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New Kicks + Little India



My staff discount at the running store finally came through. Seconds after getting the code, I literally ran there buy the shoes I’ve been dreaming of.

You see, I religiously get new running sneakers every six months. Come month 5 I start to get nagging aches and pains that weren’t there before. Even though a sneaker looks fine, there can be significant wear to the cushioning. Well, it’s been 9 months since my last upgrade, and my feet and legs have been screaming at me.

My past two pairs have been Saucony Rides, but I’ve been branching out and testing other pairs at work. Some (like the Brooks Ariel or Asics Nimbus) just feel all wrong. Too heavy, too squishy, too much in the heel, not enough in the forefoot.


I’ve never thought of wearing Nikes to run in until I put the Air Pegasus 27 Trail shoes on. Everything just felt right. Even though I’ve historically gone with sneakers with a wider toe box, my foot feels nice in the notoriously narrow build of the Nike shoe. I’m a mild supinator, which means I run on the outside of my foot. Also means I need a shoe for mostly cushioning and don’t require arch support. These babies fit the bill!


Even though trails are my surface of choice, it’s never occurred to me to buy specific trail shoes. They have more grip on the bottom and are made with Gore-Tex for a little water resistance.


I could not wait to put these on my feet and fly down my regular running trail along Lake Ontario. I was so excited when I popped out of bed this morning, I failed to notice it was pouring rain outside until I stepped out the door. Under any other circumstances I would have turned back inside. I’m a fair weather runner. But I was just too excited to test out my new shoes! I hit the puddles for a soggy forty minutes and got completely drenched. Well, all except my feet that is. The water resistance totally worked and the extra grips were great on the wet surface. These will be great for winter training!

Did I mention they’re cute too? ;)

Alright, enough about my shoes. Something even more exciting happened today.

My mom arrived!!

She’s visiting from New Brunswick until next week and I couldn’t be more excited to have her here. We haven’t seen each other since I left New Brunswick in June!

My mom has been to Toronto manymany times, so there’s no need to show her all the typical touristy spots. We quickly came up with a list of littler known neighbourhoods she needs to explore during this visit. The first one we went to for lunch – Little India!

I live about a 15 minute walk away from Little India. Would you believe that today was my first time actually eating there??

Toronto’s Little India consists of just a strip on Gerrard St East. But it’s a colourful strip regardless.

My mom said she could smell the Indian cooking as soon as we hit it.

I of course took to the internets to find the best place to eat there. Two places kept popping up and I eventually decided on Moti Mahal based on the recommendations of Suki.


They had a cafeteria style set-up where you pick what you want then call your number when it’s ready.


Mom and I both went for the special of rice and lentils with your choice of a meat, vegetable and bread.


For meat, I went with the goat curry…

I’ve never had goat before, it was interesting! I think I prefer lamb, it was a little too meat-y for me (if that makes sense).

The lentils

Probably my favourite dish on the tray, perfectly spiced.

The spiced vegetables

Ohwow, these were definitely spiced! Almost too spicy for me. Although, the eggplant pieces were my favourite.

The rice…


Really liked the long grain rice with peas. This one had a wonderful spice in it too that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Took the edge off the more harshly spiced dishes.

Finally, the roti…


Yum! Just like a thinner pita bread with a little crisp. This was my “healthy” choice for the meal ;)

My mom!!!!


I caught her mid naan bite :P She said she really enjoyed her food as well. We were both excited to try goat for the first time.

After lunch, we wandered around Little India in the rain a bit more to walk off the heavy meal…


Right now my mom is catching up on sleep from her early flight. We’ve got some local sausages in the fridge for dinner and I’m pumped to spend the rest of the week with her!


Off to write tomorrow’s Fitness Friday post. Today’s was a little sneak peak, as I’m starting Part 1 of a series on running shoes. See ya tomorrow!


Question of the Day: What kind of sneakers do you run or exercise in? I now take this sneaker business very seriously!