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Fitness Friday – Fit Links

Seeing as it’s a long weekend I figure everyone is either 1) super busy traveling, spending time with family, getting their lives in order or 2) finding themselves with an excessive amount of time on their hands!

Thus, this Friday I’m providing a slew of links to previous fitness posts I’ve written. Bookmark it for later, or sit back and get click happy!

On foam rolling

How to design a full body workout

Bodyweight exercises

The Elliptical, explained

Hittin’ the HIIT

Weight Lifting 101

Ripped Arms, A How-To Guide

Reebok Easy Tone the Easy Way Out?

Exercises for the cable machine

The Perfect Push-Up

The Perfect Plank

The Perfect Squat

Love Handles


Lifting Sets

Happy exercising!!


That photo may require an explanation. Another day!