Catch Up

Hi friends!! It feels like a while, doesn’t it? Would you believe, that after 15 months of blogging near daily, I’ve never gone more than one day without updating? I usually have guest blogs or something. But this time I’ve gone a whole weekend!

It was nice to use what little downtime I had doing nothing. But that gets boring after a while, and we’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

First things first, this girl can do a good grilled cheese.


Wednesday night, Morgan and I had a conference call for No Limits Canada. Since I was without internet for what felt like a gajillion years, she invited me over for the Skype date!

She offered a choice of beer to start. I chose “Tuborg” because I could pronounce it in a funny Eastern European accent and the can claimed it was “pure gold.”

Not bad actually!

I was most excited however for her grilled cheese! Morgan and I sort of have an ongoing joke between our blogs about grilled cheese sandwiches. When discussing what to make for supper, it was the obvious choice.


Immediately impressed by her usage of the panini press.


Poor Morgan was worried about getting the right bread and cheese for me. She doesn’t know yet that I’m easily pleased and the sandwich was deeelicious!

Of course, what’s grilled cheese without soup?

An “everything but the sink” soup. Perfection! Thanks for the dinner Morgan! Bagels at my place next? ;)


I can’t remember what happened on Thursday. But I do know I was at work all waking hours and did a leg workout that made it hard to sit down all day Friday.

Friday though, I got off work a little early which meant I had time to make a hot dinner! Those are hard to come by these days. I’m a busy bee!


I started with this box of Eden Organic Kamut pasta. I assume ditalini refers to the little shape of the pasta.

I’m usually not a huge pasta fan because of the mushy texture, but I don’t mind these kinds made without white flour. The nutritional stats are a lot better too!


I only cooked half the tiny box…


…so I could plump the rest up with meat! 

A plain turkey sausage from my amazing local butcher. The sausages are HUGE. I threw it in a pan with some leeks, carrots, celery, spinach, tomato, onions and garlic.


Defrosted a serving of tomato sauce I made a while ago with watered down tomato paste and various spices.


The point of the meal was to eat something that would fill my belly up for the rest of the evening and that it did! Meat + pasta has a funny way of doing that ;) The pasta itself was pretty good, I really liked the shape and texture (remember, I don’t like regular pasta!). The sausage totally stole the show though.

Friday was also a special day in that it was National Fluffernutter Day (and my sister’s birthday – hi Sara!!)

Of course, this was a U.S. food holiday. Living in another nation, I thought it was okay I celebrate a day later on Saturday.

For those of you who don’t know, a fluffernutter is a sandwich spread with both peanut butter and marshmallow fluff.  It is a fabulous combo that seems to be mostly consumed by children. And, well, single 24-year-olds such as myself.


So why am I talking about fluffernutters and showing you waffles? Oh friends. You know me better than that.


This would be a fluffernutter wafflewich – french toasted. I mean, I had to celebrate in style, right?


I spread my PB + fluff between two defrosted freezer waffles (I like Nature’s Path Maple Cinnamon), then I dipped my wafflewich in egg whites and cooked in a pan.


Dipped in syrup of course! Look too decadent for you? The whole ridiculous wafflewhich with the sugar-free syrup is only 357 calories, 14g fat, 5g fibre, 40g carbs and 15g protein and 15g sugar.

I chased mine back with the usual coffee, in an unusual mug.


Bahahaha, thank you Janetha for seeing this elephant mug and thinking of me!!! The ridiculousness of it suits me perfectly. Also, elephants are my favourite animal :)


The rest of my weekend was spent working at the running store with a wonderful run in between. I ditched my usual waterfront trail for a busy city street and it was fun!! I used to hate running on populated roads when I first began running because I was embarrassed. But now I’ve got enough kilometres under my feet that I just don’t care. It was entertaining to whiz down the sidewalks of the city.

Of course, after working 17 hours on my feet in two days and running in between, my legs are pretty darn cranky with me. Namely, my IT band, which is a brand new pain for me. So the plan for this holiday Monday is to rest, relax and recharge. I haven’t had a day off in 21 days so I think I deserve to be lazy for a day ;)


A few extra things:

Congrats to my bloggie friend Brie who completed her first ever marathon yesterday in Chicago!! She had many bumps through her training program and I couldn’t be more proud that she finished it!

In case you haven’t noticed, I didn’t make it through to the next round of Project Food Blog. Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their days to vote for each of the challenges! It was really fun to participate in, but I’m happy I no longer have to stress about it.

I wrote not one but two guest posts last week! Head on over to Leah’s blog to read my thoughts on Pre and Post Workout Nutrition. Then stop by Morgan’s blog for my tips on Meeting People in a New City.

Finally, the most exciting thing: I’m going to the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival! That means in less than four weeks, I’ll be in San Francisco with hundreds of other food bloggers. Cause ya know, I’m the type of person who casually goes to California for the weekend (that’s a joke, I’m SO not!). But after some careful planning, shifting of funds, and wonderful bloggie friends, I’ve decided that I should just GO. I mean, you’re only young and reckless once ;)


And with that, me and my giant flannel pants are back to bed to watch movies for the rest of the day. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Eat some extra stuffing for me! Q&A’s will resume tomorrow, so you still have time to submit questions. See ya then!

