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Things I Learned The Month I Let Go

I have a very serious chocolate addiction. I am looking into rehabilitation programs where they wean me off with carob.


I have to start dressing better in public. Blog readers can be anywhere!! :P

The best way to see a city is through its grocery stores.


Meditation is just not for me. Yet.

Mint is a fantastic addition to yogurt messes.

Happiness is not defined by situation or location. It’s a matter of opening your eyes and letting yourself be happy in the moment.

Green figs are superior to black figs.

Sometimes it’s best not to over-think things. I should have been to scared and nervous to attend a conference with 200 bloggers I don’t know very well. I should have been concerned about how I would get there and afford it all. Instead, I just went for it. I don’t regret a thing.


Blogging has changed my life. I can’t even begin to imagine the life path I would be on now if it weren’t for this little piece of the internet.

For too long I’ve been focusing my energies on maintaining a significant weight loss. When instead I should have been trying to maintain a healthy mind and body. The two are very different and don’t always deem the same results. The latter is all I care about now.

Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter is CRACK. In terms of smooth nut/seed butter, I think it’s one of the best I’ve had!

Toronto would not be the same without some of the wonderful bloggers I’ve connected with here.


I am never allowed to do karaoke ever again.

I need to cut myself more slack. The life changes I’ve experienced over these last several weeks aren’t exactly small potatoes.

Races are SO much more fun when you’re not one of the people running!

 img_1377 (1)

…and volunteering your time is always worth it :)

Bacon covered in chocolate is not all it’s cracked up to be.



I am officially two months into my Toronto adventure and only now do I feel like I’m finally in the swing of things. I’ve got a feeling I still have a lot of learning to do ;) Starting with Tina’s 30 Days of Self Love in September. Go click!


Question of the Day: What did you learn in August?