Early Riser


So. I had an 8:30 client today. I like to leave my house an hour early to make time for inevitable streetcar and subway delays. I set my alarm for 6:30am. It goes off, I hop out of bed, wash, dress, groan about how dark it is in the mornings now.

I go to put on a pot of coffee and notice the clock says 5:27am. I whip my head around to look at the stove – the numbers 5:27 glow back at me. Finally, I run to my computer, which is always right on time. 5:27. W.T.F.

Suddenly, a fuzzy memory returns. It’s somewhere around 1:30am and I’m fumbling around with my alarm clock next to my bed. Why I am doing this, I have no idea. Nor do I know what I did to my clock in the very wee hours of the morning. I try to go back upstairs to get back that 90 minutes of sleep I just lost But my mind and body are awake. I am angry at my subconscious self and already dreading the long day I have ahead of me. What is a girl to do?

Make pancakes. 


Using the same whole wheat protein waffle recipe as yesterday.


As my flapjacks flat waffles cooked in the pan, I finally got to that pot of coffee. I decided I might as well enjoy these quiet, dark hours before my busy day began.


For dipping, I mixed up 3 tbsp sugar-free syrup 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp marshmallow fluff.


That’s right, fluffernutter pancakes ;)


Suddenly, my day didn’t seem like it was off to such a bad start. As for that alarm clock, it’s being moved far, far away from my bed. I have a feeling my sub conscience will be too lazy to get out of bed to make any future changes to my wake-up time ;)


September Goal Check-In

Has it really been a week since our last goals check-in? Wasn’t it just Labour day? Am I in a sci fi movie??

1. Get organized. I would be getting at this famously if I stopped accumulating extra projects!! :P Finally got my personal training schedule sorted out to allow for part-time shifts at the running store. I’ve started working on my laptop during my down-time between clients. I stress “work” and not “reading blogs.” This way I’m getting better at not falling behind my e-mails and commitments!

2. Professional development. My Nutrition & Wellness course has been postponed!! Gah!! I was supposed to take it next weekend and now I have to wait until November. The same thing happened with Can-Fit-Pro when I was trying to do my personal training course. Must keep telling myself these things happen for a reason…

3. Turn on the oven. I made Shepherd’s pie this week! I meant to make bread but I never got around to it. I’m still giving this one a check.

4. Love my workouts. I have honestly been loving my new weightlifting split. Weightlifting is my favourite form of exercise and doing it four times a week opposed to twice a week like before just makes more sense for me! I had a glorious outdoor run on Saturday and made it to a relaxing Hatha Yoga class at Lululemon on Sunday. Did I mention the instructor was cute? It helps.


Question of the Day: How did you make out on your goals this past week? Any new ones?

Bonus Question: Got any funny sleep stories? Have you ever sleep-walked? I’m typically a deep sleeper. Nothing wakes me up and if it does I don’t remember it by morning!


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  1. It IS darker lately, even for those of us who get up at the right time… ;)

    those pancakes look YUM :)

  2. I hate when things like that happen. I’ve done them myself thats for sure.

    And this isn’t me that was asleep but its still funny. My brother laughs in his sleep. One night in high school when I was going to the bathroom I heard him laughing. I came into his room and started asking him all these questions and he kept laughing. When I went closer he was asleep. So weird!!!

  3. When I was in high school, apparently I sleep-walked downstairs and told my mom to make me a sandwich. She didn’t know I was sleep walking so she laughed and made me a sandwich and apparently I went back to bed. When I woke up in the morning, there was the sandwich on in the fridge with a note saying – Love, Mom.

  4. This sleeping story happened to me a few months a go. I woke feeling really tired one morning but looked at my clock and thought ‘oh crap it’s 8:30, I’ve slept through my alarms’. I set a few alarms on my phone because I dont trust myself with the snooze button.

