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They Say It’s Your Birthday

Instead of my regular blogging schedule, I am just popping in to pay tribute to this hot mama:


In other words, my mama.

I’m posting this tonight as I know my mother has the habit of checking the computer in the mornings. After she has her coffee of course ;)

Wednesday, September 22nd is my mom’s birthday. I was home with her on Mother’s Day but we didn’t get to spend much energy on her (there was cake to be made after all!) I hope that this year, my mother will get that special day she deserves on her birthday.

mom collage

I know some people would call a mother like mine their “best friend.” But clearly, our relationship goes much deeper than that. Of course she is my best friend and a blast to be around, but she’s also the most important person in my life. She gives me the best advice. She tells me to smarten up when I need to, and consoles me when I need that even more.

To say my mother and I have been through a lot together would be an understatement. It was just me and her in the house during my high school years – arguably the toughest years of my life. Even when I was at my lowest of the lows, she was always there ready to pick me up. She’s lived through some of the hardest things I can imagine and come through an even more amazing woman.

She’s the kind of feminist who taught me how to love myself and stand on my own. She got her third university degree while raising three small children. My family has been stricken by sickness and death over the past few years. Her ability to give and care for others is unlike anything I’ve ever known. Not to mention, taking three new step-children under her wing.


Did I mention she’s a pro at step aerobics?? Seriously. One of my clients was making fun of my Jane Fonda-esque mat moves the other day. It then recalled jumping around the living room to Jane Fonda videos next to her as a small child. So happy birthday mom! We’ll get to work out again together when you come visit next month <3


Also! If you’ve got time and votes to spare, you can still vote for my Project Food Blog entry here to name me the “Next Food Blog Star.” Thank you friends!!



Be back on Wednesday with, what else, waffles. Have a great hump day!


Question of the Day: Tell me something about your mom! I could go on and on about my mom. She’s lucky I left her nagging habit out of this post. Ohwait.