Sweet Gifts and A New Routine

Reason #592 why I love blogger friends.


Because even when I can’t have lunch with some of them, we can still share food :)


A ginormous THANK YOU to Lori who thought of me after making homemade buckwheat honey marshmallow fluff. She immediately popped a jar in the mail to spread the fluff love.

IMG_1340 IMG_1337

If you know anything about me, you know that I immediately popped the lid off and scooped it out with my finger.

Ohmygoooood SO good! I love the honey flavour in the fluff. I must try making this now that I’m finally all settled in a kitchen!


As a bonus, she included a jar of homemade pear cranberry jam. I’m not going to beat around the bush here. This jam is uh-mazing. Love the combo of these two fruits, juuuust sweet enough, and the chunky texture is fabulous.

Lori, that coffee shop we’re opening can’t come soon enough! ;)


I picked up the goods last Thursday night and had to try them all on my oatmeal Friday morning. A trifecta!

Too bad I ate this at 6am before natural sunlight made it through my windows. These kitchen photos don’t quite to it justice.


And because I neeeeed nut butter on my oatmeal – almond butter.


The pear cranberry jam made a reappearance for breakfast this morning.


Made protein pancakes by mixing:

  • 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 cup unflavoured soy protein powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 stevia packet
  • cinnamon, lots of it
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 1/2 cup almond milk


I thinned out a tablespoon of almond butter with almond milk to get more out of it.


PB&J pancakes on a Monday morning?? I’ll take it! ;)


My mid-morning snack had been waiting patiently for me in the cupboard since yesterday.


I heated it up in the microwave first before unravelling to the gooey centre.


That right there is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Hands down.


Fret not, I haven’t just been eating sweet things.


On Friday, I “healthified” a meal I used to love – beans and wieners. Oddly, this is not a dish I grew up eating like most people, but introduced to me by a boyfriend when I was 18. Same boy who introduced me to fluffernutter sandwiches as well. His childhood was apparently a lot tastier than mine.


For this, I mixed together:

  • 1 can soy beans in a tomato sauce
  • 3 veggie hot dogs
  • 1 spaghetti squash
  • 1/4 onion, carmelized with a clove of garlic
  • few handfuls spinach, cooked
  • 1 small tomato, chopped
  • 1/2 can herbed tomato paste
  • 2 tbsp ketchup

I ate it plain on Friday, then re-heated on top of spinach with cheddar cheese tonight. Such comfort food!


Finally, I want to talk a little bit about my own personal exercise schedule. I’ve gotten so much into the habit of talking about exercise for other people that I forget some people like to hear what I am doing myself!

As mentioned in this post, I took a little break from exercise. This is something I do quite often. Every three months or so I take several consecutive days off all intense activity such as weight lifting, running, spinning, etc. It’s a welcome physical break for my body, which gets put through quite the beating with my workouts everyday. But it’s an even better break for my mind. Working out all the time can really drain you mentally.

This summer has obviously been a little hard on my workout schedule what with moving, getting a job in a gym, then giving up my old gym membership. Even worse is that I like to rely on the outdoors in the summer months for my exercise. But I only do it when it’s enjoyable – and running in the heat is not enjoyable. We’re on track for being the hottest summer on record here. I have been without a working bike since the spring. I eventually got bored of my same ole’ gym routine snuck in between clients. I burned out.

After 5 days of complete rest, I hopped on the elliptical last Friday for 50 minutes. Nothing too hard, but I still found it exhausting. I took Saturday off again, then did some yoga and a lot of walking yesterday.

