Daily Archives: September 16, 2010

Early Riser


So. I had an 8:30 client today. I like to leave my house an hour early to make time for inevitable streetcar and subway delays. I set my alarm for 6:30am. It goes off, I hop out of bed, wash, dress, groan about how dark it is in the mornings now.

I go to put on a pot of coffee and notice the clock says 5:27am. I whip my head around to look at the stove – the numbers 5:27 glow back at me. Finally, I run to my computer, which is always right on time. 5:27. W.T.F.

Suddenly, a fuzzy memory returns. It’s somewhere around 1:30am and I’m fumbling around with my alarm clock next to my bed. Why I am doing this, I have no idea. Nor do I know what I did to my clock in the very wee hours of the morning. I try to go back upstairs to get back that 90 minutes of sleep I just lost But my mind and body are awake. I am angry at my subconscious self and already dreading the long day I have ahead of me. What is a girl to do?

Make pancakes. 


Using the same whole wheat protein waffle recipe as yesterday.


As my flapjacks flat waffles cooked in the pan, I finally got to that pot of coffee. I decided I might as well enjoy these quiet, dark hours before my busy day began.


For dipping, I mixed up 3 tbsp sugar-free syrup 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp marshmallow fluff.


That’s right, fluffernutter pancakes ;)


Suddenly, my day didn’t seem like it was off to such a bad start. As for that alarm clock, it’s being moved far, far away from my bed. I have a feeling my sub conscience will be too lazy to get out of bed to make any future changes to my wake-up time ;)


September Goal Check-In

Has it really been a week since our last goals check-in? Wasn’t it just Labour day? Am I in a sci fi movie??

1. Get organized. I would be getting at this famously if I stopped accumulating extra projects!! :P Finally got my personal training schedule sorted out to allow for part-time shifts at the running store. I’ve started working on my laptop during my down-time between clients. I stress “work” and not “reading blogs.” This way I’m getting better at not falling behind my e-mails and commitments!

2. Professional development. My Nutrition & Wellness course has been postponed!! Gah!! I was supposed to take it next weekend and now I have to wait until November. The same thing happened with Can-Fit-Pro when I was trying to do my personal training course. Must keep telling myself these things happen for a reason…

3. Turn on the oven. I made Shepherd’s pie this week! I meant to make bread but I never got around to it. I’m still giving this one a check.

4. Love my workouts. I have honestly been loving my new weightlifting split. Weightlifting is my favourite form of exercise and doing it four times a week opposed to twice a week like before just makes more sense for me! I had a glorious outdoor run on Saturday and made it to a relaxing Hatha Yoga class at Lululemon on Sunday. Did I mention the instructor was cute? It helps.


Question of the Day: How did you make out on your goals this past week? Any new ones?

Bonus Question: Got any funny sleep stories? Have you ever sleep-walked? I’m typically a deep sleeper. Nothing wakes me up and if it does I don’t remember it by morning!