A Poor Showing

Ohdear. October has whizzed passed without my noticing and it seems November is already upon us. You know what this means, a check in on those Monthly Goals. Not sure if you can tell yet, but there is a lack of enthusiasm in my voice here.

October started out with so much promise. I dedicated a whole blog post to setting goals. I made some stellar ones for myself that was going to get my life in tip top shape all the while having some fun too.

Ummm… not sure, but “hell in a handbasket” isn’t far from the appropriate term here.

Suddenly, I found myself working 15 hour days and trying to spend all spare time with my visiting family. But I am not here to make excuses. Let us revise.


Goals for October

Digitize all my training programs.
Did not happen. Will not happen. But I did make nice new program cards!

Dedicate at least one hour a week to unpaid commitments.
Did not happen.

Finally get my categories organized for better navigation.
Did not happen.

Make one new supper recipe each week.
I cooked a few good recipes, however made no new recipes.

Run outside four times.
Happened!! *fist pumps*

Do something fun once a week.
Double happened! Even with my crazy work hours, I still found time on weekends to go out with friends or do something I loved. Bonus points for Halloween, where I definitely celebrated October with a bang ;)


So with such a poor showing for October, I am trying to set realistic and achievable goals for November. You see, November is shaping up to be another busy month! I’m in San Francisco for the Foodbuzz Festival next weekend. The weekend after that, I’m doing my Nutrition & Wellness course!


Goals for November

Clean up my diet. It’s been, um, messy. More green stuff, less refined sugar stuff.

Run outside four times. I’m doin’ it! In the cold!

Keep my room clean. I have this bad habit of dumping all my clean clothes on the floor so I don’t have to hang them up. It drives me nuts, yet I still do it. This November, my room will look like this:

Take a few days off. Relax. Explore my city some more. Hang out with friends. STUDY. This girl needs to restore that work/life balance.

Have FUN. Duh!! I’m going to CALIFORNIA this weekend!!!!!


Question of the Day: How did you do on your October goals? Please tell me you did better than me!! What are your goals for November?

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  1. You can do it! *fist pumps!*

    I will tell myself the same thing re. my November goals. I’m actually kiboshing two emotional crutches for the month (there it’s out there in blog land for all to see!): popcorn and fro-yo- hopefully it will help steer my cals toward more nutrient rich foods and make me re-assess why I’m so reliant on them to start with!?

    I’ll miss you guys in SF- I know you’ll have BLASTTTTT!

  2. I think your final goal for october was your most important so I’m glad to see you double did that one! One of my goals for november is to live more in the moment. Not for tomorrow or next month, but today!

  3. Sniffle – I want to go to the foodbuzz thing! It’s so far across the country, though. I will have to wait for fitbloggin’!

    I did pretty well with my goals with the exception of food, but isn’t that the norm? LOL

  4. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only person who missed so many of her goals for October. I’m working on the premise that there was some sort of mass shift in the time vortex and it’s actually still October 15th and therefore I have time to still complete my goals.

  5. I only had one goal for October – CONNECT and I think I did a good job. For November I’m going to pick only one goal again. Seems more manageable for me. I mean it is Holiday season for retail. My November goal might end up being “don’t sleep overnight in my store!” hahaha

  6. October was always a write off for me. 1st week was spent in Thailand laying around on beaches and playing with tiger cubs ;) Then I spent a weekend camping on a freezing cold island so I could watch the MotoGP, got to watch an Australian win it though. And then the rest of the month spent trying to recover.

    Nov goals are.
    1) Get to the gym 2-3 times a week, and play squash another night each week.
    2) Turn my savings healthy again, they’ve taken a battering.
    3) Do something a bout my eating and diet and cook more food, inc. 1.5l of water a day.

  7. Haha, I give you an A for effort and for fist pumps. I did so-so on my goals. November goals include picking up my wedding photos and sending out thank you cards. Yes, I suck.


  8. “Life
    Do something fun once a week.”–

    The fact that you MADE that goal and passed w/ flying colors trumps anything else. Really. You’re what like 24? I mean my god, there will always be time for all this other stuff…live your life, girlie :)

  9. I didn’t set any October goals but the November goals are set in stone hopefully I can complete the mission! x x

  10. Hehe I feel like I was about as productive as you with October goals!! Definitely going to turn it around in November though. FIS will be FINISHED, and ditto on the NWS! I can’t wait to hear all about the FoodBuzz festival… lots of pics please! :D

  11. I find that ‘real life’ gets in the way of my goals a lot as well. My goal for November is simple: move more, be lazy less.

  12. Love the November goals, girl. Hey it’s ok – October was a busy busy month for you!

  13. I hear ya, lady. October was NOT the best month for me either.

    In November I am hoping to do better, and work on…
    Getting organized (getting rid of unnecessary stuff!)
    Work on setting a routine
    Wake up in the morning and write
    Further my yoga practice
    Be more attentive to my blog! I have been, sadly, neglecting it a lot.

    Here’s to hoping November slams October!


  14. Susan- California!!! so fun! and it is so darned cold here that anywhere in cali sounds great!
    you should check out joe’s goals. it is a very cool little free tracking tool. We are looking at using it for a new year’s resolution tracking tool. I can actually show you today.

  15. I didn’t make any goals, but I think I had a good month so I’m happy! Don’t worry about not doing everything you set out to do. You had fun and lived life, so all is well! Have SO much fun at Foodbuzz!

  16. Have fun at Foodbuzz! :)

    November goals….hmmm…maybe exercise a few times and limit ice cream.

  17. October was so bad I didn’t even make goals! LOL
    Don’t be hard on yourself! Not every month is created equal :-) Great positive attitude with making November awesome!
    I should set some Nov goals too!

  18. Way to go for bouncing back! I know you’re going to rock those November goals:)

  19. Well, despite not achieving all of your goals, sounds like you had a fun and productive October!

    As for me, I went to the gym three times a week (doing both weights and cardio), and cooked a couple of new veggie recipes, mostly involving lentils and sweet potato :)

    I didn’t, however, spend as much time outside as I had hoped…partially ’cause it’s been either very cold, or very rainy.

    Goals for November:
    -continue gymming habit
    -cook at least one pot of soup a week
    -do some sort of outdoor activity every weekend…even if it’s just taking a long walk in the park

  20. I forgot I even made October goals, that’s how bad I failed :/
    Have a great November!!!


  21. I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt like October went by far too fast. I also had plans to update my blog, but alas, life got in the way! But hey, having fun might be the most important goal on that list, so well done!

  22. I did great on my goals for October. I picked attainable things and I’m glad I did!

  23. Awesome job with the running outside in the cold! Hey, just recognizing that you didn’t accomplish all your goals will make you more productive this month…probably! Have fun in CA!

  24. you have been working your butt off!! i am so glad that you still reached your goal of doing something fun once a week! you deserve it girl!!!

    i KNOW you will hit most of your November goals!

  25. What nutrition course are you doing?? I’m considering AFPA!

    • I’m doing the Canadian version – NWS through CanFitPro. It’s nutrition from a fitness point of view and will give me the ability to give diet advice to clients. I’m super excited about it!

  26. I did well on my october goals, actually, even did yoga every single morning. Hopefuly I can have another good month. But it will at least get off to a great start, because this weekend will be awesome!

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