Daily Archives: November 1, 2010

A Poor Showing

Ohdear. October has whizzed passed without my noticing and it seems November is already upon us. You know what this means, a check in on those Monthly Goals. Not sure if you can tell yet, but there is a lack of enthusiasm in my voice here.

October started out with so much promise. I dedicated a whole blog post to setting goals. I made some stellar ones for myself that was going to get my life in tip top shape all the while having some fun too.

Ummm… not sure, but “hell in a handbasket” isn’t far from the appropriate term here.

Suddenly, I found myself working 15 hour days and trying to spend all spare time with my visiting family. But I am not here to make excuses. Let us revise.


Goals for October

Digitize all my training programs.
Did not happen. Will not happen. But I did make nice new program cards!

Dedicate at least one hour a week to unpaid commitments.
Did not happen.

Finally get my categories organized for better navigation.
Did not happen.

Make one new supper recipe each week.
I cooked a few good recipes, however made no new recipes.

Run outside four times.
Happened!! *fist pumps*

Do something fun once a week.
Double happened! Even with my crazy work hours, I still found time on weekends to go out with friends or do something I loved. Bonus points for Halloween, where I definitely celebrated October with a bang ;)


So with such a poor showing for October, I am trying to set realistic and achievable goals for November. You see, November is shaping up to be another busy month! I’m in San Francisco for the Foodbuzz Festival next weekend. The weekend after that, I’m doing my Nutrition & Wellness course!


Goals for November

Clean up my diet. It’s been, um, messy. More green stuff, less refined sugar stuff.

Run outside four times. I’m doin’ it! In the cold!

Keep my room clean. I have this bad habit of dumping all my clean clothes on the floor so I don’t have to hang them up. It drives me nuts, yet I still do it. This November, my room will look like this:

Take a few days off. Relax. Explore my city some more. Hang out with friends. STUDY. This girl needs to restore that work/life balance.

Have FUN. Duh!! I’m going to CALIFORNIA this weekend!!!!!


Question of the Day: How did you do on your October goals? Please tell me you did better than me!! What are your goals for November?