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  1. How did I miss National Fluffernutter Day? I’ll have to mark my calendar for next year – I absolutely love those things. Thanks for the new way to whip it up using waffles. Yum.

    Your pasta and sausage dish looks quite delicious, too.

  2. Haha I thought of you when I heard it was Fluffernutter day!
    I’m with you on pasta – hate gummy pasta! Yucky!

  3. glad to cee u…nice post,..

  4. Amazing cup :D
    Tuborg, I love that beer!

  5. I adore elephants too! They’re my favorite as well…such chill animals!

  6. that grilled cheese looks NOM.

    I love the elephant mug!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Lots of yummy eats in this post! We just got a panini press for a wedding gift and I can’t wait to bust it out for some hot sandwiches!

  8. You just took wafflewiches to a new level! Good job. So glad you FINALLY got a hold of that mug. It suits you :) Yay for less than 4 weeks til I meet you! :D

  9. I’m so glad you took a vacation from the blog! Sometimes it’s nice to just not have to think about doing anything. That wafflewich looks amazing- the french toasting was genius. Congrats on the great work you did for Project Food Blog- I thought you did a really good job! :)

  10. Nooooo!! I missed fluff day? How could it be? I need to make more.

    Enjoy your day off!

  11. very excited about the foodbuzz fest coming up! it’ll be good to see you again. :)

  12. Oooooo I wish I had known about the flutternutter day I bought a jar : )

    Love the mug! x x

  13. Ahh I’m so jealous! I totally want to go to the Foodbuzz fest!!

    LOVE the elephant mug :)


  14. I just wrote on another blog how much I have been craving marshmallow and then I come here and read this. There must have been some kind of shift in the time-space continuum. (I’m not really as dorky as that made me sound.)

    Fluff AND pb AND waffles AND french toast? I think I want to marry that sandwich….while drinking from that mug.

  15. I’m glad you’re going. I bet it will be a great time. I wish I could go too.

  16. That pasta sounds so interesting… Mmm pasta I’m hungry just looking at the dish :)

  17. Cutest mug EVER!!!!!

  18. that waffle wich is TO DIE!!!!! oh my gosh!

  19. Sorry to hear that you didn’t advance in the Project Food Blog. I loved your meal and wish I could have voted multiple times for it because it was definitely one of the most original ideas that I came across. Still, the mug is awesome and you can’t be bummed when you’re drinking out of something so freakin’ cool!

    Perhaps some day I’ll tell you my ‘charged by an elephant’ story :)

  20. just commented on your tips post on morgans site..great tips!

    An “everything but the sink” soup = the best kind

    fluffernutter AND then waffle-ized..nice. That is so you and i love it!

    The challenge and not being in’s to not stressing anymore but your beer post was one of the best posts i saw in the entire sphere, that includes super huge blogs with big budgets and who’s only “job” it is in life to blog…well, your beer post held its own. You just dont have the readership/votes that those ladies do (almost no one can compete with the big names b/c their readership gets the votes, not necessarily their recipes) but your post, your recipes, YOU….you should have advanced :)

    FB Fest. Sent you an email :)

  21. Elephants are my favorite wild animal too! Cats are my favorite domestic. That mug is awesome.
    Someday I will brave the marshmallow fluff and buy a jar. I will probably love it.
    That is really too bad about the contest, I caught up on all your posts since I got back and the beer entry was so unique and creative.

  22. I am so i love with that fluffernutter idea!!! I’m excited to be going to foodbuzz too! Honestly, I think the project food blog is a little silly. you cant possibly choose “the best” food blog! everyone is unique and offer something different. I think your is awesome and you dont need foodbuzz to remind you of that.

  23. Love the coffee mug. I now know what to get my friend for Christmas! :)

  24. hahhahaha omg I am laughing out loud at that mug!! thats the most amazing thing I have seen today! love it :)

    that pasta looks delicious!! I am always looking for healthy alternatives to pasta!! PB and fluff ahh love it! the only time I had it was at overnight camp when they made it every friday! my mom wouldn’t buy it in the house so I splurged when i was away for the summer hehe

  25. i just played catch-up on your blog, and really enjoyed reading how you stay healthy with anxiety disorder. you are such an inspiration, and i always look forward to your blog to see what you have in store for us. glad you got the weekend off from blogging – can’t WAIT to see you in san fran!

    hugs and love,

  26. i love everything about this post! from the grilled cheese to the elephant mug :) i just bought some sharp white cheddar for a vegetarian chili i’m planning to make later this week…i bet it would be great with some tomatoes in a grilled cheese sandwich! i will definitely make that this weekend :)

  27. Stupid work computer not letting me reply to your comment :(

    I just realised you should find an Ethiopian or East African restaurant in Toronto so you can combine your love of beer and elephants. There’s a Kenyan beer called ‘Tusker’ with an elephant on the label and I guarantee one of those restaurants will have it on offer.

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