A Vegan Recipe + A Very Non-Vegan Favourite

Happy Waffle Wednesday!!


Like how I make the Waffle Wednesday font match the colour of the waffle toppings? Yeah, I like to make my blog look professional like that ;)

This week’s topping comes to us from a box of local strawberries I bought for a dollar because they were on their way out.


They barely had a day left and I didn’t feel like doing anything fancy with them. So I chopped up the good ones and mixed them into plain yogurt. After a day of sitting in the container I had naturally sweetened strawberry yogurt with huge chunks of berries! I loved this, will definitely not scoff at a box of overripe berries again.


For the waffle, I mixed up my usual protein waffle batter as of late. Except this time I doubled it to get two giant waffles from the belgian press.

  • 1/2 cup unflavoured soy protein powder
  • 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • even more cinnamon
  • 2 packets stevia
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • 1 cup almond milk


I sprinkled flaked coconut and mini chocolate chips on top for good luck. The chocolate chips totally made the waffle. Amazing what a little chocolate can do!

I actually ate the above waffle on Tuesday. After working for 15 hours on Monday, I thankfully didn’t have any clients until 6pm on Tuesday. Which meant I stayed in my jammies until 4pm. However, I still have my Wednesday morning client, which means I’m up before dawn at this time every week now. Thinking ahead on Tuesday, I popped the second waffle in the freezer for an early morning treat.


I woke up a little earlier this morning so I could eat the waffle at home and not on the streetcar. Had just enough time to pop it in the toaster oven, fry up a couple eggs, and guzzle back a mug of coffee.


Runny egg yolks combined with sugar-free syrup made for an awesome waffle topper. My oh my. Not to mention, all the fat and protein adequately silenced my morning hunger beast!

Fret not though. I am getting my carbs in as well.


I was been craving a grilled cheese like woah. I usually don’t get intense food cravings, but the thought of greasy melty cheese between two pieces of hot crispy carbs had been floating in my mind for days. On Tuesday, I finally succumbed with a couple pieces of my homemade Irish brown soda bread and old cheddar cheese.


To really kick this craving, I did nothing at all to healthify it. Used real butter with thick slices of both bread and cheese. Hit. The. Spot. Kept me satisfied for 5 hours.

Polished it off with a local McIntosh apple.


McIntosh isn’t my favourite snacking apple. But they’re pretty darn good (and HUGE) when local and in season.


That’s right my friends. It’s my favourite time of year. Apple season!!

My afternoon off on Tuesday also provided ample time to try out a new recipe:

Snobby Joes.


This is a vegan sloppy joe recipe using lentils instead of meat. I got it here from the Post Punk Kitchen (my favourite vegan site!) but it actually comes from the book Veganomicon.


Instead of eating it sloppy joe style on a bun, I ate it on my favourite form of carbohydrate: pita bread.


The reviews of the recipe said it was a little spicy, so instead of 1 tbsp of chili powder I used 2 tsp chili powder + 1 tsp cumin. But I found it more sweet from the maple syrup! Decent recipe though. Super filling from the lentils.

As a random side note, my muscles are adjusting nicely to my new weightlifting split. Except one thing: my hands are killing me! Apparently my grip strength hasn’t increased with the rest of my strength. Even though my back can pull around heavy dumbbells, my hands are buckling under the weight! It hurts to even hold a pen :( Le sigh. Am doing lots of stretches and hope they will toughen up.

Now I’m off to bed. Away working from 6am to 10 pm again tomorrow! Gah!


**Thursday is your last day to vote for The Next Food Blog Star on Foodbuzz. Click here to read and vote for my submission if you haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thank you!!**

Question of the Day: Let’s talk carbs. What’s your favourite kind of carbohydrate? Mine are apples and pita bread, obviously ;)

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  1. I love fried eggs on waffles… so so tasty good! :)

  2. Oooo – sorry your hands are hurting! Grip strength is the toughest to get stronger, too.

    Carbs – hmmmm. I love bread, fluff, chocolate, *bagels*, cupcakes. It’s all good LOL.

  3. My forearm strength is terrible! I know I could lift more weight on some Body Pump tracks (mainly back), but my forearms tire so much.

    How did you mom like the bday post?

    • Sometimes your forearms give out on you when they’re trying to compensate for weak biceps. When your biceps can’t handle the load (which are the secondary muscles in back exercises) the forearms kick in. That used to happen to me a lot before I started doing more bicep concentration exercises.

      And my mom loved the post + everyone’s b-day wishes :) Wish I could have been there with her for it!

