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The Bakery That Changed My Life

It’s pretty common knowledge that San Francisco is a bit of a foodie haven. When telling people I would be visiting San Francisco, even those who didn’t know I’m a tad food obsessed, immediately lushed about how much I would love the food.

In the past three days here at the Foodbuzz Festival in San Fran, I’ve eaten some of the best food my tongue and tummy have ever experienced. Two dollar dim sum, fish tacos, s’mores and escargot lollipops. To name a few.

This post however is dedicated to my favourite place thus far. A little place called Tartine Bakery.


As soon as you come within range of its 18th & Guerrero location, you’re immediately hit with the scent of freshly baked bread. People are lined up on the street outside at all times of day. I got the feeling it was a place worth waiting for.

Bread isn’t just bread to them, but a form of art.



Astrid and I found ourselves with some spare time on Friday morning. We decided it would be best spent at a local bakery. You know, as opposed to the Golden Gate Bridge or something touristy.


I’d just been telling Astrid about my new found fear of croissants. I’m not sure about you, but I did not know that it’s essentially pastry dough rolled up with a stick of butter inside. I should have known better, but it was shocking information to me.


I thought I could never eat a croissant again after learning this.

Then Tartine happened.


I ordered a morning bun with orange cinnamon sugar. To my surprise, it was more like a croissant all rolled up with cinnamon.


My oh my. Stick of butter what?? Pretty sure Tartine uses two sticks of butter and it is gooooood. Flaky on the outside, soft on the inside. Lightly sweetened with a hint of orange.

Astrid’s banana bread was thick and chock full of walnuts.


Happy bellies filled with butter and coffee!





I spent the rest of the day talking about Tartine and the criossant-like cinnamon bun that changed my life. So not surprisingly, it became our destination for breakfast on Saturday morning.


This time with my Foodbuzz roomies Holly, Janetha, Elise, Danica and “The Husband.”


Our cameras were all a flutter as we fawned over the pastries.




It was still too early for their Croque Monsieur, so I went with the next best thing – pain au jambon.


Another criossant. Tartine may have created a criossant monster out of me.


This croissant was even flakier and even softer in the middle. The huge pieces of ham made for a wonderfully savoury and filling breakfast. And I swear I detected crispy melted cheese on the bottom.


A taste of Danica’s criossant with gruyere and pepper.


We may have skipped the first Foodbuzz breakout session to make this trip. Once again, pastries took priority.

 IMG_3403 IMG_3404

After devouring our croissants, we watched one of the bakers slice up 20 lbs of butter and put it into a mixing bowl.

My stomach no longer lurches at the thought of a buttery croissant. Thanks to Tartine it now says “more.”