Bloggers for Bagels

Yo! Long time no blog. I’ve been working extreme hours and hanging out with my mommy. I’ve barely touched the my computer all week. Much to my dismay, my mom returned to New Brunswick today. But not without meeting some of my blogger friends first!


Karen and Morgan! Two of my No Limits Canada partners in crime ;) Karen is in town visiting family and doing wedding stuff. I haven’t seen her since June when we were climbing mountains together in Banff!

As an homage to Morgan and her blog name, “Life After Bagels,” we chose What-A-Bagel as our meet-up location.

It’s a quick and easy stop with tons of bagel choices along with sandwiches, soups and salads.


Morgan is a bagel pro and advised me to get the marble bagel.

I had mine with dill cream cheese made in house (along with the bagel, of course), smoked salmon, tomato, lettuce. 

Paired with an apple and diet snapple. Which I now realize rhymes. What a poetic lunch.

It was so nice to catch up with my bloggie friends! We chatted about travel and half marathons. Karen just completed her first this past weekend!

Of course, it was made even lovelier by two wonderful ladies.


Moms! My mom and Karen’s mom tagged along. What good blogging moms they are too, they put up with our picture taking and even snapped a few photos for us!


Even though I’ve been spending all spare moments with my mom, I have been dragging her out around town. I’m working on a freelance assignment on fruit stands in the city and got to play around with my camera.






Local and cheaper than a farmers market. I love fruit stands. Best budget-friendly find in Toronto so far!


And with that, this busy bee is off. I’ve got a full Thursday on tap so I won’t be back until Fitness Friday. It’s gonna be a good one. All about running shoe brands. See ya then!!


Question of the Day: What’s your favourite way to have a bagel? A true Canadian, I will always love my everything bagel with herb & garlic cream cheese from Tim Horton’s. Don’t hate!

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  1. Where is the fruit stand with the $1 blueberries?!!?!?

  2. I love a toasted sesame bagel, melty earth balance, tomato slices… YUM !

    Looks like a fun day!

  3. I’m all about the everything bagel too! Love it with two fried eggs or stinky cream cheese!

  4. Hey, the picture of our mom’s turned out super cute! :) I love it!!!

    It was great to meet up with you again. Can’t wait to do it again. In the meantime, remember . . . the West is best! ;) lol

  5. The everything with herb and garlic is my Tim Horton’s go-to when I’m running late for work…. or I’m walking past Timmy’s and I’m hungry… or someone suggests we go to Timmy’s… etc, etc.

    I’m also partial to plain bagels with the cream cheese/lox/capers/onions combo especially when my mom makes them. She just makes them right.

  6. I luuuuurve What-a-bagel! There was one close to my work, and my boss would bring us cinnamon buns once in a while! I’m not a fan of cream cheese, so my go-to bagel is usually toasted with butter, peanut butter, or jam.

    If you’re still working on fruit stands/corner markets, you should check out Square Fruit Market (if it’s still open) at Queen and Euclid. The owners are really nice, and the shop has some great stuff! But I read recently in the paper that they might be closing down soon.

  7. I love me a twelve grain bagel with light cream cheese from tims ;)

  8. As a Torontonian currently living in Boston, I’m currently drooling at that Timmies order. It was definately my fav!

  9. I worked at a bagel shop for 5 years in high school and little of college. I think I ate 2 bagels a day that whole time. My faves were chocolate chip or cinnamon sugar if I was feeling sweet, and cheddar herb if I was going for savory. It’s hard to beat an everything though.

  10. i dont eat bagels anymore (gluten situation) but in my childhood, warm, with lots of cream cheese and butter, dairy + gluten, oh yeah, now i know why i had a belly ache growing up! ha!

  11. Sounds like you’ve been having fun! I can’t eat bagels because of the yeast : (

  12. Next time you order your bagel at Timmys….say “add bacon”.
    Don’t think about it , just try it. I PROMISE you’ll see stars..the good kind :D

  13. Mmm, I love me some bagels! Actually, my favourite bagel is also an everything bagel with garlic & herb cream cheese! Although I love the fresh baked sort from Bagelz bakery in my hometown :) But I can deal with Timmy’s here ;)


  14. I had a gluten free Udi’s bagel with cream cheese this weekend. Yum.

    If I could eat gluten I would say a gingerbread bagel with hazelnut cream cheese from Panera would be my pick!

  15. My fave bagel is a cheesy one with lots of cream cheese :)

  16. I love a bagel, lox, tomato, capers and hummus. I seriously need a bagel for lunch today after this post! Total yumminess.

  17. Hey girl – good to “hear” from ya! ;) Yay for family visiting and for busy, fun-filled days! What a fun blogger meet up!
    The freelance article you’re working on sounds fun, too!

  18. I haven’t had a bagel in such a long time…sigh. Maybe it’s because a coffee and a bagel w/ cream cheese is more than $5 these days. Ridiculous. I do love a good everything bagel, but I tend to go with a sesame more often, usually with veggie cream cheese or (if it’s lunch) scallion cream cheese with turkey, lettuce, onions and sprouts. Yum. :)

  19. ive never really gotten into bagels but thats because they arent big here. there is a bagel shop i’ve been meaning to get too, i might have to hurry myself up.

  20. there is NOTHING like an in house baked bagel!! i love when they are doughy and hot out of the oven!! being the true Jew I am…I love everything bagels with lox and creamcheese, onions, capers all of the fix ins :) I also love bagels with PB and Jam though!!

  21. I love pumpkin bagels with pumpkin cream cheese! Check out our CNS Store giveaway for $35!! Click here to enter!

  22. Food Loving Polar Bear

    I love bagel with cream cheese and salmon… it’s seriously THE best way to eat a bagel. Now you have made me crave them….!

  23. LOVE bagels, but they don’t love me! My favorite used to be from Panera Bread: Asiago cheese bagel toasted with cream cheese.


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