Susan’s Day Off

Not only has another weekend come and gone, but it seems another month is close to passing us as well! How the heck is it already October 24th?? Ahh… I try so hard to make the best of my days, which seems to make me forget that time is passing at all.

Even though I had many days off work last week, they were all jam-packed with activities with my visiting family. This past Saturday was my first day off all to myself in a while. So I made sure to make the best of it!

My weekend really started with a Friday night in bed watching Mad Men. Just what the doctor ordered. A very long slumber ensued leaving me refreshed and ready for my Saturday off!


It began as any day off should – with French toast. Nothing fancy here folks. Dipping mix included two eggs with almond milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon and flaked coconut.


The only bread I had on hand was a very light and thin flax bread. If only I had some challah! In my humble opinion, challah bread makes the best french toast.


Dipped in E.D. Smith brand sugar-free syrup. Love those extra eggy bits ;)

The French toast sufficiently fuelled me for a mat pilates class at Chang’e Studio!


Chang’e is a Leslieville studio that I bought one of those “deal of the day” coupons for. I haven’t done pilates in foreveerrr, so I thought it would be a fun new activity!

I used to love doing pilates back when I first starting getting into healthy living. For some reason my brain only remembered the easy parts of it, so I’m pleasantly surprised by how sore I am today! Pilates is great for the abs, but also works muscles in a way I don’t get when heavy lifting. My body was definitely confused as to what I was putting it through ;)

Saturday is traditionally also my “long” run day (ie, anything that takes me longer than 45 minutes). I had my heart set on running 6 miles. The Weather Network told me it was 15C so I threw on shorts and a t-shirt and hit the trail.

Whoooaaa. Did not factor in wind chill to that temperature. Rookie mistake. I’m most likely to overheat while running, and this time I was freezing! I lost feeling in my left arm. I shaved a solid three minutes off my time running back because I was trying to get home as soon as possible. Lesson learned. Even when it’s “warm” this time of year, the wind still has a harsh, cold bite to it.


My apartment wasn’t only warm when I returned, but smelled of baked goods! My roommie whipped up a batch of chocolate chocolate chip cream cheese muffins.


I inhaled it, melty chocolate chips and all. YUM. I love having foodies for roommies :)

I tried not to spoil my appetite though. I was off on a special date!

A food blogger date ;)

For some reason Toronto’s Little Italy has been on my mind. I blame my sister Sara, who was raving about it last week. Then a client told me our Little Italy has the best Italian food outside of Italy!

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Italian food. I actually find it a little too plain for my tastebuds. And I like meat more than carbs (gasp!). However, I’ve been dreaming of a traditional Naples-style pizza ever since reading about it in the book Eat Pray Love.


I’ve read of a few places in Toronto that serve Neapolitan pizza, but Pizzeria Libretto on Dundas/Ossington consistently gets the best reviews. Thus, the location of our next blogger date suddenly became obvious ;)


Because we were two, we only had to wait 30 minutes to get a table. Larger parties had to wait at least an hour! We were immediately brought bread and oil.

Kristin and I decided to split an appetizer and pizza rather than try to conquer a whole pizza ourselves. We were feeling a little adventurous with our first pick. The appetizer featured three things:


Octopus in an orange dressing. I’ve never had octopus before and really enjoyed it!! I get the feeling it was cooked really well, as the texture was just like that of any other seafood.

Grilled polenta. Which I’ve also never had (we don’t each much cornmeal in Atlantic Canada, I think it’s a U.S. thing). It was divine. Mostly because of the cheese that was also baked in there.

Finally, sardine! Topped with pickled onions + pine nuts. This was a new one for Kristin, I’m a long time lover of sardines. The pickled onions were the perfect match and the quality was much better than the canned variety I’m used to.

Now, the star of the show…


The pizza! Based on the recommendations of the waiter, we went for the Ontario Prosciutto with tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella. Apparently, they use a 900F oven and cook the pizza for only 90 seconds. Creates a crust that is crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside.

Loved the impossibly thin-sliced prosciutto, mozzarella and basil on the pizza. The crust was just right. However, I didn’t care for the tomato sauce. Too plain. I like a little extra kick!


Kristin actually lived in Italy and has eaten pizza in Naples!


I on the other hand grew up eating the corner pieces of Greco party pizzas dipped in donair sauce. Maritimers, you know what I’m sayin.

It may be a while before I get the opportunity to eat the real thing in the real place. But I think I can say it has sufficiently curbed the craving until I get there ;)

I ended my Saturday off honing my bass skills on Rock Band and being reminded why I quit drinking vodka coolers when I was 17. In all, a Saturday off spent in the best ways possible.