  4. I am not sure there are carbs that I don’t like, but for the sake of actually answering your question I would say cinnamon raisin bread for breakfasts (I feature it on my blog almost daily) and Yogi granola crisps for snacking. I can down bags of granola crisps if I am not careful. As a matter of fact, they are staring at me from across the room right now. Must. Resist.

  5. I love snobby joes! I made them all the time during the summer! And a better question would be what carb don’t I like? Hmm right now I am really into bread and buttercup squash. And pancakes.

  6. fave carb? straight up white sugar baby :)

    the vegan snobby joes, have heard RAVE reviews about it but have never made it…you can write me telling me if you think i should or shouldnt. I dont want a huge jass vat of chili/sloppy joes if you thnk someone like my hubs who “doesnt like beans or lentils” all that much could like it…i need him to help me eat at least some of it and if it’s tasty, then he”can like” lentils…men, so fickle. lol

    • It depends on your personal taste. I know you love sweet, so the maple syrup in the recipe might not stand out as much for you. But if I were to make it again, I’d keep the chili powder measurement where it is and take down the maple with something less noticeable like agave (or white sugar ;) ). I love the idea of lentils as a sloppy joe base though – I bet you could whip up something on your own that’s even better!

  7. Oh i totally feel you on the grilled cheese craving front! same!! My mom got me a bread maker for my birthday and I am just waiting for the right moment to bust out my homemade bread for some gooey grilled cheese with tomato soup. YUM.

  8. You’ve got me craving waffles now! I must start participating in waffle Wednesday:) I think I like pretty much any carb, but especially bread. Ezekiel bread, baguettes, whole wheat sandwich bread – you name I love it. I’m known in my family for being the bread girl, haha. not sure that’s a good thing;)

  9. Irish soda bread makes the BEST grilled cheese. I think homemade bread is my favorite carb…

  10. i love your creative (and pretty) waffle toppings!

    omgggg, grilled cheese. i was hella sick on monday, and a bready, buttery grilled cheese was the only thing i wanted to/could eat.

    homemade bread, apples and jellybeans are my favourite carb source. :)

  11. Your waffles look goooooooood, love the strawberry yogurt idea : )

    Favorite carb thats a hard one hmmmmmmmmm……………nope I can’t choose so here are my top favorites: Rye bread toasted, rice cakes, brown rice, quinoa, noodles and OATS! x x

  12. P.S lots of veggies too!

  13. Already voted for ya :)

    I LOVE the looks of those waffles… mmm, mmm. Good thing I just celebrated waffle thursday :P

    I love real grilled cheese sandwiches. SO good.

    Favorite kind of carb… I LOVE bagels. And bread. And pasta. And bananas. I just love carbs! :P


  14. LOVE the idea of a savory ooey gooey egg on top of a sweet waffle. One of my fave dishes in the world is pizza with fried egg on top. Perhaps it’s just the egg that I’m all about :-)

    I used to make irish soda bread- when I settle down for 5 minutes I’d love to try your recipe.

    I love the fact that you said something like “to really satisfy the craving, I did nothing to healthify this dish”…..sooooooo smart. Really really smart. And 5 hrs of staying power is fabuloso.

    Fave carb: POPCORN!



  15. Favorite carb would have to be scones. I don’t discriminate though (well except against gluten) so any and all gf carbs are good with me! :)

  16. i love all carbs, but bread and pasta especially!

  17. It’s gotta be fresh baked bread for me- preferably in baguette format :)

  18. Anne @ a daily slice

    That grilled cheese looks amazing!! Do you have your recipe for the Irish soda bread?!

  19. Mmmm…Mmmm…Mmmm. The waffles look amazing as usual but it’s the grilled cheese that has got my mouth-watering! My favorite carb? Bread of any kind and fruit! (Vague…but what carb is not to like?!) ;-)

  20. Grilled cheese is such a staple of life. No matter how old you are!

  21. I love all fruit! LOVE it. So glad apple season is here!

  22. Those snobby joes look so delicious:)

  23. holy cow that grilled cheese looks AMAZING! so cheeeezyyyyyy!

    i really want to make snobby joes but i ran out of chili powder! damnit! i guess i’ll haveeeeeee to go get some tomorrow :) which works out perfectly because i just happened to have opened a package of lentils yesterday! woo hoo :)

  24. wow that grilled cheeeeese.. droooool! fave carbs are cereal and ice cream :) love ya!

  25. i am officially craving grilled cheese.

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