Things I Learned The Month That Wasn’t

  • I’ve been working a little too hard lately. Something that is easy to do when you genuinely love both your jobs. But I’ve lost all work/life balance.
  • New running shoes make me want to run all. the. time.


  • Candy makes the world go round…
  • …and beer makes everything better.
  • If I don’t pay attention, whole months can pass by without my notice. I need to be more present and less preoccupied.



  • I miss my mom and feel homesick more than I admit.
  • I’m still young and allowed to be a little reckless sometimes. That includes booking tickets for the Foodbuzz Festival in San Francisco on a whim!



  • The only thing better than candy is candy baked into a cookie



  • Except Tootsie Rolls and caramels DO NOT bake well. Holy candy explosion in my oven.
  • My cellphone is my lifeline and living without it is difficult!
  • I have absolutely no desire to do any form of journalistic work at the moment. The thought of deadlines and story meetings make me feel short of breath.


  • I will however dress up as a journalist for Halloween. My idol, April O’Neil from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon circa 1990.
  • B vitamins and Gatorade really do help a hangover.
  • I’m really bad at settling down and feel like I need to be in a constant state of “unsettled.” Instead of fighting this desire, I think it’s time I embrace it and just go wherever the wind takes me!

Question of the Day: What did you learn in October?

Bonus question: Did you dress up for Halloween?

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  1. Cute costume!!

    This month I learned that some things are going to be out of my control weather I like it or not, so I better learn how to deal with it.
    Oh, I also learned that post-race depression is real, and I need to keep running so it doesn’t get the best of me.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Ah I love TMNT and always used to pretend I was April! Sadly I didn’t dress up this year, but that’s okay.

  3. I hear you about the running shoes! But I think I went a little overboard :( They’re just so fun and cushiony and comfortable!

  4. Uh oh – big candy explosion! Lol! The other cookies look delicious though!

    I love this: “I’m still young and allowed to be a little reckless sometimes.” I need to remember this more often and start letting loose a little bit more :)

  5. Love your costume! Such a great idea. I don’t know why its never occurred to me to make cookies with Reece’s Pieces but those look so delicious!

  6. You totally rocked that costume! The outfit is perfect. October seriously flew by. I love that you posted your candy cookie flop, it made me laugh. WOW we get to hang out this week. OMG.

  7. Now I finally know what this April O’Neil person looks like!

  8. “Except Tootsie Rolls and caramels DO NOT bake well. Holy candy explosion in my oven.”–

    That’s duly noted, thankyou!

    Love the costume!

    I learned in Oct that I am able to work FT and somehow be a mom and wife FT too! It’s hard..but Im doing it :)

  9. Love your costume! I think just going where the wind takes you is a great way to live life – I can totally relate to wanting to always be ‘in flux’ rather than settling down. I can also relate to needed to be more ‘present’ I’ve been so pre occupied this last month. I’ll have to remember that tip for your hangover cure!

  10. to control my temper,..

  11. I learnt i need to eat less and trim down! Nope i stayed in and was boring! x x

  12. Great costume!! I dressed up for 2 occasions this weekend – once as a devil and once as a police officer. I’m so jealous that you’re going to Foodbuzz!! Can’t wait to hear all about it! :)

  13. Candy explosion – ooops!
    You rocked the April costume! Happy Halloween!

  14. October just went by so fast! I think I learned that having curves isn’t a bad thing at all and not being lean doesn’t make me a failure.

    I was a bee for the Halloween race. On Halloween, I was wearing my Broncos jersey (Sunday football and all that) and people thought it was my costume LOL!

    • I love that lesson Lori. I’m learning to let go of my “ripped” ideal too. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with looking like a NORMAL, fit, healthy woman!

  15. is it bad that I STILL want those cookies even after the explosion?!?! you look SO freakin cute!!!

  16. The costume is adorable! I didn’t dress up this year but my daughter was Regan from the Exorcist…my favorite movie!

    The month flew by for me too! I think all I learned was no matter how good of an idea you think it is cutting your own hair rarely turns out perfect. lol

  17. Cute costume! I think it’s really important to go with what you are feeling – it can be hard to do when it goes against your expectations of how you should feel, but it is usually really worth it!

  18. Those Reeses Pieces cookies look dangerous! Reeses Pieces used to be one of my trigger foods. I have eaten them in YEARS.

  19. LOVE your costume!

    I learned that I despite all the work I’ve done on myself I still have serious committment issues and try too hard to please others. I need to be more open and carefree. I also learned that my time has not yet come to run a marathon, but that it will happen someday.

  20. I learned (or rather, rediscovered) what an earache feels like this month. It hurts! But I also learned how to make it feel better almost immediately. :)

    Dude, April O’Neil is hot! Love the costume.

  21. Fun post! I just talked with my bf today that this whole YEAR has flown by.. how is iot already November?

  22. Reeces pieces are one of my favorites! Am cracking up over the candy explosion in the oven – at least you didn’t start a fire like I did this morning trying to toast a piece of Pan de Muerto in the oven!

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