Tim Tam Slam

Helloooo!! I feel like it’s been forever since I sat down to write a normal blog. Ohhhh and how normal I’ve been all week. After a long weekend filled with excitement, I’ve been thrown head first into a very busy work week. No complaints though. What else would I be doing with my time? Watching Teen Mom?? I came to Toronto to do things, so doing is what I’m… erm… doing ;)


Most of my breakfasts this week have been rushed and eaten on the go. Thankfully, near-empty nut butter jars make for excellent portable dishware ;)


This was my first crack at overnight oats/yogurt in a jar. It had about 2/3 cup yogurt with 1/4 cup raw oats, raisins, coconut, cinnamon, protein powder, and of course the >1 tbsp almond butter left on the sides of the jar.


I must say, I was not a fan of this. The best thing about oats in a jar is that it melts the leftovers stuck on the side of the jar, thus making it easier to get every last bit. Instead I was just left with chunks of hard almond butter in my yogurt.

This morning, I made sure to put a hot meal in that glass jar.


What?? Who said oats in a jar is only for nut butters?


I put a small scoop of PB on the bottom for good luck.


Then poured in my hot oatmeal and topped with another tiny scoop of PB and blueberry jam for more good luck. Muuuuch better. The fluff got all melty and gave me a sugar jolt with my morning caffeine buzz ;)

Speaking of Fluff, I got word they don’t have the marshmallow treat in Australia. A sin really. So I sent off a jar to Laura to make her life complete, and in return she sent me a package chock full of Australian goodies!! I must share.


First up – Tim Tams. I’ve heard of the name, but never knew what they were. Until now.


They’re like a chocolate covered chocolate wafer cookies with a chocolate cream in the centre. Dreeeammy. Laura instructed me to You Tube “Tim Tam Slam.” I did. It was awesome. You can watch it here.


You will have to excuse the crinkled and open packages. My grubby hands got to them before my camera did!

Next up are Jaffas. 


They’re kind of like a cross between a Smartie and an orange Skittle. Chocolate with a thick orange flavoured candy coating. Verrrry interesting!

And who can forget…


Dude, I didn’t know you could get this stuff in a tube!! Or that Kraft made it!


As the package suggests, Vegemite is a concentrated yeast extract. It smells pretty gross… and squeezes out thick.


Laura said to use it sparingly as it has a very strong flavour. I put some on my beer bread to pair up yeast flavours. It’s much more salty than I was expecting, but with a sweet undertone? I guess the only thing I could compare it to is soy sauce. We can buy Marmite in Canada, which is similar, but I’ve never had the guts to buy it! I think I might actually acquire a taste for this stuff :)


Thank you for the goodies Laura!! I <3 you too :)


September Goal Check-In

It’s been just over a week since we set our goals for September, now time to check in and see how we’re doing! Keeping you (and me!) in check ;)

1. Get organized. I’m religiously writing everything down in my agenda. It’s hard balancing out the schedules of nearly 20 clients, with a new part-time job, e-mails, blogging, getting a new certification, side projects, workouts, volunteering and a social life! I’m still dropping the ball on a few things though. There are a few items that keep getting pushed over on my to-do list, it’s time to finally cross them off!

2. Professional development. Lookie what I got this week!


My Nutrition & Wellness Specialist certification manual. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’ve been in my new training job for two months now and studying about health and wellness again is injecting more life into my work. Not to mention, teaching me valuable and useful information that I can use in my job.

3. Turn on the oven. I did it once this week with the above beer bread. This week was a bit of a wash with meal planning because of the short week. Next week I’m kicking it into high gear.

4. Love my workouts. Ooohhh Nelly. Yes, I have been totally loving my workouts this week. But my body sure hasn’t been liking them! :P I took Sat/Sun off because of travel. Worked my back/biceps on Monday, then my legs on Tuesday. I was feeling a little sore on Wednesday, so stuck to an (amazing) Ashtanga Yoga class at my gym. Then I got sore. Real sore. For the sake of muscle repair, I took an unplanned rest day today while hobbling around training clients. This new workout split is fun, but kinda killing me. I may have to take it a bit slower!


Question of the Day: How are you doing on your monthly goals? Don’t have any yet? Make some!


See ya tomorrow for Fitness Friday!

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  1. I can actually get Tim-Tam in Japan, but never have tried it. I might just throw some in the cart this week as a sometimes treat!

    Also, Arnott makes a great cheese cracker called Shapes. It’s similar to Cheez-Its, but much, much tastier!

  2. Tim Tams look exactly like the British “Penguins” … yum-o!

  3. I am now in school and work full time and one of my goals was to balance school and work with friends so I wanted to do something either with friends or family at least once a week!

    last week I went to a football game with a friend and this week I’m goin to a football game with a different friend!
    im doin good!

  4. ohhhh Tim Tams, lurrve my tim tams. They can be found in every Aussie fridge and now come in 101 different flavours. I’ve always called it a Tim Tam Suck instead of a Slam. Susan what did you suck through it? I like just cold milk, if you do it with warm milk or coffee or tea the tim tam can lose it’s structure and crumble into a yummy chocolate mess :)

    I hate to admit it, as an Aussie, I can’t stand Vegemite. I grew up hating the smell so have never been able to spread it on anything.

    Great package Laura :)

    • I actually haven’t done the Tim Tam Slam yet… although I’ve probably done more internet research on it than necessary ;) I like the idea of using cold milk!

