Mumbo Jumbo + A Breakfast Oatcake Recipe

Wonderful comments on yesterday’s post, Blogging About Healthy Living – Is It Healthy? And thank you for indulging me in my observations and opinions :)

This post is going to be all over the place – much like me lately!

First things first, a recipe.


Four times a week I roll out of bed at 5:15am to be on the streetcar by 5:45am and work by 6:30am. Essentially enough time to clear the sleep from my eyes, brush my teeth, put on mascara, and stuff my gym clothes into my bag.

I suppose I could get up earlier than this to have a proper sit-down breakfast. But seeing the number “4” on my alarm clock freaks me out.

Because of this, I’ve been eating breakfast literally on-the-go most days of the week. Usually during my 15 minute streetcar ride to the subway station. Breakfast needs to be quick, cold, and something I won’t spill on my lap.

My latest on-the-go breakfast creation was actually inspired by the traditional Scottish oatcakes I made for the second Project Food Blog challenge in this post.

I begin my mixing the following ingredients:


  • 1/2 cup dry rolled oats
  • 1/4 cup soy protein powder (optional, can be replaced with flour)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon (okay, I actually use way more than that)
  • 2 pinches baking soda (around 1 tsp)
  • 2 packets stevia (can use honey, brown sugar, mashed banana, etc)
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter (again, optional!)
  • fun add-ins! This batch has TJ’s flattened banana bits and mini chocolate chips
  • Little mix of warm liquid like water or milk

Mix it all up, adding the liquid just until everything is slightly soft and dissolved. Form mixinto little patties. Throw on a medium-heat greased frying pan and cook until brown and firm.


Suddenly I’m left with three little oatcakes with good nutritionals that I can eat ALL of for breakfast!


I make these the night before while I prep my coffee and lunch. Store in a little baggie to grab-n-go at 5am :)

The oatcakes also get a much better reception from my fellow streetcar passengers compared to creations such as these…


That would be cottage cheese with nut butter, oats and dried fruit. This tupperware filled with mush generates a lot of weird and disgusted looks. Much worse however are the days I choose to bring boiled eggs. Not everyone appreciates it when I stink up the back car!

Secondly, I am currently without internet at home.

I’ve actually been without it since last Thursday and won’t be online again until this Friday. For someone who spends a HUGE chunk of their day on the world wide web, it’s proven to be a little difficult. A nice vacation from it all I guess, but it’s also causing me to fall way behind on important work commitments. Le boo.

This means I’ve been spending even more time leeching off free wifi in cafes.



Which is saying a lot, because I pretty much live at Starbucks between clients anyways. I live too far away to scoot home during the longer breaks, so I just haul my laptop around with me!

This also means that sometimes, I fall victim to the cafe food case.


Yesterday, I had a Santa Fe Chicken Panini from Starbucks. It was pretty decent!! Expensive though.

Thirdly, the leftovers from my beer filled dinner party just keep giving.


For lunch yesterday I ate a whack of leftover Chicken & Tofu in a Peanut & Beer Sauce. Seriously. This dish is bomb. Peanut butter and beer really do make everything better.

Today I also had two Guinness Stout Brownies for breakfast. But there is conveniently no photographic evidence that ever actually happened. We’re moving on ;)

Finally, I added tuna to the Pale Ale Cabbage Slaw to turn it into a main dish!


I was left with two extra bags of pre-mixed slaw and ate a whole bag for lunch. Veggies stand no chance in my presence.

Fourthly (??) I feel like I should let you know that the party didn’t end after the dinner party on Saturday night. Friends, I was up until 5am. Not what you think though. Ohno, we kept it classy with art exhibitions!

…in the street. Every year, Toronto hosts this event called “Nuit Blanche” from dusk till dawn. The whole city is taken over by pieces of mostly modern art. The streets were packed with people ALL night!

Unfortunately, we didn’t see much. By staying out so late, we also ran out of steam and only stumbled across two pieces. The above van with holes and lights.


And the screening of The Beatles movie Hard Days Night. Sloooowed down to run for 12 hours and accompanied by a string quartet playing veeerrrry slowly.

Ohyes, and there was that creepy dollhouse that is unfortunately not an exhibit but real life. Perhaps it’s better we just forget about that.

Fifthly, I received a very pretty package today.



Aahhh, even Deb knows I keep it classy ;)


The “crack” being Trader Joes Sunflower Seed Butter. My favourite!!! Along with some Luna Chocolate Peppermint stick flavour that we also can’t get in Canada, and little bags of mysterious Japanese nuts. (yes, I know how that sounds)


Okay, technically they’re Mini Broad Beans in a soy sauce-like flavouring. Verrrry good and the perfect little treat! THANK YOU for perking up my day Deb!!!!

Sixthly, this is really cool chocolate.


I love Ritter Sport brand to begin with, but this kind has Cornflakes in it!


Just a little crisp added to the soft milk chocolate. Definitely recommended.

Lastly (but definitely not leastly!)

