Goal Oriented

Happy Waffle Wednesday!!


Favourite day of the week? Maybe. Just maybe ;)

Started with this protein pancake recipe. I use pancake recipes for waffles and vice versa – the two are interchangeable!


For the toppings, I started with almond butter smeared into all the little squares.


Then slathered on blueberry yogurt and added a few black grapes for fun. Black grapes are my fave kind of grape. I put more thought than necessary into grapes. Including my extreme distaste for wine grapes.


Speaking of grapes… see the condensation on that one in the front? That’s after being out of the fridge for about one minute. It’s HOT here today!! Well, I think it’s hot all over North-Eastern North America, no? Excruciating.

So hot that after an hour of being in my apartment, this ($2.50) jar of coconut oil liquefied. Because of its saturated fat content, it’s normally partially solid at room temperature.

It should come as no surprise then, that as my roommie and I were tossing around ideas of things to make in the food processor last night, she jumped at the mention of frozen banana soft serve.


She immediately grabbed a bundle of bananas out of the freezer and tossed them in the food processor.


Two minutes later, we had a healthy (albeit, still sugar-filled) frozen dessert to cool us off.


This dessert has been floating around the foodie blogosphere for a looooong time now, but this was my first time trying it! At first, I thought I would top it with marshmallow fluff. But after tasting a little off my finger, I realized it was already very sweet.


It really had the consistency of soft serve! It wasn’t nearly as “banana-ey” as I was expecting it to be. If that makes sense. I think because it was frozen, it cut some of that distinct flavour edge off. I topped this with a little dollop of almond butter. But my roommie and I then proceeded to spend the next several minutes discussing all the fun mix-ins we could include next time.

Thanks to the heat, I’ve also been craving very simple meals. Simple is what I do and enjoy best :)


Like this pita with sliced boiled eggs, baba ganouj and veggies. Eggs + baba ganouj is yet another killer flavour combo!

I’m digging these Pita Gourmet high protein pita pockets.


140 calories, 20g carbs 10g protein per pocket. Only downside is the sodium – 480mg for one pita?? Whoa. Must be why they’re so tasty :P

Many cold salads have also been had. This is the one I had last night that was so good I replicated it tonight.


  • lots of baby spinach
  • red pepper
  • tomato
  • red onion
  • mango
  • Trader Joe’s corn salsa (although, I ran out the second time around, so just sprinkled on red pepper flakes for a little spice)
  • 1 pork chop, grilled and cubed

For the dressing, I whisked together 2 tbsp hummus, 1 laughing cow blue cheese wedge, and a little bit of water to thin it out. Tossed all together and it was one of my best salads of the summer! I think the produce and meat were of especially good quality, the flavours and textures were fantastic.


Goals for September

It’s that time again! First day of the month, which means a new set of goals to focus on over the next 30 days. I encourage you all to do the same. One month is the perfect time period to complete new goals. Writing them down and checking in on them is a great way to stay motivated! Here are mine…

1. Get organized. I’ve already been working towards this and have made some progress. The time management session at the Healthy Living Summit made me realize that I need to get my butt in gear! I will (hopefully) be working two jobs, volunteering my time, freelancing, and working on many other projects this month. I need to get all that crap out of my head and start putting it on paper!

2. Professional development. I’m taking my course in Nutrition & Wellness this month, but I also want to put more hours into reading studies, fitness literature, shadowing trainers, and basically learning all I can to better my own training.

3. Turn on the oven. I haven’t done it in two months!! If the heat ever ends, I would like to start baking again and making more dishes in the kitchen.

4. Love my workouts. I no longer work out to look a certain way or to keep my weight down. I work out because it’s what I love to do. Exercises will be chosen not by how many calories they burn or what sort of results they will give me. I’m doing activities I love to do and look forward to :)


And with that, I leave you with a new workout! Click here to check out one of my many full body circuit workouts. You’ll get your full-body strength training in, while moving quickly and keeping your heart rate up. More to come!


Question of the day: What are your goals for September? Write them down and remember them – we’ll be checking in weekly!

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  1. Love the last goal! I avoided yoga for so long because I thought it was a waste of time because it didnt burn enough calories! no more! Its relaxing, i like it and ill do it!

  2. My goal for the month is to come up with a plan of attack for getting back into my best shape. Toned is one word for it :)

    I also plan on picking activities that I love and will look forward to in order to achieve this goal. And maybe one activity I might love/hate (hi jillian!)

    Love your gigant-o waffle.

