tired to eat any more. I missed out for sure!

  11. I WANT TO GOOOOO!!!! I say I will try to next year, but I’m not a Featured Publisher so don’t know if that’s something I will ever be able to attend. Unless of course I win the lottery….with the tickets we don’t buy. :D

  12. i love you. and i need stretchy pants too. i’m eating a salad for lunch right now, and all i want are those cookie dough cookies and some fish tacos with you at the tasting pavilion. our reunion was far too short.

    i’m thinking toronto has to happen soon…

    hugs and love,

  13. well wow how fun!! I LOVE SanFran … and…the pictures and your descriptions and I am the one runnin for the stretchy pants! LOL fabulous fabulous..thank you for sharing your life. (i need that fish taco thing with the corn salsa..now.) and..then the orange cinnamon bun thing from Tartine…grrr

  14. Wow looking at all that food makes me dizzy..I am sure you have a good big stomach ..I would have dropped if I had all that food…The red Velvet cup cake seems amazing by the way…

  15. I can’t believe you never had a fish taco or red velvet cupcakes before then…..MMMM! :D

    Miss you!


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