Voting is still open for Project Food Blog! Are you sick of these prompts yet? This week’s challenge goes from 200 to 100 bloggers, with the final blogger getting $10,000. I feel so lucky to have made it this far, as the whole process has turned out to be pretty fun. Also a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has supported and voted for me thus far. I’ve been playing with ideas of things I could do with that money, and I definitely want it to involve my readers and the greater good somehow! To keep me in the running, click here, sign up and give me a big ole’ heart! :)

Question of the Day: It’s time for Q&As!! If you have any questions you want me to address in a post, leave it in the comments or e-mail me at I’ll be addressing all sorts of topics, silly, serious, personal, fitness related, food related, anything!

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  1. Ahem … FYI, you can get those Luna bars at the General Nutrition Centre in Sherway Gardens (Toronto!). But shhhh, it’s a secret! You can also get a few other flavours that you “can’t find in Canada” there. Sadly, I have yet to stumble upon anything Trader Joe’s.

    • Oooohh! There’s no way I’m making it to Sherway Gardens anytime soon, but I’ll start checking out other GNC stores. Thanks for letting me in on the secret Amanda!! ;)

  2. Ive seen Ritter Sport around and with your approval I think Ill have to snag some next time! That is such a cool van, I love art!

  3. Oh my gosh, I went to Nuit Blanche for the first time last year and it scared the begeezus out of me (other than that it was SO crowded). Seriously, City Hall had a gigantic digital sign the spewed numbers and letters and had a very LOUD electronic voice trying to sound out the display and I thought it was more like we were all about to get rounded up and teleported to a nearby star system. I don’t think I appreciate that kind of art very well…

    I concur with what Amanda said about the Luna bars. As proof, she actually brought me some! :)

  4. I’d like to hear more about your anxiety and how you balance healthy living with that disorder. Like do you have triggers? Do you find that exercise helps it?

  5. Ritter Sport with Cornflakes is my favorite!! I work for a German company with a parent office just outside of Munich – I have my colleagues there bring me that exact kind every time they come….along with Dickmans and Haribo Gummy Bears, my other guilty pleasures. I think it helps having vices that aren’t easily accesible. It limits you to having them once in a while. A nice treat.

  6. I’ve never seen that type of Ritter bar before. It’s like a grown up version of those chocolate cornflake cakes we used to make when we were kids.

  7. Sweet breakfast cookies! I’m sure you’ll try them with fluff soon.

    Mike loves Ritter Sports.

    I gave you a heart :)

  8. I voted for you!!

    Ritter Sport makes the best flavors.

  9. Soooo my question is this: I come home on Oct. 15th and am here until the 21st, when do we want to meet up, and where do we want to go? hehe
    (I’m working during the day from the 17th-20th)

  10. susan! you have to warn me before you post cottage cheese with FRUIT and NUT BUTTER. i think i just almost died with disgust.

    i am glad we are friends, i can tell you something grosses me out :)

    deb is a babe. those oat cakes look like a winner of a recipe! when you started talking about quick, cold breakfasts it reminded me of your days of radio and breakfast cookies! you used to be an addict! ;)

    that ritter looks awesome.. cornflakes?!

    i REALLY hope you advance to the next round. i think you will, and i can’t wait to see what your 4th post is. love you!

  11. greensandjeans

    I always get Ritter Sport in my stocking every Christmas!

  12. “Chicken & Tofu in a Peanut & Beer Sauce — I plan to make that sauce, omg yes!

    Deb rocks. and so does TJ’s Sunflower seed butter, oh yes, my fave nut butter of all times, period.

    Lunas. If you like that overall flavor vibes, i would agree that bar is the creme de la creme of peppermint/choc bars

    5am and it was classy? ok good :)

    your oat cakes look divine. i wouldnt even fry/cook them. Just eat, as is!

  13. I love Ritter chocolate! I bought a few bars when I was on holiday in spain, delicious! Love the recipe for your oatcakes, I will certainly be trying them out!

  14. Mmm, those oatcakes look delish! I need to try those, Stat.

    Ahh it is SO hard for me to “just grab a coffee” at cafes. I always want food as well, even if I have just eaten! Totally the foodie in me…

    Nuit Blanche looks cool, too bad I missed it. I need to get home before I miss EVERYTHING ;)

    Yum, Ritter sport. Love, love, love. Have not tried the cornflake kind, though!


  15. Oatcakes is genius! Like the Quaker oatmeal bars..but so much better. What a process of getting to work! At least the cakes make it a little easier on ya :)
    Deb’s pretty awesome for sending you the package – cornflakes + chocolate? Sounds like a tasty combination…but then again, what isn’t a tasty combination when it involves chocolate? Not much ;)

  16. You can get a sunflower seed butter that tastes exactly the same at any loblaws in the health food department….I have it my cupboard at home right now and I dip my fingers in it daily!

  17. Yay, you went to Nuit Blanche! I missed it for the first time this year because of my temporary relocation to Hull :(

    It’s such a surreal event, eh? Especially at that hour of the morning.

    I don’t see anything wrong with Guinness Stout brownies for brekkie!

  18. Is there some things you eat that don’t get put on the blog? I definitely do : )

  19. P.S I’m so gonna try those breakfast patties! x x

  20. Cool stuff! they also had Nuit Blance in Brussels last weekend but we didn’t see any cool stuff like that.. actually we only saw drunk people :D

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