The Food That Doesn’t Make The Blog

Happy Waffle Wednesday!!


I did not cheat this week and actually ate my waffles on Wednesday. Was up 15 minutes earlier than usual to toast these Nature’s Path Maple Cinnamon waffles and make some hot coffee.

Topped with homemade applesauce, pure maple syrup and accompanied by boiled egg. Nom to the nom. Was nice to enjoy a sit down breakfast today!



Today’s question comes from a fellow personal training blogger, Tamzin:

Is there some things you eat that don’t get put on the blog? I definitely do : )

Yup! I mean, I never purposely hide foods from the blog. But there are a lot of things here and there that just don’t make regular appearances. Usually because I think they’re boring to photograph, or that they’re usually consumed when I don’t have my camera on me.

Some examples:

I’ve developed an expensive Starbucks habit. Once a day I get an unsweetened iced tea or iced coffee. This is because I need to use their internet and I feel really bad doing it without buying something. On the bright side, it gives me a midday perk up!

Around once a week, I’ll splurge on one of these:

*gasp!* Yeah, I know it’s poison. I never used to drink soda until I discovered it helps with my digestion (makes me burp!). I try to go for club soda when I can, but sometimes a girl just wants an artificially sweetened beverage.

Remember this post when I bought fresh dates from the market?

The girl who sold them to me told me to wait several weeks until eating. So I kept them in the bag in the back of my cupboard and forgot about them. Six weeks later, I had this:


Dried dates! That I dried on my own and took no extra work besides patience on my part ;)

I often snack on dates once a day. Usually before a workout for some quick sugar. Or, I’ll slather them in PB for a sweet afternoon snack.

These once-fresh dates were amazing. Best I’ve ever had. Almost juicy still? If you ever see fresh dates for sale, I highly suggest trying this out!

Besides packing my streetcar breakfast every night, I also prepare a lunch and sometimes dinner for the following day. I don’t photograph this because it’s a hassle and repetitive. Usually consists of a salad or sandwich.


Lately I’ve been into making a big batch of quinoa salad at the start of the week, then packing it on top of some leafy greens. It’s super quick to prepare!


This is very similar to my Tofu, Parsley & Quinoa Salad, except I replaced the chickpeas with a sweet potato.

Of course, if you really want the dirt, I can’t ignore my insatiable sweet tooth.


I’m not even the biggest fan of ice cream, but if it’s in my freezer I’ll eat it! My protein desserts have been replaced with real desserts of leftover vanilla bean ice cream from my beer filled dinner party.

There’s also whatever sweets my roommie is whipping up…


And, I’d be amiss if I didn’t include the occasional finger full of marshmallow fluff.

Hey… it happens!


Many of you also requested the recipe for the above pumpkin swirl brownie from my last post. Recipe can be found here with the following notes from my roomie:

And what I did was ignored her whole putting more batter in the chocolate half so my pumpkin layer would be gooey.

And I used more pumpkin and semi sweet chocolate instead of bittersweet

I sense we may need to bug her for a guest post soon ;)


That’s all she wrote my friends! Now tell me – what guilty pleasure foods do you have? I know you have some! I still love processed Kraft cheese slices :)


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  1. I’ve been making quinoa (or some other grain-based) salads at the beginning of each week as well because I find the flavour improves as the week goes on. The food that doesn’t make my blog is either not very attractive looking (even though it may be super tasty) or like you said, boring/repetitive. I plan to invest in a DSLR though which should hopefully clear up the first problem!

  2. Those dates look soooo good I can almost imagine what they would taste like. Where do fresh dates even come from?

    I still use kraft cheese slices :)…I had one one my egg sandwich yesterday. I love how melty they get!

    My guilty pleasure food right now are the pumpkin cookies I made on Monday. I put them in the freezer so I would be less likely to eat 6 in one night (like I did on Monday) but of course they are significantly better right out of the freezer :)

  3. haha, i am sadly a diet soda whore. im way better these days about it, but i used to drink unhealthy amounts. oddly enough i dont like diet coke, but everything else.
    i use my fingers as utensils, less dishes! i suppose diet soda is my guilty pleasure, I try not to feel guilty about foods, gives it bad energy it doesn’t deserve.

  4. I’m a freak for Kraft Dinner. That being said, I very rarely buy it because if I do, I’ll eat an ENTIRE BOX…with ketchup!

  5. Kraft dinner is something I’ll eat maybe 2-3x a year, there’s just something about that orange powder cheese!

  6. At least your Starbucks habit involves getting some of the less expensive drinks :)
    II’m a sucker for Trader Joe’s Olive Oil popcorn and any type of angel food cake – full sugar or sugar free. There’s just something about the way it melts in your mouth!

  7. Chips. Any kind. Cheetos? Yes. Doritos? Don’t mind if I do. I usually try to buy bags of natural chips when I get them, but sometimes the fake cheese powder just tastes so right! :)

    By the way, the breakfast looks awesome. Eggs+waffles sounds so good right now…clearly I’m still hungry even though I ate bfast an hour and a half ago!

  8. Hey Susan! Awesome post.

    I definitely indulge in a diet soda here and there. Sometimes the long after news require it. :)

  9. I have a few guilty pleasures, but I too drink about 1 soda a week. I love it, what can I say.

  10. I just received my first waffle maker ever. I am beyond excited to try it this weekend!

  11. I don’t post all my food too. Especially when I eat the same things or a powerbar. Who wants to see that everyday?

  12. every now and then I need a doughnut. :)

  13. You know I don’t post everything I eat because I don’t like obsessing over it and thinking too much. Its funny because I think most of the stuff I post is the unhealthier things I eat because it will be part of my fun weekend I share or something. LOL

  14. I have the same starbucks addiction! Mine is an americano with soy milmand SF hazelnut syrup : )

  15. P.S Thanks for the advice x x

  16. I just came across your blog and I love it!! Whatever your roommate made looks deeelicious. Guilty pleasure food… hmm probably pb/ab spoonfuls straight from the jar!!

  17. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I love diet dr pepper and diet coke. I will never completely let them go!

  18. Soda is not my thing. COFFEE is. I drink coffee every day, with white sugar AND stevia in it. Oh and I use Splenda here and there too.

    I did a post recently on foods not being good or bad, guilty or not, they are just choices on the spectrum of life and that if one wants something, then have it. And enjoy it :)

    I love the brownie
    Unpictured food = totally normal. Unless one is creating an online food diary there is truly no point to showing everything.
    And repetition is my middle name.

    I am actually posting on some of this stuff…tomorrow!


  19. Haha, I’ve always wondered what a date looked like that wasn’t dried!

    For awhile I had myself conviced that the dried version was actually the undried version because it is so supple. I’m weird.

  20. I’d say Ben and Jerry is my guilty pleasure! We have a threesome almost nightly! lol! I especially like Cherry Garcia, Phish Food, and Flourless Chocolate Cake! Heaven. Dublin Mudslide is great too but I can’t eat it now, it’s full of gluten. Sigh.

    No offense please but Kraft singles make me cringe! They are so plasticy! My daughter use to love them and I couldn’t even watch her eat them! It’s somewhat of a phobia! lol!

  21. I think my quilty pleasure at the moment is brie cheese….!

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