I’m happy to report that I’m finally feeling recharged and enthusiastic about starting a new chapter of fitness for myself. After perhaps too much thought, I’ve decided to start a split weight lifting routine. The only split I’ve ever done before is upper/lower body. My new split will have me working these muscle groups on separate days:

  • Back/Biceps
  • Chest/Triceps
  • Shoulders/Abs
  • Legs

I’ll be throwing a lot of cardio intervals into the mix, with a few fitness classes, yoga classes and hopefully running outdoors again if the heat ever stops. This is just my “starter split” and I expect to be experimenting a lot more as time goes on :)

Also – I’m leaving my heart rate monitor at home on lifting days. Of all the exercises in the world,  I love weight lifting the most. I’m seeing this as just staying at the gym to do an activity I love. No pressure of burning calories.

I won’t be posting every single one of my workouts in the main blog posts anymore because it’s just too time consuming for me. But I am going to work harder at constantly and consistently updating my fitness page with workouts y’all can try out for yourself :) I’ll also get better about including workout tidbits and new moves I learn in the regular posts because I am learning SO MUCH now as a working personal trainer.


So thurrr ya go!

Questions of the Day:

1. Weight lifting or cardio? I find most people are either or. I’m sure it says something about you!

2. Favourite kind of jam? Mine is blueberry! Or plain strawberry. Nothing with crunchy seeds please.

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  1. I love cardio but know that weights are necessary.

    I love blackberry. Childhood memories of picking them off the bushes in droves and eating them until I was sick.

  2. I honestly go through phases. You know I was a total weight lifting nut in early 2009, but then I went to a more half lifting-half cardio schedule in late 2009, and for most of 2010, I’ve just been running. But I miss weight lifting, and think I’ll get back to a more split weights-cardio schedule soon!

    I am decidedly anti-jam. It’s okay, but only with PB–never on its own!

  3. I’m a lifter – through and through.

    Fav jam is a tough one for me. I love them all! The more obscure, the better!

  4. That fluff sounds out of this world! What a great package in the mail :)
    I’m not either or. I love both!! However, currently, I’d have to say cardio. But as soon as race season is over, I’m sure I’ll say weights. I currently only devote about two days/workouts a week to weights.

  5. mmm…buckwheat honey fluff sounds delightful. I would ice cupcakes with it!! I like all jams. No discrimination here :-)

  6. Weights. I am sooooo NOT a cardio person. I’ll happily bicep curl, squat or lunge my way through the gym.

    Blackberry jam!! Except those darn seeds. (Although I did just buy a way-fun blueberry lavender!!)

  7. I’m definitely a weights person. But I’m increasingly finding cardio to be my friend, haha. And I loooove cherry preserves.

  8. I switch between the two, honestly. Running is my absolute FAVOURITE exercise and right now I’m training for my first marathon so it also takes major priority but I’ve gone through spurts where I’m hardcore into strength training too. I’m actually really looking forward to getting back into hardcore strength training once this marathon is over in 1.5 months!

  9. I love strawberry jam and red plum jam but I’m sure I’d also love the peach-cranberry. Sounds amazing!

  10. I am definitely a cardio girl. I always have to force myself to do weights.

  11. greensandjeans

    Cardio all the way! Lingonsylt is my favorite!

  12. “homemade buckwheat honey marshmallow fluff.”–sick off the chain, i want it NOW!!!!!! i have seen her blog around but have never read her blog, im going to now :)

    jam. grew up in a house where mom and grandma canned everything from jam to veggies and there’s not a flavor of jam i dont love..berries plus an assload of sugar. hello, that’s my kind of food :)

    your workouts and not posting them in full anymore…good!! streamlining your life is what you need to do, i am trying to do it too on my own blog!

  13. peach cranberry jam sounds lovely :)

  14. I do both weights and cardio but cardio is my first love :)

    Blackberry, or peach!

  15. Weight training all the way! I like intense cardio like interval training.

    Favorite jam: homemade blackberry

  16. Awesome gifts, those look delicious!!

    I’m kind of an in-between girl. I like lifting, but I much prefer body weight strength exercises. But I LOVE to run. Can’t decide!

    And I love fig jam. My heart.


  17. That fluff looks AMAZING, omg!

    I’ve always been moreinto cardio than weight lifting but to be honest, I’ve never really done any kind of strength training so I don’t feel as though I can properly judge.

