Reliving the Weekend

Remember when it was the weekend??

Le sigh.

While Toronto may be a go-go-go city throughout the week, I love the pace it takes on over the weekend. Families emerge in their neighbourhoods with a more friendly and relaxed manner.

Let us bask in the weekend once more with a Sunday recap, shall we?


Breaking News:

Sister Sara and I are doing a half marathon together!! Completing a half marathon was actually one of my 2010 goals. But it got sidelined once I decided to move halfway across the country. Now it will be accomplished in May 2011 with my big sis at my side! I think it’s the perfect goal for both of us to have right now and will be a fun bonding experience :)

We spent 4-ish miles chatting about our future half marathon and other things while running along my favourite lakefront trail Sunday morning. We’re lucky enough to pace similarly and are currently maintaining the same mileage base. Should be a fun adventure!

After working up an appetite running, Sara, my mom, roommie and I all hit up a local joint for Sunday brunch.


Pulp Kitchen has been on my “to-visit list” forrrever! They’re a vegan/vegetarian restaurant with a juice bar.


That waitress totally called us out for being East Coasters for talking about Joel Plaskett and Jill Barber. Ha!
I treated myself to a Chunky Monkey shake made with chocolate soymilk, banana and espresso.


Roommie Megan got the Cocoa Berry shake with chocolate soymilk, strawberries, banana and ginko biloba.



Megan’s was awesome, but I enjoyed the caffeine boost in mine!

Megan got the scrambled tofu wrap which looked really good.


Mom got the PK sandwich with crispy tofu, avocado and cilantro dijon mayo. She said she enjoyed the bread and crispy mayo.


Sara got the blueberry waffles. I tried a bit, but we all agreed mine are better ;)


Finally, I got the stewed beans and bangers with homemade vegan baked beans and veggie sausage. This was so filling! I appreciated that the beans were made in house and not canned, but now I totally want to try making this at home. 


After brunch we wandered around the ‘hood poking our heads into all the antique and vintage clothing stores. I also brought Sara to get the best cinnamon buns in Toronto. I’m not joking here folks. And I’m something of a “connoisseur” on the subject.

These come from Sweet Bliss Baking Company on Queen St East. I first tried one in August and it was love at first bite. I held off on this day though. Instead I had a few bites of the blueberry scone which was also nothing short of amazing.


The other great thing about weekends is that people bring their dogs out!! You do not want to be around me when a dog is in the vicinity. I start to get weepy and ask if I can take photos of them.IMG_2991

I want one so bad! Someday… When I’m no longer a vagabond…

Sunday finished off with a wonderful dinner at my aunt Heather’s place. She made a chicken chili (breast, not ground, yum!) topped with sour cream and an amazing olive bread. I had way more bread than pictured. Holymoly.




My mom’s mom, aka my Nana, had several siblings. Thus, my mother has even more cousins. All of which she is very close with. I’m not sure if her cousins are technically “aunts” and “uncles” by definition. But they’re as good as that to me!


Ahh… the weekend seems so far away now. But even after working 15 hours today (yes, I did) I was still able to find just as many joys. Here’s to a fabulous work week!


Question of the Day: What is your favourite weekend activity? I love exercising on the weekends then treating myself to a big meal (or beer!) after. And of course, exploring new spots in this city of mine :)

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  1. ah, what a beautiful grey pup… our friends have one of those, so sweet.

  2. I really like going for a long(er) run and then going out for lunch. Feels like such a treat!

  3. Okay everything at bunch is making me hungry! I want to make all of those dishes at home ASAP.

  4. That brunch place looks delish – I would have happily eaten any of your entrees. :) I love to work out on the weekend as well – ideally a bike ride! And I LOVE picnics with Billy. I like to go to Whole Foods and spend time walking around the store selecting all the perfect things for our meal.

  5. vegan/vegetarian restaurant with a juice bar = nice!

    love the time you had w/ your fam

    and congrats on the race signup w/ your sis!