Question of the Day: Favourite pizza? Go! Mine is the Greek pizza from Pizza Delight. Regular crust, creamy feta cheese with chunky vegetables and spinach. Ohmy.


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  1. Pineapple + Jalapeno, light on the cheese, heavy on the sauce!

  2. I LOVE Libretto!!! It is, in my opinion, the closest thing to Naples as we can get here. Glad you got the chance to experience it :)

  3. Mmm your french toast looks awesome! I’m sad I couldn’t make it out to the blogger date, I wish I was closer to TO :(

    My favourite pizza is one of those huge pepperoni slices with garlic dipping sauce, from Fratello’s, which is an overpriced pizza shop on the way home from all the bars in Waterloo. Classy, I know ;)

  4. I’ve never met a pizza I didn’t like :)

  5. So glad you had a great day off!

    My favorite pizza is from a place here in Oklahoma called HIdeaway. I get either the Mediterranean, which has mozerella, sun dried tomatoes, spinach and feta or Pizza of the Gods, which has olive oil, mozzerella, thinly sliced tomatoes, artichoke hearts and mushrooms. mmmm.

  6. I’ll be honest with you, I went to italy a few times and had “meh” pizza. The best pizza I has was actually in switzerland! I don’t know how they did it but their crust was crispier and their sauce was richer and overall it just rocked. I’m not a huge italian food fan either. I prefer greek or indian when it comes to ethnic cuisines.

    I’m a firm believer that challah was invented for the purpose of french toast making!

  7. You crazy East Coasters and your freaking donair sauce. LOL. I could never get down with that! (We use tzatziki on our donairs out West).

    But your Italian dinner date pizza looks super deeeelish.

    • That blows my mind. I can’t imagine tzatziki on a donair! Even though I *guess* it is technically a pita of sorts. Did you ever try donair sauce on garlic fingers? That’s my favourite way to have it :)

  8. Never had Greek Pizza but it sounds just so awesome!!!
    You’ve got your bass chops back??!! : )

    • I used to play bass!! I’m not a real bass player like you though, just a guitarist who tried her best when the opportunity to play bass arose ;)

  9. I can’t eat pizza but that one looks yummy! The cakes look pretty damn fine too! x x

  10. If you liked Libretto, I recommend their sister resto Enoteca Sociale for a future visit – it’s all Italian small plates so the quality and size of the apps you had,with lots of meat, veg and cheese based options. And, um, the best desserts.

  11. Sounds like a fun day off- so glad I could spend dinner with you! MY favorite pizza… that’s a toughie. Because I LOVE pizza. I love any thin crust italian style, I’m really not picky :)


  12. I would seriously kill for some garlic fingers and donair sauce right now. I remember when I first moved away from home and tried ordering GF from Papa John’s. The guy thought I was nuts, and I thought he was equally as nuts for not knowing what GF were.

  13. Looks like you guys had a great time! I also haven’t had octopus or polenta, but they’re on my list for Try Something New Tuesdays. Sardines are happening this week!! PS you and Kristen look lovely! I miss you girls!

  14. I don’t have a specific favorite pizza, but my favorite pizza style is: CHEESY.
    Also I would like to request a recipe post on those muffins kthxpls.

  15. Favorite pizza = a veggie loaded pizza from this place called Pepperoni’s. Yum!

    Glad you had a great weekend. I haven’t done Pilates in forever. I can never get into it. It does always leave me with a good hurt though.

  16. I’m not a huge pizza person but a couple weeks ago I had an amazing stone over pizza at a bloggee meetup. It was thin with a doughy crust, covered with homemade tomato sauce, more tomatos, basil, and mushrooms! Plus I had leftovers for 2 days!

    Glad you had a great weekend Susan (it feels weird typing my own name haha!)!

  17. You probably know by know that I’m deeeeeply in love with italian food, so no wonder that I was drooling all over my laptop while watching your pics!:D

  18. Oh man! Everything looks so delicious! French toast! Polenta! Pizza!!! I’m in heaven.

    My favorite pizza is feta, sundried tomatoes and artichokes. Delicious!!!!

  19. pizza, hmm. i’d have to say anything plain. two or three ingredients at most

  20. I have a better question: How is it October 29th and how did I accumulate 5 new posts from you? Have I really been that bad of a blog reader this week?!

    Anyway, off to devour your posts. SO damn excited to see you IN A WEEK.

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