    As for jam, I love raspberry!

  18. Taking a break from exercise every so often sounds like such a good idea. I really love both cardio and weight training – I would always want to do both for balance really! My favourite jam is by Grandmas blackberry jam, its wonderful!

  19. i love split workouts! i’ve actually just started to incorporate a full body day because haha go figure i got bored with the splitskies so i’m totes gonna be checking in with your workouts because i know you’re the queen of killer full body seshs!

    what a fun bloggie package :)

  20. that is my EXACT workout split right now! and I love it! but it will change tomororw, gotta keep things fresh each month!

    i sometimes cherish the time OFF from exercsie it gives your body a chance to recover and relax, and just prep for the next session! we work our bodies so hard sometimes, and rarely show it some serious rest…I love that you did this!!

    cranberry jam?!?!?!? I want some!! lucky girl!

  21. I’m a cardio junkie who loves blueberry jam!

  22. Cardio, no question. It reminds me of playing a sport. I would much rather go rowing for an hour then lift weights.

    Jam would have to be blackcurrant. I fell in love with it when I was in England for 2 years, sooooooo good! But it can sometimes be hard to find and pricey. When that is the case I grab my second favorite apricot.

    • I want to start rowing soooo badly!! I love being out on the water and used to sail. I looked into rowing instruction in Toronto and it was crazy expensive. Perhaps when I’m richer next year? ;)

  23. that fluff sounds so delicious! some people are so darn creative. you should probably use a spoonful on all your meals :)

    mmm jam. i used to like all my pbj sandwiches with just peanut butter, but now i like cherry jelly the best. it tastes a bit like a bite of cherry pie!!

  24. My 21 year old brother to this day still considers beans and wieners a staple in his diet. Naturally, the brat is the size of a stick and is incapable of putting on weight.

    I am definitely more of a cardio person. It’s funny, I’m actually “intimidated” by weight-lifting if that makes any sense? I hate going to a gym and using free weights as I feel everyone’s judging me haha
    As for my favorite jam, does jelly count? If so, hands-down its red pepper jelly!

  25. I like both, but I definitely find it easier to work on strength than cardio! I have to have the powah. I’m starting Insanity in the fall, which is cardio based…should be interesting to see how I do with it!!

  26. I actually really like both and couldn’t imagine not doing either. I guess thats why I’m with you on honoring my body with a solid rest every few months too.

  27. 1. I like both! Running and weights. And yoga (does that count as either??).

    2. Crunchy seeds all the way!!! Blueberry or raspberry are my faves. LOVE jam. What a sweet lady sending you all that lovely stuff!

  28. that package is awesome! she’s such a babe. and i need that delicious, doughy cinnamon bun in my life.

    looking forward to your lifting routine details!

    favorite jam is raspberry and i love to lift!

  29. You’re sooooo lucky – that fluff looks amazing! :-D

  30. I guess I’m one of those weirdos who likes both lifting and cardio. I’ve dealt with a dodgy shoulder for a long time now, and previously with bilat. tennis elbow, so my weight training had to be cut back. Guess I’m more cardio- based these days but I love the burn that only lifting heavy can provide.

    Raspberry! OR ollalliberry.

    And I had a little cardiac arrest when I read “5 consecutive days”. Eek. Good for you. I’d have to be strapped to a bed in a rubber room for that to happen (barring some injury of course). Addicted? yup. But gooood for you that you saw the problem and addressed it and FIXED it! Woot!

    Your split looks great.

  31. Yay for the fluff and jam! I am so glad you liked them. When I made the fluff, you were the first person I thought would truly appreciate it :D

    I need to get the recipe posted.

    I’m ready to open that coffee shop.


    i want all of your breakfasts, and that homemade fluff? UH-MAY-ZING!

  33. I love weights and cardio I love it all! That breakfast looks like heaven in a bowl! x x

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