Beer, Bread, Burgers, Ohmy.

Aahhh… you know what is even worse than a Sunday evening? The Monday after a long weekend. Three days is enough to completely check out of real life. Having to face it again on a Monday night is always a rude awakening!


Another bummer is the fact that I am out of Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter. Sound the alarms. This is an emergency situation.


I stuffed the near-empty jar with cottage cheese, peaches, raisins, cinnamon, coconut flakes, raw oats and sugar-free syrup. I ended up putting my finger in there to ensure no seed butter remained. Then shed a single tear *sniff* Trader Joe’s needs to come to Canada.

I ended up spending aaallll morning in bed watching MTV shows on my computer and catching up on a few blogs. It was grand. Even though it’s a holiday, my gym is still open and I had a client who wanted to work out this afternoon. Not quite a holiday for me! Lunch before work:


Pan-fried ham slices with swiss cheese, sautéed red pepper, spinach, on an english muffin. Then squashed and melted in the hot pan. Not pictured is the plethora of baby carrots and salsa that accompanied this. Yum.

Thank goodness I had that client today though because it got me to the gym! I was definitely bit by the lazy bug today, but I still managed to squeeze out a decent back/biceps workout. I am really enjoying my new lifting split! I feel like my workouts are a lot more efficient. It’s easier to wrap things up in an hour when I only have two muscle groups to focus on.

Even though I am officially on a Buffalo detox, my day did involve a little more Blue Moon beer. (brought back across the border)


But not straight up. I had some flour and sugar with it.


Not separately, ohno.


Mixed all up in my roommate’s Kitchenaid mixer.


And placed into a bread pan.


You know where this is going ;)

April’s Beer Bread

3 cups of self-rising flour

1/2 cup of sugar

1 can or bottle of beer

mix ingredients and put in loaf pan

melt 1/2 stick of butter and pour over top

bake at 375 for 45 minutes!!

I used 1 cup all-purpose flour and 2 cups whole wheat, then mixed in 3 tsp baking powder and 1 1/2 tsp salt because I didn’t have self-rising flour. Also, I definitely did not use that much butter – maybe like 2 tbsp ;)

It rose!


Avec du beurre…


It turned out very dense and sweet.



I of course tried a piece right away with a little smear of Lori’s pear cranberry jam.


Good!! And SO easy!! Baking with yeast admittedly scares me, so the idea of pouring beer in sounded a lot more appealing. You really can’t pick up that much of a beer taste because of the sugar. Next time I want to try Guinness for the beer and molasses for the sweetener. So many possible combos!

I wasn’t just baking beer bread for the hell of it though. Something this good needs to be shared!


BBQ. Labour Day style.


This is not my backyard. My backyard is a parking lot. And there is a definite lack of bbq back there.


What is happening in these photos? I do believe it is a foot high five.


That girl on the left was in Schindler’s List. True story!

Seeing as I’m on a Buffalo detox, I made a point of keeping my bbq grub somewhat healthy.


Earlier in the day I threw together a pound of ground chicken with some chopped red pepper, spinach, a couple scoops of salsa and a few shakes of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I formed the mix into patties and brought one of them to the bbq with me.

Spicy spinach chicken burger? Yesplease!! And yes, that is my second english muffin of the day. It made for a killer bun.


For veggies I put a chopped sweet potato on the ‘cue but I couldn’t finish it all. My chicken burger was too huge!

But there’s always room for dessert ;)


My roommie Megan brought chocolate crinkle cookies that her mom always makes. They were deeeelicious. Kinda like a cross between a cookie and fudge. Rolled in icing sugar. The perfect little chocolate treat.

And for those of you fretting over the start of your work week or school year, don’t worry…


As seen outside an Indian restaurant on Queen West in Toronto ;)

As Madeline would say – make it a good one!!


Question of the Day: What is your favourite thing to grill? Mine is bread!! We used to go to this restaurant when I was a kid where you could pick flavoured butters, different kinds of bread, then grill it yourself. Amazing.

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  1. Looks like you had a great Labor Day!
    And my favorite thing to grill? Pineapple, hands down!


  2. Sad days when sunflower seed butter is gone :( I’ve been trying to ration mine (aka I bought a jar of Nutella and have been inhaling that instead). And that bread looks awesome!!

  3. Grilled Zucchini!! Yum!

    PS – your burger looks BOMB

  4. At least you got to visit trader joes, i have no chance until i fly over for a wish.

    I’m loving your life in your new place, your friends look awesome. glad your all having fun!

    i adore veggies on the BBQ!

  5. I love grilled veggies, grilled chicken, steak, ribs, veggie burgers…and on and on! I love grilling so much. Oh and…life without Trader Joe’s is no life to be lived, so if you ever want to do a foodie swap, let me know. (I mean, assuming I can ship food to Canada…silly customs and all).

  6. That bread looks SO good! Baking break is on my list of things to conquer. Glad to see it’s not quite as scary as I thought. :) I love to grill mushrooms, bell peppers and squash.

  7. AGREED- Trader Joe’s really needs to make an appearance in Canada!

    That beer bread with butter looks ballin’.