  6. Definitely hanging out with family and friends going for walks in the woods or along the beach x x

  7. your pics are beautiful and i LOVE what you ordered!! it seem so ‘different; not just a typical wrap or sandwich, but bangers and beans at a vegan restaurant! who would have thought! looks delicious! i have always wanted to try to put coffee in a smoothie!

  8. Congrats on the half marathon! And even better that you’ll have a training buddy:) Awesome. That’s such a cute pic of you with the shake :)
    My fave weekend activity is being LAZY! haha. I don’t do it much during the week, but I love spending a couple hours in my robe!

  9. De-lurking to see if you signed up for a half in Toronto or Ottawa? I’m running one in May 2011 too!

    Also – I’m not an east coaster but I do love some Joel Plaskett. Through and through and through and fashionable people both made it onto our wedding CD and our recessional song was Nowhere With You – so much fun!

  10. I love reading about your wanderings and tastings around Leslieville! I’ve been wanting to go to Pulp Kitchen for a while – food looks delish, especially the scrambled tofu wrap.

    Very exciting about the half-marathon! I’m trying to work up to…10k in the spring (haha, my endurance is not very good).

  11. I’m so envious of all the neat little restaurants scattered around Toronto. Everything looks delicious! And now I really feel for a big thick smoothie, mmm.

  12. Toronto looks so amazing! I wish I had even half the variety of restaurants you have to choose from!

    My weekends are usually relaxed and lazy. I lay around, read, catch up on tv, go shopping, out to lunch, stuff like that. Sometimes we go out with friends for dinner and drinks or go to a cookout or something. Fun times! :)

  13. I totally agree with you – Toronto has an awesome vibe on weekends and people love to be out and about, but at a slower pace!

    Plus, I’m totally also one of those crazy people who stop to pet every dog I come across :)

  14. CONGRATS on the half decision marathon! That iwll be a great time with your sis.

    I have two dogs so when I see dogs out, I feel like I have a right to talk to the owner about their dogs. It always weirds me out when people look and me and think I’m strange for that!

  15. What a fabulous sounding weekend! I would so love to do an event like that with my sister. Sounds like fun. I’m excited to hear about you going through it. :)

  16. One of my favorite weekend activities used to be hiking. I can’t do that right now but I hope soon!

  17. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Funny – my big sis somehow talked me into a half mary next year, too! Ooops!

    My very favorite thing to do on weekends is a cupcake bike ride.

    • Yaayyy for sisterly races! I knew you’d get a half marathon in eventually ;) When do you plan on doing it?

      Funny, they had an “all girls cupcake bike ride” in Toronto a few weeks ago. Maybe you need to organize one of your own!

  18. Sounds like such a fun weekend!

    I adore Sunday brunch. I like going out to eat, maybe for a drink or two on Saturday night, then sleeping late on Sunday and either going out for a big breakfast or making pancakes or something at home :)

    Sooo in other news, I am back in the city and I think we need a Fresh date :)


  19. I need to show my roommate more often, i forget what a big part of me life she is. Those bangers and beans look like my kind of brunch! I wish brunch wasn’t just a weekend thing!
    yay to the marathon. I could never do it, but I wish you best of luck! you have awesome kicks to train with ;)
    I had yoga teacher training school this weekend. It was very interesting, I had to strap on a belly to see what it was like to do yoga pregnant!

  20. Pulp Kitchen sounds like such a cool place to eat! I wish I lived closer… :-)

  21. Holy crap, that’s a HUGE milkshake! I want Dairy Queen now, thanks a lot! I have a feeling your version was WAY healthier!!!

  22. Oh man, I have so many favorite weekend activities. I love walking around and seeing new places in the city- I’ve lived in Chicagoland for most of my life but I always manage to find new things. I also love getting a long workout in and then treating myself to an afternoon beer. Good balance, right? ;)

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