  5. Ooo the import treats look awesome! Also, in the US “smarties” are what we call “rockets” here, so your description might be confusing to some of the Americans ;)

    And I’m glad you did overnight oats in a jar, because I’ve been thinking about doing it but have been a little hesitant because of the lost meltyness, and now you’ve talked me out of it!

  6. Yay for vegemite. Well, I’ve only had marmite but I’m pretty sure it’s close to identical. I got OBSESSED with marmite on toast with a cup of tea as my night time “snack” in university. I go through phases with it though – such an acquired taste!

  7. I got to try Tim Tams for the first time during a french exam last term! Random, eh? They are indeed DREAMY.

    Vegemite in a tube is super weird, yet I definitely have the urge to try it! It’s a bit of a legend in Australia, no?

    Sounds like some great workout variety!

  8. I had no idea that vegemite came in a tube!

  9. Hey doll!

    Some great looking treats you have here!! I love trying new things like this that you can’t get in Canada or the States!


  10. One of my good friend from seminary was an Aussie who showed me the Tim Tam Slam. Now I giggle everytime I see them.

    I love vegemite with all I have. So bitter but some love it.

  11. I passed my assessment so am officially a personal trainer!!!!!!! My September goal is done! x x

  12. You MUST do the tim tam slam. We do the same thing in the UK with Tunnock’s wafers – it’s amazing. You suck up the tea until it just hits your tongue then shove the biscuit in your mouth in one go. It goes all melty and tastes amazing! Not sure what your nutrition and wellness specialist book would make of it though! x

  13. Just reminded me that I need to try out vegemite! I’m doing well on my goals, the main one is to run my first half which is just over a week away!

  14. I have a friend who gave me a small jar of vegemite…ooohhh my.
    Try it on toast, with butter and a thin smear of vegemite. It’s much better. :D

  15. Oh my girl do I have a treat for you! Guess what you can get at the IGA on the Danforth?

    TIMTAMS!!!!!!!! In a bunch of different flavours!

    I first had them in Australia and missed them sooo badly but my boyfriend (god love him) found them at the IGA and surprised me with them on my birthday last year!!!

    TimTam slam all the way!!!

  16. What fun australian treats, love it!

    I tried some vegemite my friend brought me back from Aus…. NOT a fan. :P

    I hate to say it… but ANOTHER ailment has kept me from my goals! Working on them, though.

    I did yoga, I set up a budget for the month [have yet to plug any numbers in, though- oops], been working hard on my business plan… but haven’t gotten up earlier, increased my mileage or been more creative. Work in progess!

    See you tomorrow, lady!


  17. lol Tim Tams!! Up until yesterday I had only heard of them too, but then I went down this aisle at the pharmacy I never usually go down and they had some right there! I made a mental note to go back and buy some!

  18. I’m scared of vegemite, but if it tastes like soy sauce I might be able to try it. Fun Australian loot!

  19. oh! i’m excited for fitness friday :)

    p.s. i totally think the beer bread oven turn on was the only legit reason to turn an oven on during a busy week! hope you get some relaxation time this weekend girl :)

  20. I love your Canadian products with the french translations. I would move to Canada just to have a jar of Fluff that says whatever that weird word for marshmallow is (googling…) guimauve. So fun!!

  21. I LOVE Tim Tams!!! When my family spent a summer in Australia, I couldn’t get enough of them. My dad is also a big Vegemite fan but I can’t say I’ve acquired a taste for it.

    As for goals, that’s awesome you got your manual!! I”m so excited to take the course in November, and the best part is that I’m doing it in Oakville at Whole Foods!!!!! SO pumped. So far I’m doing ok (she says, with a sheepish look on her face) with the grocery budget, and am making progress on some of my other fitness and spirituality-related goals. :)

    • Baaahaha, that is too funny that you’re doing yours in a Whole Foods!! Let me know if you need any help come November as I’m doing my exam in October. You can help me with my group instructor training in return ;)

  22. I think I made the same beer bread as you this week! How was the texture of yours? I haven’t broken into mine yet but it seemed more…biscuit-y than bread-y. I’ll let you know how it tastes!

  23. oh my gosh, what fun aussie goods! well, except the vegemite. i HATE that stuff. i havent tried it since i was 19, i wonder if my palette has developed a taste for it? i just recall i hated it when i tried it! but i like a lot of things now that i hated back then.

    i love seeing how much you are learning. first the PT thing and now this. i am so proud of you :)

    i also love to see you LIVING.. you are having so much fun!

  24. that beer bread…has inspired madeline who has inspired me to somehow maybe make it GF and vegan…i really want to try!

    love that you’re living life, that’s the #1 goal, period!

    and that you did an ashtanga class..yay!!!

  25. Tim tams!!! I dated a guy who was going ot school in australia for a while, and he sent me some for my birthday. Amazing! Although after watching that video, I must admit, I am slightly disappointed I never actually tried the Tim Tam Slam!

    I’m sorry though, I just can’t do vegemite OR marmite. Blech!

  26. Tim Tams are absolutely delightful! Thank goodness for import stores over here in the states!! While I was studying in England, my Aussie friends introduced me to them. I’m not sure I’ve ever fully forgiven them.

    Regardless of whether it’s Marmite or Vegemite (Never tried it, but have been told the flavor is different, but along the same lines. However, never get between a Brit and an Aussie when they’re arguing over the virtues of their yeast extracts!!) if you toast some bread, spread it with a thin layer of butter then a thin layer of Marmite: Lovely!

  27. when i was in australia for a month, i did a tim tam slam everyday. no lie.

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