  8. I like hot dogs on the grill. Good ones. They aren’t the same when they aren’t grilled.

    By the way, in the Midwest, Blue Moon is served with an orange slice in it. You should try it! Beer+a serving of fruit should be right up your alley!

  9. Ahh I can’t wait for BBQ weather in Sydney. I love doing massive mushrooms and adding garlic butter or a sweet chilli sauce to them. What you call peppers, we call capsicums and I love cutting them in flat sheets, and brushing my home made marinades over them. Any vege or meat with marinade on the BBQ is great, mostly chicken thighs.

    That chicken thing you made is called a Rissole in Australia, they’re great in burgers and it looks soo yum :)

  10. Sounds like you had a perfect day!

  11. Haha, I WOULD say that! Growing up my dad would make pancakes on the grill in the summertime and I have to say, it was pretty freaking amazing

  12. Maybe a Low*Five instead of a high five?
    Such good looking food and friends –
    your life/blog looks like an ad, or a magazine story!
    Nicely done, indeed.

  13. chocolate crinkle cookies-my mom makes those over xmas!

    beer + bread…would have never thought that could work but omg that looks so good. too bad gluten is OFF limits for me.

    what a great weekend, susan!! so glad you had fun!!

  14. The burgers and bread both sound wonderful, I love bread thats easy to make, I made my first ever loaf last week and now I can’t wait to make my next one! Looks like you had a great day x

  15. I’m glad you liked the bread :) How easy was that to make? I’m all about easy. I’m almost ashamed when people ask for the recipe ;)

    I love grilled tuna steak!

    fudge and cookie mixture with sugar icing…yes please! LOL!

  16. Your BBQ looks awesome, I love (and already miss) grilled food. My favourite thing to grill used to be meat but these days I love corn on the cob or mushrooms. MMMM!

  17. So this is what TGBA blog looks like! :-) Been awhile…sorry. Been in a bit of a funk but hoping I’m back now. Burger sounds good esp. on an english muffin!

  18. Yea, I would say that is beer, bread, and burgers oh my! All looks so good. And that sign outside of the Indian restaurant is too cute.

  19. That chicken burger looks insanely good! I would have gobbled that right up. I don’t have a grill so I’m not sure what my fave thing to grill is… but probably veggies.

  20. Oooh interesting, I’ve never grilled bread before! I like grilling fruit, and veggies too. Grilled zucchini is SO much better than boiled!! Oh, and your chicken burger looks absolutely divine. Like I want it right now.. .and it’s 11am. :D

  21. Oh my god, YES. Grilled bread is incredible.
    Beer bread sounds crazy…but good. I actually baked bread yesterday. It’s a work in progress. It always seems to come out so dense. I think I need to hone my kneading skills.

    That homemade burger looks awesome and well done you for bringing your own goodness to the party…I went to a potluck yesterday and consumed everything in sight. Ugh. Lemme hop on that Buffalo Detox with you!

  22. oh my god this beer bread would be SO great with the banana nut beer i had a few weekends ago! i also saw chocolate beer that would probably make an amazing combo :)

  23. that sing is awesome! haha! i have a question, don’t know if u can help? this morning i got up at 5:30 to do a workout dvd, it intervals of sprinting on the spot, jumping etc and then some abs at the end. i did n’teat before i did it but i drank alot of water, i did the dvd and felt fine, however after, i started to feel dizzy and i was physically sick, is this just becausei didn’t eat anything or another reason? thanks if you can help!

    • Yes! It’s probably because your body was all out of energy (ie calories). The only time you can get away without having a snack first thing in the morning before a workout is if you eat a big meal or snack right before bed. Make sure you get at least 100 calories in you before working out first thing. If food is hard to get down, yogurt or juice works too. Also, doing a lot of up and down when your heart rate is up can make you really dizzy. Especially if you’re going to the floor and up again really quickly. Remember to listen to your body while you kick your own booty ;)

  24. I think my favorite thing on the grill is corn on the cobs they come off so sweet and yummy x x

  25. We love grilling everything. Fish, steak, veggies…it’s the best way to spend the summer!

  26. boy does that bread look delicious. one of the reasons I don’t make bread too often is because it’s such a time consuming task, unless you make a dessert type loaf like zucchini bread. This looks like the best combination of real bread and dessert bread. I can’t wait to try it.

  27. Oh my gosh, that jam sounds like such a winning combo!

  28. I think I have a craving for chicken burgers now.

    As for me – although I love me some steak I actually loved to grill fruit. Really brings out their natural sweetness! Try it! :)

  29. Curry on . . . BAHAHAHAHA what a riot – gosh darn do I ever love a play on words

  30. YOWZA, between your trip to buffalo and this post.. i have LOVED reading about your life lately! it looks like so much fun. and by it, i mean ALL of it. XOXO

  31. “Baking with yeast admittedly scares me, so the idea of pouring beer in sounded a lot more appealing” – you are hilarious.

    I love grilled shrooms and potatoes!

  32. That bread looks so nice and spongy! Is it alchoholic because if it is I can’t make it…the alchohol gets boiled off right? :-?

  33. I’m dying to try some sunflower butter!! I miss TJs… I had it in Michigan, but definitely not here in Texas :)

    I heart Curry.

  34. you canadians and your need to add u’s to all your words :)

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