All Good Things Come To An End

Some things never change no matter where you are. You can take the girl out of Canada, but you can’t take her out of Starbucks.


I blog probably 80% of my posts using the free wifi at Starbucks in between clients. Here I am with a few spare moments in San Francisco and I find myself blogging from a Starbucks on the legendary Powell Street. Go figure.

I have so many photos to sort through. I’ve eaten some of the best food of my life on this trip. I’ve seen some amazing sights. And yet, all I can think about now are the wonderful people I’ll be leaving tomorrow. Wah!


A million thank yous to Suki for letting me crash at her place and being my personal tour guide in San Francisco.

Holly and I reunited once again after a week spent hiking together during the summer.


Janetha, long-time blog buddy, now real-life friend.


Sophia, one of my first blog readers. I wish I got more time to spend with her, she’s hilarious!




She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to show up on her doorstep one of these days. We’ve been online friends through The Daily Plate way before we started blogs.


Lara, another long-time bloggie friend who I was so excited to meet!

Attending the Foodbuzz Festival was sort of a last minute decision on my part. Yes, seeing San Francisco has been amazing and the food was wonderful. But meeting so many food bloggers has definitely been the best part!IMG_3346 IMG_1886 IMG_3486


Special shout-out to my roomies.

IMG_0810 IMG_1861
I wouldn’t want to cuddle in a presidential suite with anyone else.


Another special thanks to Danica, Janetha, Elise and Holly for letting me steal some of their pictures for this post. I apologize if your glutes are sore from bootcamp today.


I hate goodbyes.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time! I hope I get to attend some conference here soon someday to meet everyone!

  2. It was so nice to meet you at the welcome reception, Susan!

  3. i have no doubt ill be sore tomorrow…but in the best way possible. im sad we arent spooning again tonight :(

  4. I warmed up to you immediately. Maybe it was your smile. It’s one of the most comforting and inviting smile I’ve ever seen. Maybe that’s why I had no problem talking to you about poop.

    Anyway. I hate goodbyes too! Hate it that the first time I got to talk to you for real was at the FAREWELL brunch. I should have stood up on one of the tables on Friday and screamed, “Wherefore art thou is Susan?!!!”

  5. Looks like you had a great time Susan!
    And are you holding two beers in the one picture? Looks like you can take the girl out of the Maritimes, but you can’t take the Maritimes out of the girl ;)

  6. Hehe, starbucks is quintessential! I was so bummed when they started offering free wifi because it was the one place I could go where I’d have to stay off facebook long enough to write a paper because I was too cheap to pay $5 or so to get online…dang them, now I have to actually make my own sorry self focus!

  7. You can show up on my doorstep any old day! There will always be a bed and a pot of coffee for you! (And lots of beer in our fridge so help yourself!)

  8. So glad you had such a wonderful time! I’ve been following all your adventures with glee.


  9. Looks like you had a great time!

  10. Mannnnn, I’m so jealous! Now we just need a fun east coast party! Maybe a giant shopping/eating NY/PA extravaganza? You know you want to…

  11. um. i miss you. that’s all.

  12. It looks like you guys all had a blast!

  13. Glad you had such a good time, Susan!! What a nice post – blogging is so incredible how we can make such good friends through it!

  14. Sounds like you had such an awesome time! Did they have break out sessions or was it mainly food tastings and the like? Lovely to see pictures of so many familiar faces all together!!

  15. This is gonna sound yearbooky, but I wish we’d been able to hang out more. If I’d known you were shy I would have tried harder as possibly you could have seen that I’m not very shy. Lol! Take it easy!

  16. How fun that you spent to much time with so many fun ladies!

  17. I’m so jealous! Maybe one day I will attend a food blogger event and finally get to meet you and my other favotie bloggers. I hate when fun times come to an end. :-(

  18. Ahhh – sounds like such an amazing time!

  19. It was so great to meet you. You are just as adorable as Leah told me you were.

  20. LOVE the first and last photos so much. All of them are great, but those two are really something else.

    Spooning in the Prez suite- haha! So much good stuff in this post- just know I was absolutely there in spirit. Tiff said she was going to kinkos to put my likeness on a cardboard cutout, so I actually could be with you guys ;-)

    Bootcamp!? Yes please!

  21. I wish I could meet my blog friends too!

  22. LOVED meeting you, Susan! You are welcome on my doorstep any day! <3

  23. P.S. I am stealing that photo of us! :)

  24. Your bootcamp totally rocked even if I couldn’t keep up! Jay said to tell you he was sore for like a week after :)

    Thanks for being my roomie ~ you definitely made the weekend a blast :)

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