    So I jumped out of bed, got ready and was out the door 15 minutes later. I have an hour drive to work each morning :( but the strange thing about this was the people on the radio seemed to be on really late in the day. I also was driving past bus stops with children at them and thought it strange they weren’t at school already. For some reason I glanced at the clock in my car and it said 7:35 ??? I have no idea how it all happened, but got to work with plenty of time :) Kind wish it would happen every morning.

  5. Wow that pancake recipe looks great! I love the dipping sauce too. I also love to dip my pancakes in yogurt or syrup versus pouring it on.

  6. perfect breakfast to start the day

  7. your pancakes look DELISH! you are the marshmellow fluff queen and i love it

  8. ive done that before on a saturday, my alarm goes off and I think its a work day and I freak!!!

    but wow im glad you had some extra time to make THOSE pancakes!!

  9. i’m a super active sleeper. my boyfriend tells me that in my sleep, i have
    1) run a marathon
    2) tried to convince him to make bread because “i ate like.. 4 loaves in 4 days.” (i didn’t actually, i was just sleep babbling.)
    3) burst out laughing like a maniac because he brushed my foot.
    4) picked up an imaginary phone and said “good morning, *place where i work*, jayme speaking” right in his ear.

    wooo, good work on the goals! :)

  10. Wow! What a crazy morning! I wish I would have gotten up when I was supposed to for spin class at 5:45. But, I guess it’s better that I actually got some sleep. I would have been spinning on 5 hours. :/

    And, it’s so awesome that pancakes can make us feel soooo much better :) I know what you mean! I NEED to make those again ASAP. :D

    I am also so enticed to buy fluff…but, I am afraid that it will become a new addiction. :/

  11. No funny sleep stories, but I am a pretty light sleeper so I wake up a LOT.

    My goals… let’s see. My business plan has gone pretty well. I’ve only done yoga ONCE… gotta change that one! Planning on working on my budget, I’ve been pretty good with that. Still have yet to get up early…

    So I guess I’m doing okay… but I can already see I’m going to need to be MUCH more strict in October!


  12. Ugh I hatttte when I wake up so much earlier than I need to. Last night I forgot to turn off my 4:55 a.m. alarm. So at 4:55 this morning, it went off. Luckily, I was able to fall back asleep but my poor husband wasn’t. Wooops!

  13. I’m a pretty boring sleeper.. I just sleep but all my boyfriends have been funny sleepers; one did weird poses, one talked.. it was entertaining! :D

  14. When I was about 10 years old, my was downstairs fixing us breakfast in the morning. She called up and asked what I wanted. I screamed back “I TOLD YOU! LIVER AND ONIONS!”

    No idea what kind of dream that was related to.

  15. I feel pretty good about my goals. 5 out of 6 isnt bad!

  16. I sleepwalked and almost fell in our pool when I used to live at home… NOT a good situation, but funny nevertheless! I’m slowly making progress at my goals for this month, 3 in particular get big checkmarks so I’m happy about that!

  17. It is darker later in the mornings. I am going to have trouble biking to the gym soon (before it gets too cold to bike).

    I am doing okay on goals. I am struggling a bit with eating as of late, but that has a lot to do with my insomnia (also as of late).

    I don’t think there is anything fluff doesn’t enhance, except maybe garlic bread…

  18. that’s nuts about your alarm clock! thank goodness it wasn’t in the other direction. those pancakes definitely made it worth the missed ZZZs :) goals.. what are those? haha. i should make some for october. i’ve been aimless this month.

    happy weekend!!

  19. Mmm…pancakes :)

    You know i’m an early riser!

    I’m not a good goal maker. Which is odd due to my “scheduled” life. I’m more of a…okay i’ll try that and see what happens.

    I swear the other night I woke up and had flew up in bed like 3 feet. It was weird.

  20. I once woke up wearing a completely different set of pyjamas. The ones I had been wearing when I went to sleep were just on the floor by the bed. It was really weird.

  21. Fluffernutter + pancakes! I am now morally obligated to make these for breakfast in the morning! Thanks for sharing, I absolutely can’t wait.

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