  3. Where did you buy those Pitas? Chances are, they have them in Van if they have them in T.O.

  4. Goals for September:
    -Exercise regularly with my new workout buddy!
    -Eat a whole grain dish at least once a day [I’ve been really bad about my grains lately!]
    -Get a haircut
    -Stay on top of my classes while doing all of the above :)

  5. “It wasn’t nearly as “banana-ey” as I was expecting it to be.”—Totally true, yes, i know, a couple years ago when i first tried it, i was shocked and how un-banana-ey it is!

    stay alive,stay sane, raise a wonderful child :)

  6. My goals are to keep up calorie tracking, pay off my credit card and be a good friend. And not to complain too much about the weather getting colder (send some of that heat my way!).

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog and your food looks yummy. I don’t beleive I’ve heard of the banana soft serve before and I just might have to give it a try though I’m trying to cut down cuz I luv me bananas.

    I think its great how you listed your goals.


  8. Great goals Susan! I really like how you’re taking the emphasis off using your exercise to look a certain way, but rather as a way to enjoy yourself.
    My goals would be:
    1) Take advantage of the gorgeous late summer/ fall weather (i.e. get outside more often)
    2) Get more involved with blogging community
    3) Continue to experiment with new recipes
    4) Smile more often

  9. Here are my goals! I love how you keep us all in line:)

    1. Stay organized at my new job. I’m managing 10 people now, so I need to stay on track!!

    2. Get to the pumpkin patch at least twice. That place is my eden…I am SO happy when I walk through those doors.

    3. sell my house!! This one is a bit out of my control, but I’m hoping we find a buyer.

  10. So apparently wordpress thinks you’re a spammer :P
    But thanks for the recipes, I will have a great waffle soon!

    Ahhh I have been looking for those pitas everywhere. I can’t find them!

    Awesome goals. I love having something to write down & refer back to. Though I posted them on my blog, a few of my goals…
    -Get up early again [day two… nope.]
    -Go dairy free [this one is going to be HARD]
    -Bring back yoga
    -Increase my running mileage
    -Work on my budget
    -Finish my business plan

    Lots to do!! I’m hoping this month will be a productive one :P


  11. I haven’t been making monthly goals lately aside from A) Keep up with marathon training B) Don’t let marathon training kill you C) Don’t forget that you hate your job and want to quit by the beginning of next year – job hunt yo!

    Those remain pretty constant these days :)

    I looove banana soft serve but I’m so lazy with my food processor so I never end up making it. Sad.

  12. I still need to try out banana soft serve! I usually end up baking my old bananas into muffins instead of freezing them though!

    This heat wave in insane! I attended outdoor yoga yesterday and it was crazy times.

    I need to think about what my goals are for September… I’m really hoping to do my first 5k on Sept 19th – hopefully I don’t chicken out.

  13. My two biggest goals are to really work on my job situation and to keep rocking out the marathon training!

  14. I think heal and rest from Hood to Coast is my #1 goal for this month!

  15. I’m dyinggg to get a new waffle maker (mine is crappy and everything sticks…) When I do (hopefully?), then I will be participating in Waffle Wednesday…as well as every other day of the week :)

    Those are awesome goals! One of mine is to bring my stress level down. It won’t be easy but it’s def. worth it

  16. that’s so funny you say banana soft serve isn’t as banana-y as you thought, because i think it is more so (which is why i usually add nut butter or cinnamon or chocolate chips or something else to it). anyways, i need to work on goals. i am the ultimate failer of following through on thangs…

  17. how good is banana soft serve?? i threw in some frozen cherries one time and it was HEAVEN in a bowl!

    i love that you stuck some AB in the crevices of the waffle!!

  18. I love banana soft serve! And was also amazed at how much it tasted like actual soft serve.

    I loved reading your goals, and I definitely need to set some. But I think I need to think about it for awhile first. Apparently I take goal setting very seriously;)

  19. Did you put anything in your banana soft serve, or did you just blend up the bananas? I’ve only made it twice (just plan, without add ins) and I found it pretty banana-y! Although still really tasty. :)

    • Nope, just bananas! Although, I was expecting it to be waaaay banana flavoured, almost sickeningly so. Instead it just tasted like banana ice cream :)

  20. i love your waffle wednesday colorful message! and your waffle. i have been BAD at celebrating lately. i need to get the waffle iron out!

    i havent set goals for september. i probably should, but i am just enjoying life right now! i guess that is a good goal?

    that is awesome that you are already out of the corn salsa. it’s addicting.

    PLEASE tell me you found that package i sent you. i am dying to see you use it.

  21. Just now tried the banana softserve?! It’s pretty dang good, eh?
    Lovely goals:)
    My September goals are to get more strength training in. I’ve been so focused on race training that strength training happens only once or twice a week. I want to make that twice or three times!

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