Things I Learned In September

I shouldn’t have waited so long to try banana soft serve. It really does taste just like banana ice cream.

“Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” Something my mom told me when I quit my radio job. Something I only just learned can actually happen. Even with the crazy hours, my job never feels like work to me.

I really, really just can’t get into buffalo wings. I tried!


Calories burned during a workout shouldn’t matter if I’m not counting calories to begin with. Ditching my gadgets and going zen has shifted the way I look at fitness while increasing my enjoyment of it.

Moving to Toronto was the best decision I’ve ever made, even if it was also the scariest.

Image courtesy Morgan @ Life After Bagels

I don’t have to be embarrassed by the label “blogger.” Especially when there are so many opportunities that come with it.

Jager bombs do not give you the ability to defy gravity.


It’s not about the quantity of sleep I’m getting, but the quality. What’s the point in obsessing over getting 8 hours every night when they’re of poor quality?

Vegemite is really good on toast with butter. Those Aussies are onto something!


After my Nutrition & Wellness Course, I’d like to go on and do my group instructor training.

I am really happy spending time all by myself. Which makes it imperative that I take the initiative to socialize with other people sometimes too. 

My only long-term life goal is to have a dog and a yard it can run in. Preferably with a house attached.

When all else fails, there’s always curry.


As much as I pretend to be a grown up, I still don’t have that many responsibilities. I need to take advantage of this more often.


Question of the Day: What did you learn in September?

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  1. i learned to never settle, push harder, work harder and you will get what you want :)

  2. I love that last one. :)

  3. I learned that I can step outside of my comfort zone, do things I never expected that I would do and enjoy myself in the process. Who would have thunk it?!

    Loved your list, especially the dog one! My dogs bring me such joy I feel everyone should have a pet.

  4. Curry is also my backup plan. :-)

  5. In September I learned to trust my intuition. Because more often than not, it ends up being exactly right. With my health, with school, with ife. :)


  6. love your month end posts! they make me so happy. september.. i learned that i am more concerned with the fact that i can run 5 miles with ease than i am with the size of my thighs. and peaches with ice cream cannot be turned down. ever

  7. i learned that its okay to forget about blogging for a little bit! and also, that it’s okay to randomly drop by and read a post, and say hi. like this one. :)

    p.s i tried making banana ice cream in my breakfast class at school when i was on fruit team, but it didn’t turn out quite so nice in large quantities. turns out, the blogging world may love it, but an experienced chef might not. :( i tried!

  8. i meant banana soft serve.

  9. so mny things ,,the list is endless,..

  10. You moving to Toronto is so inpsiring to me. When I am done with Nursing school, I plan on moving as well!

    I learned that nothing is the end of the world. it. will. be. ok.

    • Ooooh, so exciting!!! I definitely am an advocate of moving away and experiencing different cities before “settling down.” You definitely still have a lot of adventures ahead of you :)

  11. It’s a time for reflection, new beginnings and cleaning up. I learned that no matter how hard I try that sometimes people just aren’t interested.

  12. Oh my god we’re so alike its scary! My only lifetime goal now is to have a dog with a house attached, oh and a little car! So many of the things you have learned relate to me too so I guess I just dito your post! Have a fab weekend x x

  13. You just had to throw the part about quitting your radio job in there didn’t you. No actually I really needed that reminder today actually! The financial part of my back to school decision is weighing so heavily on me that I’m trying to find reasons to get out of it.

    See you always say the right thing at the right time!

    PS you’re welcome to run around my yard next week, but it’s muddy and about 2 meters long

  14. You know, my only long-term goal right now is to get a different job so that I can get a dog. Dog’s are important!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful September, here’s to a wonderful October!

  15. I still haven’t tried banana soft serve. I just always forget to freeze my bananas! Maybe I should go toss a couple in right now before I forget again.

    And i love being labeled “blogger”. It’s fun!

  16. I’ve learned that summertime is fun and school is a lot of work.
    Is it worth it? I’ll get back to you in three years.

    • Hahaha. Well, if it’s any consolation, even if I’m not working in the field I got my degree in, I still wouldn’t be where I am today had I not gone to university :)

  17. I love your goal of having a dog and yard for it. That has been one of my life goals all through college (6 years…), and now that I have finally graduated I am getting impatient.

  18. OMG jager bombs make my clothes fall off…I mean…errr….

    I was just at wing house last night after our softball game and everyone was going to town on some wings….they just don’t do it for me!! Handover the mozarella sticks and onion rings and we’re in business :)

  19. You are so right- if you’re not counting calories in, why count calories out? I never thought of it like that!

    I learned that I really like flag football, and that it’s not that bad to join a team that you don’t know anyone on! It’s like ripping a band-aid. :)

  20. one thing i learned: overcommiting yourself can be as bad as doing nothing. balance is necessary :)

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